In this article, I wonder where everyone has gone? After all, it's starting to feel like I'm ‘alone in the world’. I also describe my problems with search engines.

Where is everyone?

Lately, a strange feeling has been creeping up on me… A very strange feeling… And that is the feeling that I am all alone here on Earth. There is no one here anymore. Everything is fake and held up by people who are taken over and are acting. An absolutely bizarre sensation. I notice bizarre things. For example, I listened to a video of Jacob Collier, a very good musician, who had sung a Stevie Wonder song with multiple instances of his own voice, without melody, the Overjoyed challenge, in honor of Stevie Wonder’s birthday. Other singers were invited to record their version on top of the music Jacob sang. Not so strange, you would think, anyone who finds Jacob Collier an inspiration and can sing can record their version. But the only people who record it have YouTube accounts that regularly end in Music, sing pretty ugly, and have almost no followers. Check it out. But that might be exactly what you’d expect? But the crazy thing is that it doesn’t come across organically. It seems acted. It seems to be sung ugly on purpose. Like some kind of stage play. A bizarre phenomenon. It looks like there are no longer normal people, posting their things on the Internet. They have mostly been taken over by Artificial Intelligence and are acting as if nothing is wrong, and if everything is normal, but it’s not right if you take a closer look. It’s fake! You would expect that the Overjoyed challenge goes worldwide, and that not everyone speaks English equally well. And well, that’s exactly what you see. All the foreign singers pronounce the t in castle. That doesn’t matter, my English is bad too, but again it just doesn’t come across organically. It’s fake. Where do these people come from? Are they all deepfakes? They don’t show any feeling. It’s passionless. Uniformity. They all sing according to the same algorithm. The voices all sound different, but they all sing in the same passionless way. Hold notes sometimes excessively short, sometimes excessively long, but it’s all an algorithm, indeed, all the same algorithm. They are all starting channels with little other content and no more than dozens of followers, sometimes a few hundred at the most, except for a few.

And that brings me straight to a topic that is very much related to this. And that is search engines. Someone pointed me to this video, titled: “The Dead Internet Theory 2”, which was made a few weeks ago. (Part 1 also exists: “The Dead Internet Theory”). And that was really a coincidence, just after changing search engines. The problem was that with that search engine I used before, there were always only 5 pages of results, which is incredible when it searches all over the Internet. After all, there should be many more results then. But the new search engine is just as bad. It is downright ridiculous, that we accept this! The Internet is dying in this way. Unbelievable that people settle for one of the first results, and then think they’ve become smarter. Just try it out. In the video, they use the example of “pizza”. I tried it in a number of search engines, and no more than a few hits come out. Bizarre. Where are all the pizza joints scattered around the world that have a website? It is clear that there is very strict control, what information people get to see. If you do a search for truth, you will be disappointed, because you will not find any useful info anywhere. Search some news stories from the last few years, and all you get is some big well-known news sites that have written about it. Very tightly controlled. And the alternative news is hidden. And what about all those people who have interesting info to share themselves and have made blogs and other websites? No, it’s all being hidden. It makes me furious! 15 years ago, back then you could search the internet and get lots of results. You could spend hours looking for interesting information. Now everything is controlled, and you only find approved information. If I use a sentence from one of my articles in quotes as a search term, don’t think it will find my site. While that should be the way to find certain texts. I can remember a time when that worked great and you could find all kinds of cool sites that way.

Another useful video is this one, titled: “The Internet Died 5 Years Ago and YOU Might not be Real…”, by someone who calls himself Morgue, another good-and-evil mixer (good and evil should never be mixed: they should be kept separate in the mind). He also thinks Lucifer is Christ, as people who are into illuminati circles tend to do. But this video was premiered in the same week as the previous video, a few weeks ago. At certain times, everyone is making the same video or an article with the same content. Clearly, the matrix is quite active, and I am participating in it myself, because I also feel the need to write something about it at the same time, because of someone who left the link to me.

So what is actually going on? I took a moment yesterday to list the people in my surroundings who have been taken over. I kept listing people. And I’m also seeing more and more people online who are suddenly offline for a while, and then come back, and show weird behavior, or are completely 180 degrees turned around. Sometimes it’s very subtle, and doesn’t stand out so terribly. Those are the doubtful cases. I have a lot of those too. But it happens so massively, that it seems like there’s no one left who has a soul, around me. If I didn’t post info regularly, maybe the same thing would happen to me. But what is the significance of this now?

In the future, will these Artifical Intelligence clones all drop dead at the same time (the Revealing of the Antichrist), so that the world can see, what I have been describing for the past few years? But who will be present to see? Are there any people left who have not been taken over? Not in my neighborhood! But I know this phenomenon centers around people who confront the things that are wrong in the world? And those people will tactically be taken out, to prevent the whole world from waking up in a group-like way (cause that would defeat the purpose). But what does it matter if the world wakes up? It’s only natural that it will happen at some point, isn’t it? Surely you can expect that in advance. But it is true that the New World Order is delayed, and humanity is not yet fully under the control of the system, and therefore it is important that information is controlled, so that as few people as possible escape the system, which after all is important for the further development of humanity. Or is it all nonsense, and is really everyone gone. No, I don’t think that’s the truth. But that a mass Invasion of the Bodysnatchers phenomenon is taking place is certain. More people are saying it. Check out the following video. I had written this article up to here, and then I saw this video, by Martin Liedtke, titled, “Did The Reset Already Happen? Are They All Dead?” This guy says the exact same thing, even though it’s a video from last year. Where is everyone? A lot of people are suddenly talking about it. And I’m noticing it, too. People aren’t making contact anymore. What you have with people looks like contact, but there’s no longer an exchange of feelings, no deep connection. It’s all algorithms that people tune in to, and they mostly walk in line. And I believe that an awful lot of people have been replaced!

I must also say, this world is beginning to bore me very much! There is no interesting information anymore online. Everyone is bullshitting about the same thing. The Truth community is the worst. Wild stories here, wild stories there, and the ultimate understanding, which is so important to be able to handle the world, is missing. And another group does have the understanding, but they lack the guts to show what they know. Two ways in which people can be a target for these bodysnatching Artifical Intelligence “alien” clones/drones. And in the meantime I am beginning to feel less and less at home in this world, in which there are fewer and fewer rays of hope to be found, which can give me energy! That is heavy! The world feels like a soulless copy of what it used to be. Unbelievable!

And the Antichrist entities are putting more pressure on me in the meantime. Always when I’ve done something, I have to recover for a time afterwards, to make sure I don’t have a flood of negativity coming over me. So it’s a form of control for me to recover when I’ve done something. But I feel that these Antichrist entities want me to give and produce constantly, without recovering from this, or without wanting to maintain control. For this you need your aggression, admittedly in a transmuted form, so that you can constantly counter-pressure. But with every step I take forward, I have to take a step backwards, to recover. This manifests itself even in my heart rate. I have a harmless conduction disturbance in my heart, which causes my heart to ‘doubt’ at every beat. Simply because with each step forward, the brake is put on and that which goes ‘from the inside to the outside’ in me is attacked by that which goes ‘from the outside to the inside’ in me. This is me (the subject) interacting with my environment (the object). It is quite frustrating. But I have to keep control this way, otherwise I will disintegrate, I think. But actually I am already broken, and the biggest problem is that the energy simply cannot flow upwards freely. This is a huge handicap.

I wrote an article about clowns a few weeks ago. Now one of my Facebook friends posted a message from Eddie the Clown, some horror clown (also related to Halloween), and now I think they’ve taken him over as well, even though I’ve been producing things. But then again what I do probably wasn’t enough. Will it ever stop? This constant terror and everyone dying around me, is unnerving. And you could think, I have it all in my own hands. Just keep posting things all day every day, but then again I’m afraid the “oil” for my “light” will run out. In the Bible, in Matthew 25, there is the story about girls going to a wedding, and needing oil for their lamps. Some of the girls have brought extra oil for their lamps, and they are allowed in at the wedding. The girls without extra oil ask these girls for extra oil, but they say no: for they need it themselves. I then immediately draw parallels to the “information” you must share and produce works with. For you must have extra information to keep shining your light, and it’s not always possible to ask others for their information to counter-pressure with. I don’t know if that is really what is meant in Matthew 25, but the metaphor of oil as information, with which you can shine your light and ‘strike back’ is very much apt, and helpful advice that is very applicable to my situation. But the fact that the girls do not share their oil is also an important point. Information belongs to everyone and you should always share it with whoever wants to hear it… After all, you’ll never know how many lives you will save with it.

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