In this article I paint a more realistic picture than the ‘Heaven or Hell’-view of some preachers. Indeed, many of them believe that God would send 95% of his people to hell forever.

A more realistic picture than ‘Heaven or Hell’

In my previous article, I promised to paint a more realistic picture of humanity and especially the lukewarm people and where they will end up. In the Christian world, absolute lies are spread that 95% of people go to an eternal hell at the Last Judgment. So I am compelled to paint a more realistic picture.

There are several pastors who tell people with a straight face that they are going to hell because of the choices they have made in their lives and then say, “But I love you! I don’t want you to go to hell! I want to make you fear God, so you choose for Jesus! Because Jesus died for your sins!” And they then repeat that same talk to every person they meet, completely uninterested in these people’s life stories. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to play the Father role with people, and insist that people must behave well. But the question really is, how much influence do you have as a human being on how you are build personality-wise and whether you can just turn bad behavior off.

Because in the first 5 years of a person’s life, the personality is formed. During that time, a child is completely dependent on his parents. If his parents make mistakes, then this is something that a child will carry with him all his life, depending on how big the mistakes are. If your parents structurally do not respect your boundaries, you can become angry as a child. If they also structurally reject your anger with the necessary violence, then this evokes incredible aggression in a child. Then try to keep the Ten Commandments. You won’t be able to handle such intense feelings in contact, and you will always need your aggression to deal with things, otherwise you will simply disintegrate. You can then learn to handle this aggression in a therapy, but it will always be somewhat in your behavior, especially as a resistance against your parents. So are you going to tell me then, that it’s because of me I don’t honor my father and mother and that I should go to hell? Some people say that you shouldn’t take ‘father’ and ‘mother’ literal in this commandment, but the Antichrist entities only calmed down when I came to terms with the mistake my parents made and completely processed their past behavior and could honor them again. I’d rather see it as having been greatly wronged, and I think there is another way God has arranged the consequences for bad behavior than the black and white (mostly black) “heaven or hell”?

As I said, I am convinced that all your actions are recorded. Written down in the Akashic records. The more a person allows God to be reflected in their actions, the freer they are. This has nothing to do with the unbridled freedom of having your own little will, but with aligning with the Will (with big W) of God. If you don’t honor free will, there are consequences. And if you don’t honor the natural laws (the 10 commandments), then there are consequences for this as well. This can be worked out, for example, in the form of illnesses or karma in your present life, or in a later life.

The real God of this world has compassion for your mistakes. He is omniscient and sees how it came to you making them. He does not punish, but gives you the opportunity to correct your mistakes. If not in this life, then certainly in the next life. He also gives you the opportunity to experience exactly what you have done to another.

Rudolf Steiner describes in his works the Kamaloka time after death. This begins with your death, and ends with your birth and lasts about one third of the time of your life on Earth. All hardship becomes pleasure during this time. And all pleasure, becomes hardship, because you will have to purify yourself of your earthly needs during this time. The Kamaloka time begins with the most beautiful event imaginable, looking back on your own death, and you will relive everything you have experienced in your life on Earth, but backwards, and now you will realize the impact your behavior has had on the people with whom you have interacted. You cannot hide in this world, for everyone here sees right through you and vice versa. It is not a world free of pain and horrific creatures, but a time when you can truly leave your life on Earth behind. After this, you go to the Devachan, where you will have a long rest, until you get tired of it and want to enter a new life on Earth again. It is the beautiful version of reincarnation. The way a loving God would arrange it.

There are a lot of stories about how, if you go into the light when you die, you go into a soul-recycling station, where aliens give you big shocks that erase your memory, and that part of yourself literally goes to the moon, where it gets devoured by even more aliens. Being devoured in these dimensions is something I can believe, though. We devour animals too. And I can well imagine that the aliens are a step higher on the food chain than we are, and use the Earth as a loosh farm, in which they devour humans, because we, precisely thanks to the imperfect treatment we have received in our lives, have not become perfect enough. But this is an incredibly cruel truth. But the same is true of how we treat animals. This is also incredibly cruel.

What you often see with those Antichrist entities is that they hold up a mirror to people in a very hypocritical way, that we are so cruel because we eat animals, but they themselves devour people, so of course they are no better than us, although they do feel superior, but I just laugh at that. No, it’s much better that you don’t eat animals but people! You are doing us a real service! What would we do without you?! You can actually read someone’s moral character from the way they treat their inferiors and in that respect they also have a lot to learn, although they surely think they are perfect with their supersonic dragon consciousness (read: inflated grandiose view of themselves in which they idealize their fellow dragons, and devalue their subordinates (humans)). I’m so tired of it! Some (if not most) of them really exude this attitude. And this is a feature of their magical Dragonhood, can you believe it?

Yet there is only so much you can do yourself in your life to purify yourself of evil. If you experience violent things in your dependent period (as a child), then in later life you are already defective and you are only perpetuating the problems. You then probably pass on your problems to the next generation. When you are young you can still change yourself, but you cannot undo what you have experienced and what it has made you inclined to. As you get older, you become less and less changeable. It is often said that those people live in a self-created hell. But I dispute that. Nobody creates their own hell. It is done by the people you interact with, and who don’t realize what they are doing with their behavior.

So your inner state can be hellish, just as it can be heavenly. But I also believe that there are different worlds. And that if you do well, and you outgrow the world you’re in, you may move on to a better world. And that if you do really badly, you go back to a worse world. These are the different lokas which are written about in Hinduism and Buddhism, for example, but which are also described by Steiner and Blavatsky, among others. Once in a while a selection is made of people who may move to a better world and people who must move to a worse world. (Read my article End of a cycle for more info on this). And the majority of the people, who have behaved in a very average way, are allowed to keep this reality going and so they can just try again in a new cycle. That seems only natural to me!

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