After my case manager started threatening to file a libel report against me, I chose to terminate my treatment.

Treatment terminated after threat to report libel

I am very anxious right now. Got a call this morning from my taken over case manager, having seen that I had posted an article about him in which I mention him, and him being not too happy about that. So he was going to file a complaint about that. Yes, you read it correctly. HE was the one who was going to file a complaint. Not ME, after all they did to me, but HE. He still had to discuss it with his boss, what the steps against me would be, but it was not good. And what I had written about his colleagues (my other case managers), he did not like very much either. Because of course you’re not allowed to say anything negative about people, that’s the modus operandi of these people infused by the Antichrist. They say they want to spar with you, but only if they keep total control, and can take total control away from you. After a few minutes, he called me back. His boss had said that if the name of this case manager wasn’t taken offline within a week, they would report me for libel. Doesn’t matter if it’s the truth, we should turn a blind eye to all the evil deeds of these people, because imagine the damage to their reputation. That’s all this case manager cares about, his reputation. And people especially must not find out, what kind of double life he leads. But what I am thinking now is that he knew all along that I had written those things about him (see my article Deranged case manager buys car of my choice). He didn’t make an issue of it before, because it wasn’t appropriate in the context of my treatment before. Now it is. Also, there is just a new psychiatrist, and what I always notice then is that the treatment turns 180 degrees. But I no longer want to be treated by these people. So I opted out when my case manager asked if he should terminate my treatment. I had been suggesting for a few weeks that I had doubts about whether I should continue treatment, but they contradict me every time that I should just continue. And now they are suddenly eager to terminate my treatment. And they are giving me some friction to give me the confidence to be able to cope on my own. How nice of you! I told you: a new psychiatrist. She is supposedly responsible. But probably also taken over, and she’s just as over the top as these case managers. They don’t do anything to really help me.

I am not a difficult person, but when the people around you behave like psychopaths and everything is put together with lies, then I feel compelled to write about it! If I go to the police and say that the people around me are no longer their original selves, and them having been taken over by evil entities who have killed the original persons, then no one will believe me, so that’s why I don’t even try, even though it is the truth. People are too conditioned that such things don’t happen on Earth and you can keep shouting, it doesn’t stick anyway. Proof, they want then. But the evidence exists all around us. If you had done your homework somewhat, then you know that these things happen on Earth. Then you would recognize it as being the truth. People who ask for proof are usually stupid. They still wouldn’t recognize or accept the evidence if it was right in front of them. Imagine having to read a book.

Anyway, I just took the name of this case manager offline. Because if the authorities get involved, then the conspiracy against me gets even bigger, and I really can’t handle that. My case manager said he found my article aggressive. Can you believe it? A few words in a row on the screen, that is terribly aggressive! I would be the aggressive one. Not them! These entities are incredibly well organized, and always know how to destroy you further than you already are. And then they dare to say that I am destroying them! It is not my intention to destroy them at all. It is my intention to show people the truth, to inform them about the presence of these entities and to warn them about these figures. At least he finally showed his real face. Because all he has done in the past months is play to me. Constantly being very positive, while meanwhile being a raging wolf. He said that they were going to let me “stew in my own juices”. He really thinks I need them. All I needed them for was to tell my story, hoping they would see me right and help me. But all I’ve gotten is deception and aggressive treatment, full of indirect threats and murder.

After that case manager communicated everything to me, these Antichrist powers here in the last few hours, have flown over my house again numerous times. Always with the same kind of planes. In my article Gangstalking and gaslighting I have talked about this before. Because it IS a form of gang stalking. Several YouTubers also suffer from this, for example Richard Bruce, who unfortunately has now been taken over. With him, it takes place with helicopters. But even though he has been taken over now: the gangstalking just goes on with him, because the people who follow his channel shouldn’t wonder why the gangstalking has suddenly stopped. It’s all a big play to scare people. And sometimes it does. Especially when people are mad at me. I hate that so much. But if you make a move outward, you’re going to make people angry no matter what. One is angry about this, the other about that. One is threatening to do this, the other to do that. If you have to listen to all of that, then it will be your end. In that respect you just have to follow your own path.

My treatment at the mental health center has stopped now, but I bet these Antichrist powers will just continue to treat me. Because the mental health center is just an extension of these powers, just like all these other “care” facilities. If you need help, you practically declare yourself insane and they will give you the treatment they think you deserve. The lid on your nose you will get, and they have no idea how much pain you have endured and are still undergoing. No, even now that the treatment at the mental health center has stopped, they will just continue to treat me, I’m sure. And meanwhile, they force me to share what’s on my mind, so they can read off exactly what my condition is, so they can then adjust treatment accordingly. They don’t need the infiltrators posing as social workers for that. No, sharing my condition is something I do automatically already, in the hope that I will awaken people around these truths.

And yes, then about the truth. The case manager said to me: everyone has their own truth. There is no one single truth. But what a nonsense this is again! It is new-age bullshit of the highest order. Of course there is an objective truth. The only thing is that people don’t bother to investigate this truth. Everyone has a piece of the truth. If you start looking for the big picture in that by thinking integratively, then you can find out about this hidden truth. And yes, then you will have everyone against you unfortunately. Because with the truth in your pocket, you are dangerous, and everyone is afraid of what you have to say, at least, if you still manage to say it, while so indirectly being threated. Laws for libel and slander often protect the wrong ones. The one who really breaks down is the one who is punished in court for telling the truth, not the one who only cares about his reputation, and thinks his reputation should be 100% positive, while meanwhile committing the biggest crimes. It is once again the upside down world! The first thing that all those law students learn in their law studies is to let go of the pursuit of truth! And that makes THEM all, in my opinion, insane. Because the only thing that matters IS the Truth. That should be the only thing that matters!

If it really is such nonsense what I say, why are people so afraid of me saying it. They only have to say one thing: “That man is crazy!” and they are believed by everyone. And then they go and file complaints, against a defenseless man, who has lost everyone and is completely on his own. Well, you’re quite a guy then! It is cowardly and downright ridiculous!

”When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.” - George R.R. Martin, A Clash of Kings

These guys are so afraid that they will be exposed, and have all of humanity against them. That’s why they arm themselves psychologically to the teeth. Purely out of fear. ‘Cause there really isn’t much danger present to them yet, when everyone is so terribly divided. It feels so terribly out of proportion for a single person like me who they are up against! On my own I can’t stand up to this form of aggression, organized down to the smallest detail. They may want me to stop fighting, but I stopped fighting a long time ago! But in the meantime they continue to hammer at me. They are butchers and they really don’t know what they are doing…!

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