This article describes one big lie of the Second World War.
A lousy lie!

A subject that still scares people when you question it, is the holocaust. As if you yourself are guilty of gassing Jews by questioning it. Anyone who is going to investigate what is true about the claims that Jews were gassed, quickly finds the witness statements in for example, the film “Survivors of the Holocaust” by Steven Spielberg. These witness statements contradict themselves and contain a lot of ‘interpretation’, instead of hard facts, and the people in it aren’t being questioned critically. Knowing that there is a group of powerful Zionists on this world who massively influence the banking world, the media, politics, religion and so on, it wouldn’t even be such a strange idea to think that the extreme story of the gas chambers was purely made up to create a victim status for these Zionists in positions of power (the American government is also full of them: David Icke calls them Rothschild-Zionists), especially, since there is absolutely no physical evidence for these events, only stories of “hearsay”, and people who parrot each other, and validate each other in this eternal victim status. By the way, these powerful Zionists look down on the ordinary Jewish people and maintain racist interpretations of Jews against non-Jews, the ‘gentiles’. As a Zionist you can get away with everything, cause when you are being criticised by someone, you simply draw the ‘anti-Semitism card’ and immediately end up in a perpetrator-victim relationship with the other as a Hitler who likes to gas people, and the Zionist Jew as a defenseless victim. I find this alleged victimhood questionable. Nobody is above criticism, not even Jewish people. I think everyone should look at their own views critically. Conscientiously following all kinds of rules that most people don’t even know the origin of, is ridiculous in my opinion, but that’s really what many Jews do. I always wonder if these people feel their own self. It’s very satanic, but the Abrahamic religions have become corrupted with satanic influences anyway. Whoever feels his own self, and has really worked through his own aggression, just trusts his guts, and doesn’t need all kinds of rules to do the right thing. Apart from that Zionism is just pure evil and very racist.

If you watch the film by David Cole, an atheistic Jew who researched Auschwitz in his film David Cole, A Jew Exposing The Holocaust, you’ll soon see that nothing is what it seems in Auschwitz, and that there is evidence for the use of Zyklon-B in the launderettes, and in delicing, but the evidence is lacking for something as horrible as gas chambers. In the past, lies were also told about soap made from the fat of dead Jews, and from lampshades made from Jewish skin, but that did not stick amongst the people, the myth of gas chambers did. Also interesting is Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told, at Bitchute, which tells the other side of the story of the Second World War, a story that most people only know from one side, the side of the victors, the Allies, who committed as many atrocities as the Nazis. Also Europa – The Last Battle is a good documentary which tells about this history from the other side.

One of the most famous Holocaust revisionists is David Irving, his videos on Bitchute are worth watching, I haven’t read his books yet. The things I know about this, I have acquired by reading other books. It can’t hurt to be critical of certain fixed ideas we have in the Western world. Most of the things that the masses think they know (and woe betide you, if you deviate from that (apparently we all have to think the same way)), everything will fall apart when you start investigating it. As well on this subject. Surely it is ridiculous that in some countries you are thrown in jail when you ask questions about the Holocaust, because powerful Zionists want to keep sticking the victim status on unsuspecting Jews, so that they, supported by these well-meaning Jews, can carry out their plans, without getting any opposition or criticism! I am always on my guard, when powerful people frantically control what you have to think, because then it can never contain much truth and it can also hide the real truth. Moreover, the story that most people know of the Second World War, told from the victor’s position, is that the Americans are pure good, and the Nazis are pure evil, and Hitler is the most evil man you can imagine. Anyone who eventually, after watching some videos or reading the right books, gets a more nuanced picture of what happened, will see that Hitler pulled Germany out of a deep crisis and resisted the communist Jews and bankers who had destroyed Germany, who hated Germany before Hitler could hate them, and that he was forced into war by Churchill, who did not accept Hitler’s many proposals for peace. Hitler started, as often happens with powerful politicians, as a sincere person, and according to Abraxas from Thuban (the Lucifer dragon about whom I wrote earlier (see: Birth of Gaia-forum)), was taken over at a certain point by a Luciferic entity. (That is: a walk-in entity, who takes over his body, exactly what happens in my environment with many people). ‘Lucifer’ stands for extreme self-love. ‘I am okay, you are not okay!’ And that is what is very striking for what happened in the Second World War. Apart from that, the Zionists who are now in American politics are descendants of the Nazis who were given shelter in America after the war in Project Paperclip. Nazionists, or Zionazi’s, some people call them. Can you be a Zionist and a Nazi? At the same time? Yes, you can, if you understand that both sides are controlled and financially supported by the same people. Unfortunately, many Jews allow themselves to be misled by Zionazi’s who have power and who want endless wars. I have already explained the cosmic meaning of this in other articles, but I will explain it again in other words: It is to create periods of intense polarization and friction, so that people are challenged to develop themselves and become more resilient, to alternate it with rest periods, as we have had for the past 75 years (at least here in the West), so that people can regain their strength. It is to fully experience the result of mistakes, or wrong developmental paths, so that the people who come after you can learn from them, if they pay attention. That way the world will eventually move forward, but it feels so wrong to me because so many people die in every conflict! But it is my firm belief that those who ultimately pick up the sword will die by the sword. And that those who fight with the Word have eternal life. If it isn’t in this life, it will surely be in what comes after this life.

In order to prevent people from thinking that I take sides with the Arabs in the Arab-Israeli conflict, I will provide the Muslims with some criticism as well: Because I think Muslims should also learn to become better people. Many of them think that if they don’t drink alcohol and don’t eat pork, they are a good person, which of course is utter nonsense. They are still very welcome here in the Netherlands by lots of people, as if they are all sweet well-meaning people. The big problem of crime among these groups is not seen by them and shouldn’t be criticized, because then you are indecent, or racist or xenophobic. And you shouldn’t put that in perspective, no, you have to reject it harshly according to these people, because you can only say good and sweet things about people. Because we all have to get rid of our identity so that we can be one in a kind of love paradise where there is only positivity, and we all hug each other forever, preferably with as many people as possible at the same time, no matter what color, what sex, because preference is not allowed, oh yes, don’t you dare not want to have sex with transgender people. Love for everyone, because everyone is good! Unfortunately, this kind of love (which often comes down to condoning or denying evil in others) is not the love I think will be best for this world! It may be love for others, but it is hatred or fear for one’s own selfhood (oikophobia), it is the false light: ‘I am not okay, you are okay’, and this can be called satanic, the opposite of what I described with Lucifer’s self-love. Of course, the path towards which we all have to work together – by using the help of the many influences which play a role in this world  -, is the middle path: ‘I am okay, you are okay’, (although sometimes I end up, through my past of insecure attachment style, in situations which give me the feeling that I am not okay, and neither is the other). But if people refuse to learn this, and they will refuse, because it is very difficult, then unfortunately we will see many wars, which are nothing more than the hard teacher of the then prevailing evil forces. There is a benign place for this confrontation. But it soon gets problematic if this powerful goodness does not reach the right people at the right time. And this is the real evil, and it is most likely not done by the ‘aliens’ I have written about before (because they are very controlled from above and look at what YOU and I allow), but by mankind itself, who does harm by making mistakes and allows others to do harm too.

So, I see Earth as a great place of purgatory, where we must stand trial for previous mistakes we have made, and try to make as few new mistakes as possible in our lives. The three evil forces, Lucifer, Satan, and Antichrist can be stopped. In the end, we will work with all humanity towards a point where we overcome the evil of Lucifer, the evil of Satan, and then the more realistic evil of the Antichrist. We will then transform evil into good by finding the right place, the right time, and the right form for these forces. Only then can you stand trial in a healthy way and atone for the evil you have committed in your life and past lives, thereby redeeming yourself. Only then you can tell others convincingly: 

“Never again!”

posted on Sep 13, 2020
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