In this article, I discuss some things that caught my eye in Brian Atlas' Whatever podcast, such as the Antichrist entities' hive-mind playbacking, a porn actress doing love-bombing, and several ladies being trespassed from the podcast.

Some thoughts on Brian Atlas' Whatever podcast

You often see it come up in YouTube comments: people criticizing something, and then other people responding with: “If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. There’s a button on the TV anyway!” Because above all, don’t be critical of things people do. We apparently think it’s so bad to hear criticism of things, that the one who criticizes is encouraged to bury his head in the sand, and pretend the criticized act doesn’t exist. It is just about the most common reaction online, and it is clear that everyone is just parroting each other, without having seriously thought it through. Because, of course, criticism is precisely what is needed. You shouldn’t turn off the TV or change the channel if you see something you don’t like. You have to take in not pleasant things as well, because it is just as much a part of the world we’re in, in which there is much to discover. And by criticizing it you may be able to bring about a change in the other person, working toward the good. But now it is often the case that it is okay for everyone to be as rude, harsh, and nasty as they can be, and people who judge that supposedly should just turn a blind eye to it. A good recipe for letting the world go to hell. The Luciferic wants to pursue the good and the beautiful, the pure, but can go too far in that. The Satanic, on the contrary, wants to criticize man as an adversary, but can also go much too far in that. And they are, as I have written before, the left and right hands of the Antichrist. One does have to take a stand against the Antichrist, because this is really about realistic evil, and it is the Christ figure who takes the stand against him. But the Christ figure, on the contrary, embraces the Luciferic and the Satanic with love, as in a middle way, because that is about evil that is only damaging to children, which we will therefore all have to learn to deal with as we grow up.

So some people are more Luciferic and want to focus only on the good things, and cannot embrace the evil (Satanic) with love. Those watch beautiful paintings, poetry, good literature, beautiful music, good food, as well as rural culture, all day, and they turn off the TV when something else is shown. And some people are more Satanic, and focus more on violence, porn, gossip, video games, as well as things like dry science and technology, and they turn off the TV when things like those of their opposite are shown.

I myself can appreciate both, because both sides are needed. Through dealing with the Antichrist entities, I have learned that in addition to seeing the good in both the Luciferic and Satanic, it is also important to trust your own opinion when you or those around you are mortally threatened. You then even learn to shake the hand of these Antichrist powers, for they will target anyone who hinders the Christ-activated man. But don’t see it as purely the work of the devil, but as something that also involves gifts. For every person who is made a target is forced to follow the good example of the Christ-figure and to bring out the truth with love, upon which these powers will protect you, while you are protecting your loved ones, and upon which the world can progress.

An example of Lucifer exhibited against Satan is the Whatever podcast, which I have talked about before in my article The advantage of modestly dressed women. In that podcast, host Brian Atlas invites several Instagram models, with whom he talks about relationships, sex, porn, and modern American youth culture. Brian addresses the girls on their hypocritical and licentious behavior, but fails to realize that he himself is quite hypocritical, exhibiting the same behavior as the girls, even though he thinks it is quite normal for men.

Now I came across some striking things in this podcast. First of all in this clip, in which a lady can be seen standing behind Brian, having an Asian look, wearing a helmet. She is clearly playbacking what Brian is saying. Exactly at the same time as him! Including the errors in speaking. Which is utterly bizarre! Here the entire episode. Several people do note this in the comments, but they apparently aren’t thinking anything of it. But how on earth is this possible? Is everything Brian says scripted? But when the other gentleman at the table comes to speak a little later, we see the Asian lady wearing a helmet, using gestures to express exactly what he says. So it’s clear she knows what these gentlemen are going to say. So there seems to be a connection between all these presumably taken over people, so a literal hive-mind, in which perhaps a higher connected power (exerting its influence on the Asian lady, for example), determines what is really going to be said, and the taken over people present only have to tune in to the message. It’s something I had thought of before anyway, but this is clear evidence of this. Perhaps they can determine what taken over people are going to say when focus their attention on them, but perhaps they can also determine what non-taken-over people who are polarized to the Lucifer or Satan side are going to say. If you are aware of this, however, you can refuse to use the words that the Antichrist entities are sending to you. To do this, you must walk the path of Christ, which is the middle path between Lucifer and Satan. At that point you are uncontrolled and truly conscious, because consciousness requires a perfect interaction between one’s negative and positive feelings. So then you get the Antichrist entities facing you, which you will have to allow to interact with you again, until you are no longer afraid of them, and you can interact with them constructively as well. So the Christ-activated human being is a very dangerous human being, as are the Antichrist-activated (taken-over) entities. For more information, see the chapters How God influences mankind, Lucifer vs. Satan & Christ vs. Antichrist, and The torus - as related to the elements from Section 3 of my story.

But where have we seen this strange kind of playbacking before? I looked up the clip, and it is a clip set in the U.S. hearing about Hunter Biden’s laptop, which was found by a computer repairman, containing several images of his drug use and pedosexuality. In this clip we see the black lady in the foreground telling a story. Behind her, a huge creep is visible clearly playbacking all speech of the black lady, including the errors she makes. Unbelievable! Look at her big creepy eyes. She is spacing out considerably and it is clear that she is determining what the black lady, who has been taken over or at least polarized considerably, is saying. At one point, the creepy lady becomes aware of the camera pointed at her, whereupon she puts her hand slightly in front of her mouth and stops playbacking, whereupon the black lady starts saying wrong things. Whereupon the creepy lady has to correct her and whispers the correct words in her ear. An absolutely bizarre scene. Many people see these things, and think nothing of it, or come up with inadequate nonsense explanations like: the text was scripted. But that doesn’t explain why the creepy white lady even playbacks the black lady’s mistakes, and why when the black lady becomes aware of the camera, she seems to lose influence over the white speaker, upon which she has to correct her by whispering in her ear.

In short, it is quite clear that these influence techniques take place on influential shows and broadcasts. So the Whatever podcast is a show of taken over people, or at least people who are considerably polarized. It’s as well striking that when the Asian lady playbacks the words host Brian says, really none of the guests call her out with, “What is going on here? This can’t be happening!” It’s quite bizarre, and proof that they’ve all been taken over, or just heavily polarized and don’t dare open their mouths like that on a live broadcast. I have seen this method of influencing described before in Susan Reed’s book called The Body Snatchers, see my article On Susan Reed’s ‘The Body Snatchers’, which tells of her boyfriend being remotely controlled by a reptilian entity, who is in a very different place from him. Presumably this entity has incarnated in someone and is on location and is in control of one or more taken over entities as a kind of handler. With at the top of the pyramid then a kind of Borg Queen (see: Star Trek), as I already described I my article Diabetes; a dream; and a possible Queen. We can see these handlers often as well in the case of celebrities who cannot behave themselves, whether taken over or not.

Another notable thing in that Whatever podcast is the porn actress Layla Jenner who, in another broadcast of the show, spends 14 minutes talking to Brian in order to seduce him, and has opened a whole porn-like charm offensive on him, evidenced by previous messages she has sent him that are shown in these 14 minutes. Brian invariably refuses, but I don’t rule out the possibility that something may have happened behind the scenes after all. Antichrist entities often use this kind of love-bombing to get closer to someone, and to weaken someone completely, upon which they strike and take over the target in question. They did the same thing to my original sister. It is a learning opportunity for every human being not to accept these kinds of love-bombing. People with souls can do this too, but it is always an expression of a considerable imbalance, and it Brian distrusts it rightly so. Sexual arousal is always caused by feelings that are not allowed to exist. If your feelings are allowed to exist, then you have no reason to engage in this kind of love-bombing, and you will absolutely be able to resist the temptation to respond to the advances of an attractive man or woman. The taken over Antichrist entities will always insist that you surrender to them, because then you are more likely to accept their attempts to take you over, and you absolutely must not do that. For young people, it is even harder to resist such temptations, because there is an awful stigma on being a virgin, and most young people want to get rid of being a virgin as soon as possible to deal with the pressure on them from media and environment. And many young people carry lots of unfulfilled needs with them, which only fuel sexuality.

Another striking thing, which I want to point out, is that host Brian, of this Whatever podcast, in the last few broadcasts, invariably sends ladies away in the middle of the broadcast. He seems to get an awful kick out of that. I suspect that the ladies he sends away are usually actresses. Usually these actresses spew truths when they speak, such as about Jeffrey Epstein’s island, where many elitists have flown to have sex with young (probably taken over) girls. But afterwards they are always ridiculed, and the whole group turns against these individuals, just to demotivate especially people who want to tell the truth to do so en public. I don’t find it so shocking what that lady says in that video. And with continued questioning, such a person can stay in the podcast just fine. Then in the comments it is often said that Brian was so incredibly patient, when in my opinion he showed no patience at all towards his guests. Apparently, the people responding in these comments would have preferred to knock out the lady in question for her deviant and “ridiculous” ideas, because well, we all have to think the same way, and you are not allowed to think anything negative, because then we may unleash our instincts on someone. It is abject.

Also, the woman in this clip, who is sent away, gives a performance of brilliance. She has a stuffed raccoon with her, spouts deviant ideas that I don’t think are crazy at all, but she brings it off so unseriously and without self-respect that she must be some kind of performance artist. She refuses to leave after being trespassed for taking her medicine, and even snorting one medicine in front of everyone. Because people who take medication are obviously not to be trusted, and it is again to validate the stigma towards psychiatric patients and the “ridiculous” ideas they have. You could also have had a nice discussion about these ideas, that would have been interesting content, but no, it has to be ridiculed again (by both sides), an attempt to demotivate people who have thought about these things, to share these things en public. The lady with the raccoon is attacked for saying she believes in God, but not exactly in the mainstream Christian God, as Andrew Wilson, the man from the video overlay, believes. Because if you deviate from all that idelogical bullshit believed in the mainstream, you should be ostracized, according to these people. I don’t want to defend her, because it’s obvious she’s an performance artist or actress, but people like this spout truths, only to immediately disprove them through their crazy behavior, which is exactly their goal.

Another example where someone is expelled is this clip. This girl seems totally unaware of how she comes across. She is disrespectful, but Brian reacts unnecessarily harshly. I sense a lot of unprocessed feelings behind this girl’s indifferent attitude, and I would be interested in what she has to say. But again, there is no proper questioning and she is sent away. The moment when she probably really says what she thinks about it and perhaps tells him the truth is cut out again, as usual. Just half a second can be heard when she expresses her real emotions to him. Because this is what the Whatever Podcast does by default. When people express their real feelings or say truth that differs from the standard Lucifer-Satan ideas, the intro screen is loaded. In fact, it becomes plausible that the taken over people who are in the podcast know in advance what the others are going to say. In the previously shared video where the lady with stuffed raccoon is expelled, Brian suddenly yells loudly at his assistant at 1:40:35, to put on the intro screen, as if he knows that the actress is about to say something true at that moment, but this may be purely my interpretation. So there is no room for real emotion, as is often the case with American shows. Americans in this regard have a very strong tendency to focus on control of emotions, because they think that if someone expresses their emotions, it immediately becomes dangerous. But no, there is a proper way to express emotions, and we musn’t be scared away by some emotional charge. Because that is rightly what makes things interesting.

An example of someone who leaves in a childish way herself and is unable to express her emotions in a moderate way is a lady named Bangs, who leaves angrily, when one of the other ladies says men are born having a penis, and woman are born having a vagina, something that doesn’t have to be as controversial as it is made out to be these days by the Antichrist influence. She truly believes there are men with vagina’s, and women with penises, in other words, she believes in people “born in the wrong body”. You can read about how identity perception is learned behavior, and your feelings not necesseraly dictate truth, in the chapters Transgender ideology and Eunuchs and emasculation, from Section 3 of my story.

So much for the things that caught my eye on the Whatever Podcast.

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