In this article, I briefly cover several topics: diabetes; a dream I had; and that the Dragons probably have a Queen just like ‘The Borg’ from Star Trek.

Diabetes; a dream; and a possible Queen

It sometimes seems that in the background these entities just continue to take over people. My ex-girlfriend from 2007-2008 got married several years ago, and now she is getting a divorce. Where people get divorced unexpectedly, often one or more taken over entities are involved. Not always, but the more unexpected it is, the more it stinks. I also heard my taken over mother mention several names of former classmates whom she had looked up, which could be a sign that they are on the radar of these powers. There was a reunion of former classmates from elementary school anyway, but I didn’t go, afraid of throwing these people to the lions when I tell my story, but apparently I don’t have to do anything before they’re all taken over one by one. And I can’t stop it. It all has to do with the first people who were taken over several years ago, and the fact that I didn’t intervene or intervened too late. As a result, it seems to these Antichrist entities that I am allowing it. I don’t know what would help these entities stop taking over people. I am incredibly sorry that I intervened too late. It has caused everyone around me to be taken over. The taken over Jeannie Clarke who emailed me: see my article I am not a play toy!, told me that I need to vibrate as high as possible, that only then will they stop taking over people. But I can’t change myself into an exclusively high vibrating being all at once, besides, I think that’s an unbalanced state. No, the best thing is to not accept it all from the beginning and produce works in time that show that, because this is the way to keep them at bay, also from the people around you.

Meanwhile, around me there is a large number of people who get diabetes. I regularly hear from my taken over mother that someone she knows has lost a lot of weight and has diabetes. As far as I’m concerned, it’s certain that these people only develop diabetes after they have been taken over. I have the idea that this has to do with the mix of different split off parts, where the original personality has a blockage, which doesn’t have to be a big problem at all, but there could be a problem, if the replacement personality is in his aggression, and ‘eats’ his environment as it were. Because of this, the blockage in the original personality becomes a problem, because the replacement personality meanwhile does not resign itself to this blockage. I think this is what causes diabetes. I recognize this in myself: I was in my aggression for a while, after a clinical therapy, and then I also ‘ate’ my environment, i.e. the inner representations of my parents, which were in my head as a memory. After that I had a part-time therapy, which unintentionally came in very disapproving, because of the trauma that was still underneath, and which had been overlooked in my earlier clinical therapy. That part-time therapy was very traumatic. Since then I have been slowly deteriorating because of the severe blockage that has developed, so that things in my environment that happen always hit hard, and I was not actually able to cope. I have always resisted this blockage. And I still do. It’s impotent anger that has no room to just exist, and I think that upsets your whole metabolism and sugar metabolism. That’s the reason I also developed diabetes. And the taken over people also suffer from this, if the original personality had a blockage in the experience of its emotions, and if the personality of the original is then mixed with the aggressive personality of the Dragon. In my article Behold the shadow, I have said some things about this before.

Furthermore, I had a bizarre dream in which I was addressed by these Antichrist powers posing as God. I was waiting with a group of people in a building, somewhat like the one I described in my article From a dream to a song, where the servants of Christ were present, and where they had driven me. It all started out very positive. It was a very diverse group. They said, outside are the fake servants of Christ, you should look! I looked, and I saw a group of old men with white beards who all looked the same. It was said, they were waiting to be picked up, but they would never be picked up. Only we would be picked up, because we were the real ones, or at least that was what was being said. I looked very positively at the people in the building at first, but at some point certain things started to break up. The people were suddenly a lot less pleasant. They were only talking about external appearances and accomplishments and it was driving me crazy. Finally, word got out that we were going to be picked up, and a bunch of those people started running through the building to the front door. When I went to look there, we saw the boat that was supposed to pick us up sail away, without us. A big grid came down in front of the door, one of those that stores have on a regular basis. And we were locked in. All of a sudden I was ‘informed’ by ‘one of the higher powers’ about what had happened. I couldn’t see the form of this ‘higher power’ and he told me that the real servants of Christ are much more action oriented, much more proactive than I could ever be, and that I hadn’t made it. I thanked him and when he left I saw his real form, which looked like some kind of bird. Bizarre again.

After this dream I felt incredibly discouraged. I wasn’t going to make it so why even bother, but over the past few weeks I always remained aware of the card I once received from my taken over project supervisor Michiel, Image: “Just hang in there for a little while more/Keep doing what you’re doing!”, and I am determined to keep on doing it. There’s just one more thing that worries me a little, and that’s the following:

As you can read in my article I am not a play toy!, one Dragon in my neighborhood at the times when I have contact with her, always does some kind of astral attack on me. Every time I have contact with this Dragon, after talking for a while I feel that she is doing it again. Why I don’t know, because if you don’t want to talk, you can just say so, but often she comes to me herself. So it’s clearly part of the big plan. As soon as I feel such an attack, I break off contact as quickly as possible. And then I try to recover at home, because it really feels like they can get inside you. Probably this is also how they end up killing people. I think they can exert all their power and strength on someone inside, and they have a direct connection with everyone around them, so the destructive force they fire at you inside has a real, a live effect on the person they’re facing.

So what I remember from when I was in my aggression was that I was constantly fantasizing aggressively about people, but when I did, it never had a real effect on anyone in the outside world. Ordinary people don’t have that influence over each other. But Dragons apparently do. They can LITERALLY fantasize you to death, if you let them. Then you become part of their hive network. And that’s how they get information about certain people! I think this hive has a Queen of sorts, some highly evolved being, who, through the connections its Workers make by taking over people, oversees whether the whole operation of humanity is going according to plan, and intervenes in certain places where it is needed, if required. The actions of these Worker Dragons are then prompted by this higher Antichrist powe r. I did see one Dragon indirectly post a message on her Facebook profile once, which stated to live out their fantasies until her “ancestors say it is enough…“. How lurid is that? But this clearly points to an invisible connection she has with her superiors and that these Dragons are acting purely on hunches, activated in them by these higher Antichrist powers, but also their equal Dragons. Which signals they pick up and listen to, is purely dependent on the frequencies they emit. If one Dragon is in trouble, all the surrounding Dragons will react and come to help the troubled one.

At my work, I think such an invisible attack happened once, to one of my colleagues. He suddenly wasn’t at the meeting, while he was always present, and then spoke the highest word. When I asked where he was, it was said that there was some kind of argument a few days ago, and that he had become unwell. Because if you rant against these Dragons, they can make an invisible astral attack on you like that, causing you to succumb. If the attack is severe enough, then you die and are assimilated like The Borg do in Star Trek. The Borg do it with nanoprobes that are injected into someone, which rewrite the DNA, just like the Corona vaccines do so. But in reality, I suspect, there is no need for such a thing, and it can happen purely in an invisible way, and they can exert this much influence on you in the invisible astral world, which is behind this reality, that you feel the attack and can even die from it. You then become part of their big hive-mind, which is therefore made up of a lot of different people, all connected to each other in that astral world. It has all the signs of this colleague of mine having been assimilated then, and thus taken over. I sent him a supportive message, but he did not respond to it, and he never attended work again. The Dragons involved in this know what they are doing, and you don’t always know which of the people around you, are capable of these things. That’s why it’s important to treat everyone with the same kind of balanced love. If you get the idea that something is not right, break contact and immediately show that you don’t accept it by writing about it and publishing it!

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