In this article, I describe several options for the future of humanity and share several interesting links with my interpretation of them.

What will the future of mankind be?

I saw this video from Pateo TV by Johan Oldenkamp (sorry, only in Dutch), about the murder on Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn. In the video he explains that Pim Fortuyn was not murdered by environmental activist Volkert van der Graaf (who did shoot at him, by the way), but by a man lying on the roof of the building in question at the Mediapark in Hilversum who shot him in the head, very likely on behalf of the Crown, that is, the ruling powers. Definitely interesting to watch. Oldenkamp also connects the story to Dutch journalist Theo van Gogh, who of course was eventually “murdered” as well, though this was most likely staged. Oldenkamp also correctly notes that the Israeli regime, long supported by the Dutch government, is the most horrible regime on Earth, and Zionists want a Third World War to enforce a Greater Israel (Zion), which is very evil. He also states that the absolute concentration camp in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and what is happening to the Palestinians there, is worse than what happened to the Jews in the 1940s-45s, because those were just labor camps. Read the chapter The Holo hoax from Section 3 of my story, to read my opinion on this.

But I wondered at the end, why they didn’t just drone Fortuyn, why they didn’t take him over instead of killing him that way. Killing him gives so much attention and fuss. If they took him over, nobody would notice, and he would have been controlled anyway. But perhaps because Fortuyn was too Luciferic, he was given the hard teacher of the Satanic forces and was therefore murdered by ‘ordinary’ people, instead of by the droning Antichrist entities. But it might also be possible, that these Antichrist entities were not active at that time. And then I thought of the first part of Revelation 13:1-10, which describes the beast rising out of the sea.

The beast that rises up from the sea, I believe, is the Antichrist system, which is regularly equated with the Cabal, the dark powers that hold the world in their grip today. But that’s not quite exactly the way it is. For there is a clear difference between what the Cabal does (the Satanic system) and what the Antichrist system does. The Cabal wants to compress the human mind so that they learn to listen to negativity, but this is ideally non-destructive negativity, if you listen to them. And the Antichrist does want to compress the human mind destructively, which is only possible if you are first sufficiently strengthened by allowing the influences of the Cabal to affect you.
The beast that rises from the Earth then stands for the Luciferic system, something that is well explained in the following videos: “What is the mark of the beast?” and “The Saint Germain Deception”.

In that last video, there is also talk about Christ Consciousness, and the false representations of it in popular media and new-age sources. In the video it is stated that Christ Consciousness is equating your self with God, but I would like to challenge that. Christ consciousness does not mean that you are God. In Christ Consciousness you do not identify with the parental figures in yourself that represent the Father and the Holy Spirit in the ideal case, but you identify instead with the Son. So you have reached a state in which you emulate the behavior of the Christ figure. This is not about some kind of choice to just do it, but of steadily developing towards the point in which you become maximally loving, and find the right place for your shadow, that is: in the service of love. So you are not God, but you make contact with the principle of the Father and the Holy Spirit, by honoring your own father and mother. So that is very different from how it is presented by the media and popular Gurus.

We read in Revelation 13 about the beast being mortally wounded on one of its heads, but this wound being healed. I am not (yet) that biblically grounded, but these heads seem to stand for different empires of the past. But I’m also immediately thinking of these Antichrist entities and the information from Donald Marshall, who states that these entities drill into your brain via the corner of your left eye with some sort of parasite or a protrusion (proboscis) on their alien head, and take you over in this way, something that may have happened to my family and friends, who have certainly been taken over, I am very sure about this, although the question still remains how exactly. Perhaps they can then shapeshift as well (like vampires biting people, who then become vampires as well), rendering the damaged eye healed. Or maybe they are hiding their damaged eye by putting in an advanced lens, which is how Dan Winter describes it in the following article I shared earlier: “See the movie “They Live"" (PDF). But there is something strange about all those famous people who get caught with a black eye, or a bloodshot eye. It’s as if they WANT us to see this. They make no effort to hide it, and they sometimes openly expose themselves with their bloodshot eye or with their black eye on camera, Image, even though they were long taken over before then. See my article Gruesome truths for more info. Perhaps they want us to get into a fear mongering state about these guys taking over you through your eye, when it actually may not be happening at all in such a way. Or it is part of the occult rule that says they have to show what they are doing! That’s also possible, of course. As long as humanity then en masse allows this to happen, they can freely do what they want. That’s why it’s so important to spread info about this and keep producing works that expose it. And you will be encouraged to do that, although many people will tell you that these entities will kill you if you sound the alarm. Yes, they may want to, but if you keep producing, they can’t touch you.

Still, there is some evidence that the droning is performed through the left eye. Here is a video in which at the end some information and images follow about the Vril parasites, which are inserted through the corner of the eye, taking over a person’s consciousness. The rest of the video is also interesting, as there are apparently parasites in the corona vaccines, which may cause humans to be taken over as well. Or at least become susceptible to being taken over. The vaccines would then be the mark of the Beast and would cause your connection to the spiritual world or God to be severed.

But back to Revelation 13, in which it says the Antichrist is given 42 months of power to speak blasphemies, and to make war on the saints. But I don’t yet know the answer to how long the army of the Ant ichrist will have the opportunity to take over people, although Richard Bruce reported back in 2014 on David Icke shapeshifting, so maybe he was taken over before then. So that’s 7 years ago already.

It occurred to me that up until now I have thought that we are already past Christ’s Millennial Kingdom, but here I am not sure, and so I am open to being convinced, on us being in the tribulation after all. So I started searching the internet, and I found the YouTube channel of Leeland Jones who explains exactly when Armageddon will be, for example in this video. According to him, we are in the middle of the Tribulation, just before the Abomination of Desolation, which will probably take place November 10th 2021, according to him. I don’t know exactly what this abomination represents, but it may well be that they are going to flood the place. In fact, I’ve seen one of the Twitter dragons I follow warn of the water: “Watch the water,” though that was about the date November 3rd 2021, exactly one year after the U.S. election, in other words. A day earlier (November 2nd), conversely, would be 112, the Dutch emergency number; 113 is the suicide prevention helpline here in Holland. The people responsible for such murderous false flags (also look at September 11th 2001, for example), are very ritualistic and plan these kinds of sacrifice events on occult dates, which is why I look for special dates.

I do know about the warning in Matthew 24:15-22 to flee into the mountains at the Abomination of Desolation, so my suspicion that they are going to flood the place (and blame it on climate change), is not even that crazy thought, if you look at it that way, but I am not sure about this. Because I have also read in this book, that perhaps by “flee to the mountains” it is meant to flee to the kingdom of Christ, that is, to commit yourself 100% to Christ, when the Abomination of Desolation takes place, which in the eyes of the author of this booklet stands for the church going the path of Satan. And of course we can see this in the form of the pope, who at first glance behaves like a modern pope but actually is a frontman for a intensely Satanic organization.

But by “watch the water” something else may also be meant. For I have seen John Titor (a so-called (?) time traveler who posted his story on bulletin boards around 2000, warning of civil war and nuclear war in the U.S.), warning that ‘they’ are going to poison the drinking water as well. On that subject, I also saw this video about nanobots in water. Several people suspected that that John Titor was Donald Trump, who had traveled through time and seen what is going to happen in the future. In fact, Donald Trump’s uncle, John Trump, confiscated certain plans from Nikola Tesla, and Tesla knew how to travel in time. There are also books by Ingersoll Lockwood from the late 19th century that mention Baron Trump, which immediately brings to mind Trump’s autistic son, who is also named Baron. I get the feeling they are posting these things about Trump on purpose so that people will look up to him and fantasize about him being very special. I’ve also heard that a lot of those characters in history, like Tesla for example, are part of a made up history and that they are actually cover stories for the real truth. All those particular coincidences may then be part of the many miracles the Antichrist would perform. If Donald Trump is as Leeland Jones says, really the Antichrist.

So it seems that some people are expecting the Antichrist, followed by Armageddon and Christ’s Millennial Kingdom. In illuminati circles they expect us to enter a period of long-term light (Lucifer), because according to them light and darkness are constantly alternating and we have just come out of a period of darkness. Yet other people expect a New World Order (World Government) consisting of a tyrannical control that cannot be escaped (Satan). Then there are those who think that Christ’s Millennial Kingdom has already taken place, and we are in Satan’s Little Season, and people are going to be riled up for the battle of Gog and Magog, but the Last Judgment is going to take place before it really gets out of hand. I am also inclined to think that the latter option is the truth, and that the various options I mention here will all take place, but refer to the selection that is going to take place between the various people. For this, see my article A look at the Q phenomenon and for more evidence of this, my article The Millennial Reign of Christ…

Also watch this video in which an imam identifies Gog and Magog (see: Revelation 20:7-8), as the Khazars, who converted to Judaism (for political reasons, not because they were religious), and my addition is that these are the Zionist Satanists who are trying to push for a New World Order and a Greater Israel, as Johan Oldenkamp describes)). David Icke also describes these Khazars (as Rothschild Zionists) at length, and Benjamin Fulford calls them the Khazarian Mafia. It is said about these Satanists in above mentioned video that there are a lot of them, and they want to kill everyone in the world. I suspect they are possessed in some way, probably with the help of nanobots in the water, parasites in the vaccines, or because they have been droned on by the Antichrist entities. It is notable that there is mention in the video that Allah will spread a disease, a worm, which will come out of the necks of the people of Gog and Magog (these Satanists) in the last days. And they will all die from it at the same time, wherever they are on Earth.
Now I’m thinking: is this worm the same worm that has been brought in through the eye to some people or through the vaccines or through the water, that has broken the connection with God in these people, and is going to come out of the bodies of these Satanists at some point, after which they die? Or is my imagination running wild now?

What I know of Satanic people is that only when they are confronted by the Luciferic people do they find the right place for these Satanic forces, and the right place then takes shape in the role of Christ the Son, who then still has to learn to listen to the disapproving wrath of God the Father. But before that happens, at least the Satanic has been transformed into the good!
But all these Abrahamic religions assume that there are some people who will get into heaven, and the rest will burn eternally in hell. And I have some real problems with that. I certainly believe that there are people who will pass on to a lower world at the Last Judgment. But in my opinion, the majority st ay here in this world to try again in the next cycle.
The Bible says that lukewarm people will be spit out (Revelation 3:16). But many people can’t help being lukewarm and unable to commit themselves fully to God, for example, because they lack the inner fire, or are limited in some other way. In my next article, I will pay some attention to this and paint a more realistic picture than is painted in the Bible! Because I don’t like this God who throws lukewarm people into hell, at all.

What will be the real future of humanity? I have only part of the answers. Much is still unclear to me. But time may tell…!

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