With a lot of hiccups, I am on my way to a special event: the 7 planets going retrograde at the same time.

Hiccuping my way to a special event

I had significant hiccups a few weeks ago, and it comes back regularly. It went on and on. Hiccups every 4 seconds. For hours at a time. I was given some medication to calm my stomach, but it didn’t help. On the advice of my taken over neighbor, I then fasted for a day, or basically just ate less often. And that helped. And the hiccups went away. For three weeks it was bothering me, driving me crazy. I also went to the doctor. I had told him my story, including the strange things. And he listened attentively. And at home I was a little upset about that, because actually as soon as I talk about those things I usually get cut off immediately, but not now. So he gave me something I hadn’t experienced before. And that’s why I was upset for a moment. He couldn’t really help me further with the hiccups, other than breathing exercises (which don’t help at all), but luckily eating a little less often does help.

So after this visit to the doctor, I somewhat crawled back into my shell. That happens always when I make a move outward. Then I am open to the reaction, and I am very sensitive for a while. But fortunately, as always, I found my confidence again. And then I was able to say clearly what I want and don’t want. So I didn’t go to dinner with my parents and sister, and when my taken over 4-year-old nephew’s birthday came up, I didn’t go with them to celebrate his birthday. I have no use for those stage play’s, because that’s what they are. It’s adult Antichrist entities that are in the bodies of my nieces and nephew, and the rest of the family has been taken over as well. I can tolerate it less and less. The children would be very disappointed if I didn’t join their party, their mother said, but I don’t care, because it’s drama of taken over entities I don’t want. And people can think all they want about my choice and the whole situation! I don’t care! But don’t bother me with it, because I know it’s true, how I write it down here.

Then one morning my taken over father called me, if I was going to ride my bike with him. I was only half awake, and had not yet gathered the courage to say no, so I put off my answer for a while and called the next day that I did want to go with him. Because actually I was looking forward to it. Because I see so few people during the weeks. In the end, the bike ride was entertaining, and I didn’t mind my taken over dad’s acting. The weather was beautiful, and we sat for an hour on the terrace of a cafeteria, halfway through the ride. Back home, I had a drink at my parents’ house. But I just couldn’t figure out the behavior of my taken over mother. I think she deliberately did not empower me in any way, so that the effect my father had on me would be extra great. What effect exactly? The effect that I lost myself. Because as soon as I got home from this bike ride, I began to lose myself somewhat as I lay quietly on the couch. That was a terrible feeling. It is the feeling as if at any moment you could lose control, and be taken over. For a moment I really thought I wasn’t going to survive it all. It scared me so much that I’ll going to have to take myself more seriously. I musn’t forget who I have in front of me. They’re predators, even when they act all so nice.

Furthermore, I am sick of YouTube! Every comment I leave under other people’s videos is automatically deleted. Probably certain keywords I use are recognized, and based on that the comment is then deleted! Ridiculous it is. Many people have questions and post comments under people’s videos. If I think I have the answer to those questions, I post that in short, and refer them to my website. Posting links doesn’t work at all, so I just put the words: “for more info, go to my site”. But that’s not allowed either. I suspect, because it is sometimes mentioned in the rules, that they see it as ‘self-promotion’, but that is the last thing on my mind. It’s not about promoting myself, it’s about promoting that part of the truth that I think I have. That’s what it’s about. I don’t matter otherwise. It makes me really cranky. I’m not someone who makes 500 videos, full of details, making people lose track of what really matters, and there being “something for everyone”. No, I always put forward the most important things, and I let the details slide, because they only obscure what’s really important. But if you have 500 videos, it does make it more likely that they will click on your video and get incentivized, and leave likes, and then your video will rank higher in the algorithm. If that happens, then you’ve apparently “earned” it yourself, and only then does it count. It’s ridiculous!

And today another video came through via Facebook with Incoming Sting prominently displayed over the video. These entities regularly talk about the scorpion sting, which they probably use to take over people. This then supposedly happens in one of the layers behind the visible reality. And that sting probably goes right into your left eye. I’m just guessing, too. But they have recommended videos several times with these words “Incoming Sting,” probably to make me afraid, or desensitized to it. Because this is how the Antichrist entities communicate with you. By filling up your entire Facebook timeline with videos and inspirational quotes that have nothing to do with your normal timeline.

I would also like to mention a special event that is happening soon. And this is in astrology. Over the next month, 7 planets are making a retrograde movement at the same time, Image. That means they seem to move backwards from where we perceive them. Even though they are optical illusions; they do bring their own effects, acting on each of us. Each planet affects its own themes. That this coincides with my difficulties in setting boundaries is no coincidence. It is THE moment in which I will hopefully overcome this. And this is probably also true for many other people who are in tune with what is happening in heaven. Many people warn of an absolute shit show, where a lot can go wrong. So an exciting time we are entering.

I hope we all manage to overcome our own pitfalls and come out stronger. But I have a hard time thinking about getting through this, because I feel my boundaries poorly and can’t fully live through my anger…. We’ll see if it becomes a problem!

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