After my case manager threatened to report libel against me, I performed a dance with the Devil and walked through the 4 elements. Furthermore, I had an unpleasant discussion with my sister.

Dancing with the Devil

I saw a video by Tijn Touber, in which he talks about the Devil committing his evil deeds to eventually empower people, which of course I agree with, which you also know if you have read my previous articles. The Devil will therefore continue with his deeds until everyone realizes this and sees it for what it is. It’s about “Dancing with the Devil”, and I did have to think about this when I saw the events of the past week unfold.

As I wrote in my previous article, my mental health case manager called to say that he will press charges for defamation if I don’t remove his name in my article Deranged case manager buys car of my choice. Apparently you are not allowed to write a review about your therapists or even tell the truth about the double life they lead, because that ‘damages’ them. They have a total lack of self-criticism and resilience and they do not hesitate to call upon the violence of the state to get their name out of the article. If it is lies I am telling, why are you so afraid of it! If you are convinced of who you are and what you stand for, then you will not let yourself be damaged by some lies from a totally unimportant person. Then you just leave it and give someone the space to write something about you! But these are not lies that I tell. It’s the rock-hard truth. And they’ll think, “Do we have a chance of destroying this guy!?” and they’ve thought they do, and that’s why they’re reacting so aggressively, while meanwhile pointing out that I’m the aggressive one, which is a pretty cowardly attempt at gaslighting. I am not the aggressive one in this story. I am not the one who wants to bring the violence of the State upon someone.
Throughout my treatment at the GGz from 2006 onwards, I was told by the treatment staff: Aggression provokes aggression, so “Jesse: don’t be aggressive. Because if you are aggressive, we justify the aggressive reaction of others towards you! At least, that’s what it came down to. While I am just about the most peace-loving person walking around, and have never resorted to violence, even when I was in my aggression. And meanwhile, those treatment providers have always justified their own organized psychological aggression. But apparently my reaction to their aggression is subsequently unjustified. No, I have imagined them to be aggressive. It’s not reality. It’s psychosis. And so they always have the power to destroy you, which is a disgusting basic attitude for having contact with someone. They don’t take any responsibility, and if you tell the truth about them, they take these kind of disgusting steps.

So this past week, I found myself in a predictable dance with the Devil, being led one by one through the elements, which I have learned to integrate over the past few years. First I am confronted with the impending violence of the State, which is Earth. Next, that evokes the Fire in me, causing me to write a heated article. Then my taken over neighbor comes to the door again, trying to scare me by suddenly grabbing me out of nowhere as if she were attacking me, which activates the Water element in me, and then I get an email from the taken over Jones Senoj (whom I mentioned in my article Freethinkers about the Moon) in which it boils down to him saying that I didn’t understand anything about the statements of his that I mention in that article, which is a lie, because I did understand. And this is Air. And this is how I dance with the Devil. And this they are going to repeat very often, until I stop this Dance with the Devil. I’m not even shocked about the neighbor trying to scare me. I embrace it with love. If you want to threaten me, attack me or scare me, I will not physically resist. At most I will write an article about you if I survive.

I told my taken over family tonight that I had written an article about my therapist and him wanting to press charges for defamation. Well, my sister got super quiet, and my mom suddenly started crying. And my sister went to comfort my mother. It was a weird play of sorts. They didn’t show any interest in the details of this. They didn’t ask questions. No, they completely ignored it again after that. Which is fine on the one hand, but on the other hand is not normal either. They completely ignore what I’m doing, and they’re not interested in me. We mostly talk about their stuff, and my sister also talks endlessly about her work, which makes me disappear almost and I just don’t feel the space to talk about my stuff.

On top of that, we had a discussion about artists wanting to see money if you play their song once in a YouTube video. This discussion about ‘copyright’ is also suddenly on the roll. I received an e-mail from someone who had seen a photo I had taken and wanted to use it for a book. Of course he can, and as far as I’m concerned he doesn’t even have to include my name, although it’s nice when he does. I don’t make a living out of taking pictures, and I don’t claim ownership for the use of those pictures, because I think that’s nonsense. And then I said that the music I wrote when I was young can also be used freely as far as I’m concerned. Because as I say, I’m not dependent on what this music and photos bring in. Because I’ve been on disability benefits for years. But I told them that I actually think it’s a nice state of affairs, that the things you make can be shared freely, without you having to identify very much with the work you’ve made. I just made it because I liked doing it, not because I want to get rich from it. And certainly not because I want to attribute all kinds of special gifts to myself, or derive status from it. That’s completely abject. Sure, it may be that you can get a room of 10,000 people very excited, but it could be, they are 10,000 idiots, so what does it even mean then?

But it is clear that the Antichrist powers are now going to see if I follow all the rules that the ruling powers have set up, even though I have never given my agreement to these rules and find most of them ridiculous and the biggest violators of these laws are the ruling powers themselves! But don’t say this, because then of course they will report you for libel.

Moreover, if you are a person of integrity and therefore have integrated the extremes of this world, there is no place for rules and laws, but there is a balance between the space you give yourself and the space you give another. There is no place for aggression then or excessive light and love, but you are in balance and things ‘just are’. You do not make excessive efforts to abide by laws or rules in the hope that they will reward you, or that they will help you avoid punishment. You are not dependent on that then, and you transcend this false way of controlling people. Right where the beasts are, suddenly people need rules. Well, I’m not one of them. And I dream of a world where rules are not necessary, and where everyone strives to become as balanced and authentic as possible, and strives for the good. And I don’t mean the polarized “good” (“light and love”, BARF!) but towards the balanced good, where one has worked through their shadow, and transcended it.

In my discussion with my sister about money, working for money, artists who want to make money, and universal basic incomes, in which my sister was going to explain how the world works, and where I was portrayed as the one who doesn’t understand how the world works, and that the world should stay the way it is, I became aware that there was absolutely no interest in my side of the story. I felt portrayed as stupid, and there appeared to be a total lack of vision on my sister’s part, totally ignoring the problems that exist with the current systems. No, the world, and people’s way of thinking had to stay mostly as it was. And we must remain slaves of the ruling powers, because that’s how it works, and that’s how it must continue to work, don’t you get it? I find it a stupid circular reasoning and to have that explained straight to your face as if you are the stupid one, and they are the smart one, is exasperating. I immediately turned quiet from this behavior of my sister, and then my father added to it with a disparaging comment about “playing Santa Claus,” when you give things from your heart to people, without demanding anything in return. It’s the best thing in the world, when you give without demanding anything in return, but apparently it’s stupid in his eyes. Says a lot about him.

Michael Tellinger has a wonderful book entitled: Ubuntu, Contributionism, A Blueprint For Human Prosperity, in which he explains the why of the origins of money in history, and lays out a vision of a world without money. If I can find the discipline to read the book again, I may write an article about it in the future. When I read this book a few years ago, I was pleasantly surprised at the out-of-the-box thinking he uses. Many people think that without money there is no reason to work, but of course this is nonsense. People also work to give meaning to their lives. The vision that Tellinger has would do away with the slave existence that most people lead. That the ruling powers would find this a problem is entirely clear to me. People would suddenly have time for other things, instead of eating, working, sleeping, eating, working, sleeping. Time to become aware of the things that are going wrong in this world, and how this all came about, and how we can all make it better. It is the task of the ruling Satanic powers, to prevent this as much as possible, and to bring as many people as possible into their world of death and destruction. This is ultimately intended precisely so that people see how things should not be done, and feel the consequences of such a world to the maximum, so that ultimately people will almost unanimously choose for the good! It is the way to deal with the existence of free will in this world, and to slowly mold it in such a way that it is guided in an orderly fashion. By attempting to extinguish free will altogether in a world where free will has developed well, humanity can achieve the ultimate balance between free will and no free will. Which is the will of God and the way of Christ!

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