This article puts the riots in the Netherlands into perspective.

Riots in the Netherlands

I have in my Facebook friends list a horde of people who all express the same opinion. They are people who fail to differentiate themselves from each other. They draw support from this group formation/group unity, but really they are part of a hive-mind. They are the people who under a YouTube video or a Facebook post, where someone has already been scolded 999 times, add their so-called “original” opinion, on which someone is scolded for the 1000th time. They are the people who put the word “Congratulations” under a birthday post on Facebook for the 1000th time. I stopped caring about such posts a long time ago, because they don’t add anything. There are seriously people who then say at the end of the day, “I’ve had 1,000 birthday wishes!” As if that means anything at all. As far as that goes, I choose quality over quantity, but that’s my opinion.

What these people are doing is: calling out the ordinary protesters against the corona measures for what the rioters we’ve seen are doing, while large groups of people are just trying to make their voices heard, nothing more. But don’t think that those people remain free of blows, because the police hit the peace-loving protesters as well. Yes, and then you will get angry anyhow! And the police have the difficult task of judging where to intervene, but are ordered to make sure that everybody will just go home again. And then people think we have rule of law. It doesn’t matter if the police say you should go home: you have a natural right to be there. Whether it’s smart is the next question, but you still have the right. Just as we have the natural right to go out at night, and go to a store without a face mask. The problem lies with all these measures. It is clear that the police are tightening control on ordinary citizens, and then suppress protests. This is all part of the Satanic influence on humanity. Once in a while wars take place in this way, with the aim of conditioning mankind, so that they learn to listen to authority, even if they are negative towards them. So the smartest thing is to just sit at home and stay away from these displays of power, and just listen to the police when you’re ordered to go home.

This video shows a group of rioters coming out of a police van. It is pretended that this is undercover police keeping an eye on things, but that is just nonsense. It is clear that the police themselves are using rioters, to escalate things. The people on my Facebook are massively outraged that it’s escalating like this, and then call for stricter police action, or the army. And well, what humanity asks for, it will get! Until these people realize that this army that can be deployed, can also turn against them, they will continue to whine, but they can get the truth about this from me anyway. They are virtue signallers, and they look at everything from one side. Protesters are bad, because they are all rioters and wackos. And police act entirely right and are your best friend! “Please daddy, look how sweet I am!” I’ve cited Rudolf Steiner’s view of evil before, that it’s the good, administered at the wrong time at the wrong place. So someone who is just standing around protesting should not be dealt with, but protected. And a rioter who loots supermarkets should be dealt with, ‘cause he hasn’t got the right to do that, ‘cause it does harm. But unfortunately the police massively tackles protesters who pose no danger at all. And the police lets the rioters who loot, thrive. It’s incredible cowardice. The intent is to cause as much damage and injustice as possible. Simply put, this is because it will put people on edge, and catalyze their development to the maximum. But this costs victims. But because we see these victims, we become maximally aware of evil and are forced to learn to confront this evil. Eventually we will move to a world where everyone will confront injustice and evil, including the evil of the protesters, and including the evil of the police. The people who want the good (the Luciferic people) will confront their opposition (the Satanic people). This is going to happen massively in the future. If you are now afraid of the police or the army, soon you will see such a unified force in the people that it will in turn frighten you. For the Luciferic needs the gifts of the Satanic to be balanced, and to take responsibility. The balance of this is as I have said many times, the way of the Christ figure, the ultimate middle path. So both poles can teach eachother something. And both rioters and police have a place in all of this.

Many people are already warning about the tyrannical power of the State. Ideally, the State is dangerous only to those who fail to integrate the gifts of the Satanic. That is: to listen to and observe another, even if they are negative towards you. If you are able to do that, ideally you won’t have to fear the State. Then, the freedom and independence that Lucifer gives is transmuted, and the space you occupy is balanced with the freedom of another man. It is precisely when you have not learned this, and you take up too much space, which is really nothing but premature freedom, that you can have the State opposing you. This is the problem of the Luciferic people, who are now rebelling against all Covid measures. At the top of the police they know this, and they know that a large portion who are protesting are seeking premature freedom, a freedom that is not balanced with the freedom of another. This is why these groups are immediately beaten by the police, while they aren’t doing anything wrong. It is to force them to learn to listen to their negative opposition.

The problem of the Satanic people is slightly different. With the Luciferic people I often have less of a problem, because they are fighting for freedom, and that is precisely what I have lost in my life psychologically. The Satanic people don’t feel their dualistic roots, they are derooted. They would benefit from being heard more, so that they can feel their dualistic roots more. And that is also the reason why this side gets all the attention in the media. I often resist this Satanic, but I am aware that it does no harm, and I should embrace these people more with love, but I find this difficult, because I feel that they want to put me in a psychological prison. But this is because I experienced too much violent aggression too early in my life, and then it is impossible to freely listen to when another person is negative, which is what the Satanic actually is, without it destroying you, which is more Antichrist energy. Fortunately, they have now taught me through therapy to listen to that anyway, which was very hard and cost me a lot of tears. This allows me to adjust myself so that I remain in balance. Otherwise I would be fighting all day. Unfortunately when it’s a full moon, I usually feel so charged that I fight anyway, so anyone who has noticed this. Here’s the explanation.

The balance between the Satanic people and the Luciferic people is about 50-50. The Satanic people get all the space and attention, and they look negatively at the Luciferic people, who in turn look negatively at the Satanic people. If you want to come together, you will have to see the right to exist for your opposition. Because of the polarization that is deliberately being fed from the State and the media, there will most likely be a big fight between these two groups. The State, in its turn, will provide the solution to these battles: more control, more measures, which the Satanic people can abide by just fine, but which the Luciferic people will have a tough time with. Our elite then gets its New World Order, which gives the Luciferic people, who actually seek premature freedom, a freedom that is not balanced, a kind of evil treatment, so that they learn to balance their own negativity with the negativity of another, in this case: the State. This can only be done by hurting these people, so that they come to their senses. This is why it is so important for parents to administer to their children the soft teacher of this Satanic influence, which is nothing more than learning to listen to one’s non-destructive anger. But many people do not accept such authority. And those are just the ones who then stand up and protest and then face the hard teacher.

So I’m not saying I encourage violence from either side. I think it’s terrible that it exists. But I do want to put it in perspective and state that it is a necessary evil, to be played out. And that there is a Great Plan working towards Strong Love and the Knowing Of All Things. So true freedom, the ability to do whatever you want at all times, does not exist. It would only be possible if we all thought alike, but that is never going to happen. Therefore, it is better to bring yourself into harmony with the Great Plan there is, which it will facilitate maximally. It is really the evil people (both the rioters and the police) who move the world forward in this plan, because they maximally catalyze the development of one another back to Source. I have noticed it in myself, how I have first embraced evil parts of myself and later released them under the influence of these evil people or entities. That gives an awful lot of self-knowledge and you also get to know the world as it is, not as you want it to be. It is not a romantic story and it can be quite painful, and there will be victims, but knowing that this Great Plan is there, and that every day we come one step closer to the End of All Evil, should give everyone hope and comfort to continue!

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