In this article, I write about some videos about clowns and a possible link to shapeshifters and vril aliens. I also describe these entities having advanced technology, which they use to target people.

Jokesters or monsters?

In the following videos on YouTube (part 1 and part 2) a comparison is made between the Nephilim, the fallen giants of the Bible, and clowns. A clip is shown of a man showing a drawing, and Conspiracy-R-US, the creator of the videos, tells how an entity appears behind him, having a black and white striped appearance. This is very striking, because these black and white stripes can be connected not only to the clothing of clowns, but also to the reptilian shapeshifters, which David Icke writes about. This zebra-glitch, as it is called by some, has been seen and filmed in famous people such as Bob Marley, Robert Pattinson, and several other lesser known people, mostly journalists. It is called ‘liquid crystal polarisation’, probably an overlay that’s used by technology to disguise the true form of these entities. Conspiracy R-US links it to clowns, which are often seen in people who use DMT, a “hallucinogenic” drug. He also links it to ‘koshares’, sacred entities from the Pueblo world (an native American tribe). These ‘clowns’ have one or two protrusions on their heads. Think also of the jester’s hat. Also, a stuffed toy I used to have, named Clown, had a protrusion on its head.

We have also seen such a protrusion in Donald Marshall’s work, who describes the Vril aliens as having a protrusion on the head, which they stick into your eye, thereby poisoning and taking over your brain. We have already seen the result of this pricking in the eye by many characters in the media, but I also came across it on my Facebook timeline, with a guy who calls himself Rolf de Wolf (Rolf the Wolf), a friend of a friend who was taken over by these entities and ‘treated’ me big time in the past (in my life story I call her Celina). Rolf de Wolf has a bloodshot eye, check the photo he proudly posted, Image, and there are stories of them masking this bloodshot eye after being taken over by using some sort of advanced lens, which also allows them to see people’s psychic/emotional aura. Which is quite convenient for guards of the prison called Earth. in order to be able to intervene immediately, should they dislike your energy.

This also explains what happened when I had received a compliment from someone, through which I spiritually grew. It felt good to me, because it boosted my self-confidence, but random people around started to react very negatively to me, and suddenly from all corners people popped up who made shitty comments, and who scared me. I was really being targeted at that time. It was all way too coincidental, and you really feel the threat that comes from it. But now I know these are all clones who have a lens like that in and see your psychic aura. They just see that you are not grounded anymore, and then they make crappy comments to get you grounded again. There are people in this world who constantly get such abuse thrown at them. It’s called “street theater”. It was only short-lived when it happened to me, because I listened to the crappy comments, and so I quickly was grounded again, and that’s exactly what they’re after.

Returning to Rolf de Wolf for a moment: when I think of Wolf, of course I immediately think of werewolves, and where that might come from is that it’s probably one of the flavors of aliens that roam this world. Note that this doesn’t have to be their real form, but they may be using it as a sort of symbol, and may be able to show themselves that way. Conspiracy R-US also describes how these are not archetypes, but real entities. Rudolf Steiner also emphasizes that these are real entities. And I totally agree with this. Watch this interesting video. These are non-physical entities that can represent themselves as they wish, as I also described in earlier articles. They are Djinns, vampires, werewolves, clones, drones, reptilian aliens, Archons, it is very likely all the same. Those who see it purely as archetypes (like, say, Jordan Peterson), are naive, and unaware of the danger these “pranksters” can actually pose! And that’s what cost him his life, because as I said earlier, he was completely taken over. See the chapter Examples of people who are taken over from Section 3 of my story.

I also used to think that the things targeted individuals describe were nonsense. Usually there’s nothing to see on the videos they post, but don’t underestimate that someone’s intuition can still be right, that what’s happening is all too coincidental and that there’s more to it. And now that I know that a large portion of the population are these entities that have taken over bodies, it has all become a lot more understandable, what is going on. If you put your head above the parapet, they’ll finish you off mercilessly, these agents of the Matrix.

So now we can also better understand what paranoid schizophrenics go through. These people are often really targeted, and they just know it’s happening. Schizophrenics often feel externally controlled and this is partly due to their mental state in which they no longer have enough compensatory mechanisms to cope with reality. For more information on this, read the chapter Psychosis Someone who has a ‘healthy repression’, like ‘normal’ people (I do not consider that normal), and therefore also represses the not directly visible part of reality, will think at everything that happens: “Oh, that’s a coincidence! And those other 10 things are all coincidental too!” My therapist in my clinical therapy always said, when something remarkable happened in therapy, “In psychiatry, this is not a coincidence!” But what if the whole world is a psychiatric clinic, and people who somehow “stand out” are targeted, and it’s all coordinated from the top!? Most people have no idea how far it goes, but it is absolutely the truth. And using the data that companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, store about you, they look at which people “stand out” and therefore which ones should be targeted (aka: treated). Until they listen and change.

Advanced technology is often used for targeting. Technology that goes beyond what these occult entities allow the common people to do. If technology is available to humanity, then you can be sure that this technology has been released by the top of these groups, who in turn control all governments and all celebrities. If you dive into the world of mind control, there are many techniques described for targeting people. I have also seen many patents for these technologies. For example, read this link for more information about these patents.
When certain people, through study, discover how certain things work and use that to make certain inventions that have the potential to free humanity, it is always suppressed. Look at someone like Nikola Tesla, who had te chnology to provide wireless power to the entire Earth and ended up having his entire laboratory confiscated. The reasoning behind this is that humanity must learn to claim its own freedom (within the limits of the Ten Commandments, that is).

In the book The Body Snatchers by Susan Reed, I read these entities even have technology to cause heart attacks and brain haemorrhages from a distance. This involves, for example, chemicals that are sent in waves to the affected person via some sort of satellites. So for this technology, these entities need to know your location. For example, a neighbor across the street from me had died last year. She suffered a double brain hemorrhage just a few days after I made a post on Facebook, in which I don’t treat these entities who threaten me, kindly. My taken-over neighbor then came and reported it to me, like: Look, this is what you get when you are negative about us! Then we just sacrifice some other neighbor. She didn’t say this directly, but that’s how it came across.

I’ve had several strange sensations myself while I’ve been asleep, and they usually wake me up immediately. The other day it felt like something was vibrating in my chest, and it woke me right up. I had this several years ago, too. Then it kept coming back. And it was most certainly not my phone! In The Body Snatchers there are several weapons described that these entities use to target people. A vibrating feeling in your chest, is also mentioned among the symptoms. But it is a totally unnatural feeling, it seems spiritual but here I am not sure. It’s really like having a phone in your body, it even makes noise, and I’m surprised every time I wake up from it. It could also be a way of my guardian angels to wake me up in time. I have experienced this in the past as well. Then I would take a nap a few hours before having to be somewhere, and then just when it’s time to go get ready, they wake me up in this strange vibrating way. So I’m not convinced that it was to do pure harm, all those times I had it. But it very well could be.

However, even though a large part of these entities are truly evil, they are necessary on this world, in order to direct the development of humanity in the right direction. They can be divided into 3 groups that work together to catalyze the development of humanity. Their function is to make you stronger, so that you learn to deal correctly with love and passion (the territory of Lucifer, the first group), fear (the territory of Satan, the second group) and death threats (the territory of the Antichrist, the third group). Some people just want a world of love, but the question is how exactly do you get everyone with free will into that state? It is precisely by experiencing pain that you can turn a hateful state into a loving one. And that is ultimately what the grand plan is all about. I will cover this in my next article.

So the question posed by the title can be answered: these entities are not jokesters, but true monsters. Humanity has been kept in the dark about these entities for a reason. Not everyone would be able to handle knowing this, and of course it is up to mankind itself to make this known to a bigger public. But I do want to make one thing clear. The monsters can be tamed and they are tightly controlled from the top down. They like their own kind better than humans, although their own kind abuses them, but hey, that’s their choice! They have feelings just like you and me, and although I strongly disapprove of what they’re doing, they can be good company if you show them some love. But keep in mind, you need to produce works to counter them!

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