This article describes YouTuber Godgevlamste's alternative cosmology and some other possibilities circulating on YouTube.

Freethinkers about the Moon

He or she who is not satisfied with the dogmatic answers of mainstream science or NASA, on the question why the Moon is exactly that big and that far away for it to look just as big in the sky as the sun, and on the question why we always see only one side of the Moon, can quickly end up with books like Who Built the Moon, by Christopher Knight and Alan Butler (freemasons) or the book The Secret Influence of the Moon by Louis Proud, as well as the work of Gurdjieff which is also mentioned in these books. The Moon as a giant alien spacecraft then also comes by, a bit like the Moon as a control center for Earth like in the movie The Truman Show. I do not believe this at all. I personally lean more towards the Moon as a reflection of the Earth, since I have seen the work of YouTuber Godgevlamste. He works out one version of this in detail. I came across this channel through the article by Martin Vrijland (it’s in Dutch, but here you can read his interpretation) which is dedicated to it, who also has interesting things to say about it. I watched all the videos, and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of work that went into them, whether Wim Carrette (that’s the name of this YouTuber) got it right or not.

Flat Earth or round Earth? Maybe a combination of both! Godgevlamste thinks we live on a round Earth, but not with the usual map like you learn in school. The piece we know as planet Earth is only a tiny part of the actual ball, according to him, and we can see the reflection of this ball, every day in the sky. The reflection of this big ball is: the Moon! The Moon has lots of craters. And one of those craters, Sulpicius Gallus M, is, according to him, the crater in which the world known to us lies. So the Moon is the Great Earth, but because of time dilation, we see the Moon as the Great Earth looked a long time ago, when there was probably no life. The starry sky is also a reflection of the Great Earth and the craters of the Moon and thus the worlds of Great Earth are reflected in the starry sky. We live on Sirius. Sirius is a reflection of our crater on Great Earth; Sulpicius Gallus M on the Moon that is. An extraordinary new cosmology, and Godgevlamste describes step by step how he reaches this conclusion. So stars are not suns light years away from us, but are all reflections of craters on the Great Earth. This is consistent with what I first stated in my first article, currently offline, that the different worlds are bubbles on a large surface. The bubbles (or cells) would then be the craters with a dome over them.
The map of the Earth crater is quite different from the usual map we know. North and South America are placed very different from the rest than we think. And Antarctica takes up about 50% of the entire crater and is not the outer edge, but the entire side. Antarctica was created because the energy field of the crater changed, probably when the Satanic entities (what he calls the parasite) caused a pole shift.
What becomes clear in Godgevlamste’s story is that the land of our crater used to be completely occupied. This is the Old World. Only after a great flood, did the Vikings (the survivors) move into the New World, which occupies only a small part of the entire crater. This happened after 1259. So part of history took place in the Old World and part in the New World. There is also evidence that the calendar and the passage of time have been tampered with. The Vikings are the original Jews, they were Christian, and at the same time the Aryans. Then you immediately see how ridiculous it is that the Nazis were looking for the Aryan race. Because here in Western and Northern Europe and North America, we are all descended from that, including today’s Jews. So the 144,000 from the 12 Tribes of Israel need not be only current Jews. Most people are unaware of this history.
Using the maps of Disneyland and Disneyworld, a map can be made of our crater and its surroundings. Fantasy? No, not at all. Disney was aware of these truths, and would have been inspired to use these truths.

Godgevlamste destroys Yahweh and Christ, for being false concepts that fit into the grand narrative, but have no greater meaning in themselves, and I don’t believe that. We have to remember that the whole Yahweh/Satan clan (what he calls the “parasite”) is a karmic consequence of the Luciferic Fall, and that they do have a right to exist and therefore need to be integrated into your worldview and personality. And that is where the image of Godgevlamste fails.

When I thought some more and searched some other theories, I came across the YouTube channel of rudymarleyaskit. Who states that the Moon is a reflection of a flat Earth, so not of the Great Spherical Earth, of which Godgevlamste’s crater-Earth is a part. In several places on the Moon’s surface, he says, you can see the continents of the flat Earth. With some sort of X-ray source located beneath the surface and passing right through the land masses, the Moon would then be projected into the sky.
YouTuber Vibes of Cosmos thinks the same thing, only he sees the continents familiar to us in other places on the Moon. I must say that I can imagine North and South America in his representation, but for the rest of the continents you need a lot of imagination.
I myself can see the continents of Earth in the Moon, but in a different place, though it also remains speculation. And there would also be a lot of land to discover, outside the areas known to us. So this is also interesting. It could very well be the Moon is a reflection of Earth. It doesn’t come completely out of the blue. Some literature is said to have already written about this.
In this image of the Moon’s surface, Image, I have shown Antarctica, where I see it, taking up a large part of the lunar/Earthly surface as in Godgevlamste’s crater. And below that you can see the continents known to us, again represented when there was probably no life yet, due to time dilation. (Here’s the Image without the markings). These continents are also closer together (the Atlantic Ocean is still very narrow). It does look a bit like the Pangea continent. And Asia actually curls upward, a bit like in the Bipolar flat earth projection, Image, but without the South Pole. We see the entry and exit of the energy field (the torus) (which is necessary for the internal animation of the land with all its objects and people) exactly above and below our continents. This makes it extra believable. YouTuber Jones Senoj also states this. But if it’s a reflection, maybe the image of the Moon should be put in mirror image, and that isn’t the case. If you put the Moon in mirror image (both horizontally and vertically), then you see another larger shape that looks a bit like Europe. It sure is fun to play with.

So it may be that crater Earth is not true, and we cannot see beyond this bubble, whose reflection in the sky we see as the Moon. So the map of the flat Earth that I adhere to in previous articles is probably not the right one; But Godgevlamste’s theory is also interesting, because if we follow his idea, we therefore have a map of the whole sphere, the Great Earth, and that covers numerous other potential worlds (craters). What is certain is that we are a kind of cell in a larger body. Whether the Great Earth (i.e., the Moon) is this body with the crater Earth, or whether the Moon is just a reflection of just our bubble, I’ll leave open for now.

On the Internet we find many more theories or cosmologies. For example, we still have the Hopi prophecy about Red Kachina/Red Dragon/Nibiru and Blue Kachina, multiple suns apparently located in our solar system according to some. And there supposedly is another one, but the only evidence I see of that is some vague live info from the Nasa site about the magnetosphere plus the comment that the Moon is doing cartwheels in the sky, which is a fairly new phenomenon, but that repeated in about 200 videos… in short: the channel of AngryCatfish Briggs who insults his audience in every video because they don’t see and know the same thing he does. I’m trying to understand, but I may not be thinking materially enough to grasp that. But I will definitely watch some more of his videos to understand him better, because he is very sharp, even on his Facebook page. I wish I could still feel as much anger as he shows in an average post. In that regard, I am not sharp at all anymore. That, unfortunately, has been a side effect of the treatment I received from the Antichrist entities, though it is an imperfection in me that I have not been able to retain that.
Another YouTube channel, Sam Hofman’s goes so far as to say that Red Kachina and Blue Kachina are all nonsense, and then comes up with the even more ridiculous alternative, a bunch of celestial bodies apparently in the sky (with very special names (where the names come from, he doesn’t say), including Nibiru, which we know from Zecharia Sitchin’s books), but which I see no evidence of. I’ve watched several videos featuring these so-called celestial bodies, but all I see are interesting cloudscapes. So this too does not resonate with me.

By making videos you can in fact display all kinds of theories. Still, I think it’s good that this is being done. It’s really the free-thinking that I love. Not being hindered by boundaries, or opinions of others, or by information that was previously ‘known’, because maybe (and often!) that was just wrong information. So it’s letting all the dogmas you’ve been taught sink into your body, creating the opportunity to let go of them and think about them. The theory that can explain the most phenomena then wins. That’s why integral thinking is so important. Unfortunately, I can’t do that as well as I used to and sometimes I get lost in the amounts of information and misinformation on the internet. You have to stand firm and trust your instincts to reject or not reject something. So it’s always important that your instincts are up and running. This is a gift from the deepest parts of the brain, the reptilian brain.

For more in-depth information about this subject, read my more recent article More information on the Moon.

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