This article describes some gruesome truths about ritual satanic child abuse in the elite.
Gruesome truths

When I first read David Icke’s books (see Introduction for links to his books), I was quite upset when I read that the whole Thatcher government in England was full of pedophiles/pedosexuals. David Icke shows this in his books, with an incredible amount of evidence. He states that this is still the case today. Pedosexuals are deliberately brought into positions of power. They are then filmed in sex clubs and then blackmailed with the footage, so that they do exactly what the shadow government wants, as soon as they have positions of power. Many media personalities are also pedosexual and are deliberately put on TV, in order to have as much malicious influence on the people as possible and to gradually go further and further in making perversions normal. Of course we all know Jimmy Savile, who was close friends with Prince Charles, and David Icke exposes that it was a pedosexual and necrosexual. He abused a lot of children, and he had sex with corpses in the crematoria where he had worked, because he got a kick out of it. This being a secret for Prince Charles seems not very credible to me and yes, David Icke also exposes that the royal family of England are fist deep in the pedo networks. The Clintons, and Obama have also been exposed lately as part of pedo networks and fist-deep in child trafficking. The truth is unbelievable. Here in the Netherlands people have such a positive image of Obama, but in the e-mails made public by Wikileaks, he ordered pizza for thousands of euros. Pizza is code language for ‘young girls’, next to other code words like ‘walnut sauce’, ‘hot dogs’ (‘young boys’) and so on. In this video he makes a joke that he got so close with Biden, that they don’t serve them pizza (=young girls) anymore. Who knows what it stands for, can only get furious at the sight of this crook. Who wants to view the terrible story of Pizzagate and the Podesta’s, should read this article by David Wilcock: and watch the video Fall of the Cabal by Janet Ossebaard. These videos represent Trump as the savior, with the whole Q Anon following, but know that both sides are being controlled, and that a script is being played out. Everything that happens is scripted and is meant to wake up the people, empower us and to be the catalyst for our development. Though, these elites have no boundaries in doing that.

It seems that this ritual satanic abuse is happening all over the world, and that judges, politicians, royal families are very deep into it. We all still want to know what Mark Rutte’s (our prime minister) sexual preference is, right? Joris Demmink is a name you will hear a lot here in Holland, and a recent video from Café Weltschmerz (sorry, only in Dutch) also talks about child abuse by high-ranking people. Argos has also recently made a broadcast where they deal with ritual abuse (sorry, only in Dutch). Many victims of this ritual abuse have dissociative identity disorder, which is always a result of chronic trauma in childhood. Because of the abuse, the personality splits into alters, different parts that sometimes don’t know anything about each other at all. This video is also worth watching, about Dutroux, who was also part of a large international network, which of course is also denied by the judicial authorities in Belgium, who say that he was a loner. The same thing keeps recurring in the stories: violent orgies of men in robes with children, who are often taken out of foster care or from children’s homes in Eastern European countries for example, or children who have not even been reported to the municipality, who are transported from place to place, and of whom no one knows the existence. Look at Eyes Wide Shut (from 1 hour 12 minutes, or the whole movie if you like) and you’ll understand that these things are a very dark reality, which Stanley Kubrick deliberately put in the film to let viewers know what’s going on in elitist circles, although the orgies in this film are with adults, which of course makes sense. Because the truth is just too horrible!

According to some, 70% of the world’s child pornography has its origin in the Netherlands. Can you believe it? Justice protects the perpetrators, who often have a high position in the government or in the judiciary. The truth is going to come out, I am convinced of that! But people who try to bring this to light are often ridiculed by entire troll armies, who are deliberately instructed to ridicule the people who open their mouths. People often ask: “where is the proof? But if you really are so sick that you need proof (i.e. violent child pornography and snuff movies) to seriously go investigate this, then I have no more hope for you. It’s about our children!!! There are plenty of witnesses. Also Micha Kat (sorry, only in Dutch) is determined to expose the Satanic pedophiles, who according to him even cut up babies, and hold positions within the judiciary and the media, so they make sure they’re protected and it can never reach the mainstream. There is also an interview on Youtube by Ronald Bernard, who was in the banking world and had to put his conscience ‘in the freezer’ to be at the elite gatherings, where they also killed children.

Then we have the story of Arizona Wilder, a vulnerable woman who was interviewed by David Icke, who saw high-ranking men and women, including Queen Elisabeth, shape-shifting in reptilian aliens (the ‘dragons’ I’m talking about in my other articles), who also sacrificed babies by cutting them into pieces. I don’t know to what extent these stories are all maybe a kind of psy-op. I’ve never seen anyone shape-shifting myself, although my sister (who has been taken over, and I know for sure) tells me the other day that she saw me at the supermarket, and once before, that she had ordered exactly the same thing at the cafeteria as I had (she knew exactly what I had ordered). Both times I hadn’t seen her. But those two times I did see a strange man with a strange energy who seemed to be watching me (I have a good intuition). In the supermarket he went into my isle with his vague expression and immediately turned around when he saw me. Was that my sister in a different guise? Or did this man inform her that I was in the supermarket and in the snack bar. It was the same man. It is very strange. If my sister can assume other guises now, how does this work? It’s obvious that it’s my sister’s body with a different spirit in it that mimics my sister’s behavior, but then how does she change her body? And what happened to my sister’s real body? My sister also suddenly told me that she had an understanding of dissociative identity disorder, and that these people never initiate aggression. But my real sister never read about such things at all. So again something very strange.

I also saw a picture on Facebook of a Facebook friend of one of the girls who had been taken over at my work at the mental health facility and ‘treated’ me for a while (read my first article), where he had one bloodshot eye. Well, that damn bloodshot eye again, which I mentioned before. My neighbor, who’s been taken over, also said she had a bloodshot eye once, and the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden had one too on live tv, last year. (He is obviously taken over, but this drone doesn’t function properly). (UPDATE: Mike Pence has also been caught with a bloodshot eye, at the vice-presidential debate of october 7th). (UPDATE: Queen Elizabeth of England has also been caught with a bloodshot eye: here’s the video. Also, check out the comment section to the video. Everyone knows she is a Dragon, just as David Icke exposed her! Very hopeful!). I get more and more convinced that the droning, in which a person’s consciousness is taken over by a dragon alien, happened through a proboscis (protrusion on the head of such an alien) that sticks into one eye. Read more about this: Donald Marshall. As a matter of fact, the Bible speaks about the fatal headwound of the Antichrist, which healed (Revelation 13:3). But I can’t imagine that this is true. Because I wouldn’t know how this should work. So it could be that they just mirror what people are most afraid of in the collective consciousness, following the information of Marshall. Even then I feel quite fooled, even though all the people that are taken over in my environment, my parents and my sister for example, are very nice to me. So nice actually, that I really get more self-confidence from them. Because of this I can continue to post things like this, with my real family and friends anchored in my heart. They give me motivation to continue!

And remember, and this also applies for the victims of ritual abuse: People with incredible stories can also be right and can tell the truth! The question is, have you also done your research/home work…?

Just found some documents that are proof that children are being trafficked, imprisoned, and tortured and raped in big numbers, as conspiracy researchers have been saying for years, and which the Q-anons are now aware of as well. In this case, it’s documents from a company called Cymcorp. It’s often health care institutions where this is happening; the children listed below are being held captive in military institutions, which of course can be seen in the documents.
Adrenochrome is obtained by torturing, raping and terrorizing children, and taking blood when there is the highest level of adrenaline in the blood. This is then processed into a drug, which is very popular with Hollywood stars. You know, those psychopaths people often worship like idols, because they look so incredibly hot!

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The whole operation is huge. Top politicians and the royal families are all involved, this as part of the Satanic influence that is on humanity. As you can see from the documents, there are many children marked as suicidal. They are all young children because they are the best to terrorize and give off the most adrenaline. If a child is suicidal, they isolate the child, and increase the production of the adrenochrome. If the adrenochrome is of too low quality, then the child is killed. Only absolute psychopaths can do this. In one document you can see the pictures of the psychopaths who do this. They look like very normal people.

In this video the documents are being discussed.

And here are the links to the documents:
Document 1   |  
Document 2‑1   |   Document 2‑2   |  
Document 3‑1   
|   Document 3‑2   |   Document 3‑3   |   Document 3‑4   |   Document 3‑5   |   Document 3‑6   |  

And here is a link to a series of 5 books about this subject, titled:
Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy & The Deep State – Joachim Hagopian

This video by Paul Joseph Watson gives some examples of what has reached the surface in recent years concerning pedophiles ruling the world. Remember: this is just the tip of the iceberg!

posted on Sep 20, 2020
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