In this section, I briefly list some examples of people who have been taken over, some of whom have themselves hinted at their takeover and the way it happens.

Examples of people who are taken over

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Dutch examples
International examples
Droning: how to deal with it

In my Articles there are several examples of people who have been taken over, even hinting that they have been taken over. Here I summarize some of the examples I have mentioned in my articles.

Dutch examples

Several people post the truth on their YouTube channels. Only they are all taken over and they all do it in a non-direct, i.e., cryptic form. For example, we have Helma Broekman, who in this video (sorry, only in Dutch) talks about the many stages you can go through in the process of being taken over. Well worth listening to her. The rest of her videos contain interesting information until she is taken over. Then she slowly moves further and further in the direction of incoherent nonsense. Her latest videos are diametrically opposed to the first videos. See also my extensive article A cryptic message from Helma Broekman. And after she has been taken over, who recommends her on his channel? Tijn Touber, another Antichrist entity that has probably already taken over the real Tijn Touber when he became internationally famous with the band Loïs Lane. Because that happens to all artists. In this video (sorry, only in Dutch) he describes that “a few days ago” he saw something so intense that he waved the white flag, and a benign Dragon (yeah right), “took over the situation”. He is obviously referring to the fact that these Dragons supposedly can shapeshift, and that they showed their true form to him, whereupon he was startled and waved the white flag, whereupon this Dragon took him over, but these are all lies. Tijn Touber had been taken over for a long time, even before he posted his first videos on his YouTube channel. You can read more in my article Tijn Touber, a taken over Dragon giving good advice. And you can read the real truth about how takeovers happen in the next chapter.
Another example in the media where I realized, that someone was taken over, is with the journalist Jan Roos who worked at Omroep Powned: someone who at many times exposed the total ridiculousness of the system with his fiery and critical questions, and even gave attention in his podcast to Peter Siebelt, who exposed the criminal acts of our royal family, who have intimate ties with the underworld. A little while after this podcast, and Jan Roos has been transformed into a “controlled” hand puppet, has lost his morals, and is now doing shows for horny and gossiping youngsters.

International examples

We also see many examples of taken over people internationally. The first person in whom I saw it convincingly was Jordan Peterson, who has turned from a very ordinary man who could just be your father, into a kind of showman, with a dangerous energy, who regularly has unpredictable moods, but also regularly expresses his theatrical aggression by bursting into tears. See also my article The tears of Jordan Peterson. His entire family is taken over, of course, because the protagonist is first worked on by taken over family members and then if he still doesn’t listen, they take him over as well. By working from the outside in, no one can raise the alarm. And the last one to raise the alarm is the protagonist himself. If he doesn’t, it’s adieu. And nobody notices. I suspect Peterson was taken over in a direct confrontation. Because the taken over version of him tells mockingly in a Joe Rogan podcast, “If you confront a Dragon you sometimes die!”

David Icke has also been taken over by an Antichrist entity for several years. Since then, he has been accepted by the media as a guest, whereas when he was not “controlled,” all the media made fun of him. Many can still remember talk show host Terry Wogan’s words on his show, “They’re laughing at you! They’re not laughing with you.” That’s what happens in this world to people who want to advance humanity. Unfortunately, many of the old videos of the original David Icke have also disappeared from Youtube and many videos are being added of the new Icke, who looks like a lizard with his Klingon forehead, and is less animated than the original Icke and sometimes speaks poorly. What an outrage, directed at if possible the bravest man the world has known!

Also, American researcher Bill Donahue, who has been working on issues surrounding the Christ figure for years, also describes in a video titled The Alien Invasion how the takeover works. He hints several times that he is one of those alien taken over and yes, I have no doubt about that. He has lost pounds of weight, something we often see with these entities. He says it’s because of diabetes, but that’s just nonsense. Weight differences between the original person and the taken over person are always because there is a different personality in the body, one that handles its emotions differently. That fixes itself in the electromagnetic field that is around and inside you, and this has its effect on your metabolism and whether or not you are going to deposit fat in some parts of your body.

But actually, the list of people who are taken over is endless. Well known people are taken over anyway, all celebrities on TV or the Internet, all people who get their own programs, all people who speak out too freely, every YouTube channel that grows to a certain size is attacked. Depending on whether they embrace these attacks with love, the attacks become more destructive. And it is made clear to the content creators that people are being taken over in the area. If they then do nothing, the soul of the person(s) in question is taken over and the channel becomes the property of the ruling powers. Even companies that are not under the control of the ruling powers often receive huge bids to be taken over. If they refuse to do so, then the director, and key employees are taken over, as happened for example at Linus Tech Tips, see my article Linus Sebastian of Linus Tech Tips also taken over.
Another TechTuber was also taken over, I noticed: Jason of the YouTube channel ByteMyBits, who turned from a somewhat nerdy person, into a mocking, attention-seeking douchebag. You can read the details in my article Another TechTuber who was taken over.
Anyone who becomes too popular and makes content, gets these entities coming their way, and almost everyone gets taken over. Even people who sign record deals are selling their souls to the devil. Many sites have been made about this by observant people. I saw it happen myself with Angelina Jordan, a young Norwegian singer, who went through a total character change at the time of signing a record contract, which is very visible on her Instagram profile. So with her, it was very clear that she was taken over at that exact moment. See my article Clearly taken over: singer Angelina Jordan.

The anarchist Larken Rose was also taken over at one point because he did not act within the moral order. What I know is that he felt his wife should love him so unconditionally that she had to accept that he was cheating with Amanda Rachwitz, who, after she was also taken over, started calling herself “The Dragon Anarchist. Her former husband explains on Youtube what happened (link can no longer be found), but he himself doesn’t understand it either, that she suddenly behaves completely differently and wants to leave him, when there was really nothing at all going on before. In a now offline clip, Larken Rose and Amanda Rachwitz are intimately entwined in their chairs, and again you can tell by their charged predator-like appearance that they are Dragons, energy vampires, who take over each other with a venomous bite to the neck (in real life it happens slightly differently), and who feel no remorse about these actions, and think that they should just be loved unconditionally, like little toddlers would like to be.

Furthermore, in my article, Are we creating these Antichrist creeps ourselves?, I cover a number of content creators who have also been taken over.

Droning: how to deal with it

I wrote in the chapter Target of the Antichrist about having seen people with bloodshot eyes, hinting at the information of Donald Marshall, that the takeovers happen because shapeshifting aliens drill into your eye. I thereby shared this Image of Rolf the Wolf on the Facebook profile of one of those girls who turned me down from the chapter Referral to Center for Psychosis. I also wrote that my neighbor said she had a similar type of bloodshot eye. But famous people have also been caught having such a bloodshot eye. For example, Joe Biden, who had one on live TV last year. (He was most certainly taken over as well). Mike Pence was also caught with a bloodshot eye, at the October 7, 2020 vice presidential debate. And Queen Elizabeth of England has also been caught with a bloodshot eye, while she was still alive: here the video. Reactions to the video are hopeful. Everyone knows she is a Dragon, just the way David Icke exposed it!

So we are tempted to assume that somehow all those eyes are damaged and there was some kind of physical drilling into these people’s eyes by these aliens. After all, the Bible also talks about a fatal head wound to the Antichrist, which healed (Revelation 13:3). But it sometimes happens several times and, in my opinion, it is separate from the takeovers that happen. They want you to notice it. In the next chapter I describe how these takeovers really happen. The bloodshot eyes are purely to create fear, and have nothing to do with the thing that took place. They simply mirror what fear is in the collective consciousness as a result of Marshall’s info. So probably these entities have control over how their bodies are displayed, like the demons of Christianity and the Djinns of Islam.

Furthermore, watch this clip in which Hillary Clinton asks if they can’t just drone Julian Assange? The clip makes it sound like it is about a drone strike, but that is absolutely not what Hillary Clinton meant. She meant whether his consciousness can’t be taken over (droned) so that he is completely controlled. Which has probably happened a long time ago! Remember that in real life the takeovers happen without a physical trigger and that Donald Marshall’s info about droning is mainly meant to scare. So droning through “Vril aliens” doesn’t actually exist. The takeovers happen directly from the astral world, and I suspect it happens during your sleep, so you won’t feel a thing.

But what’s true, is that more and more people are being taken over, and it really seems to be a big invasion that’s happening, but with the goal of treating people. It is very important that people reading this share the information, but realize that you will then become a target of these powers yourself and you will have to find a way to prevail during the attacks. You can do this by working through your feelings. See it as a challenge, because these powers also have a good side, and just want to get you to stand up for yourself, and for the information you have inside you. If you think you can handle this, then take not me but the Christ figure as your example, and start sharing the information and fight yourself free in sharing the truth! Those who do so will be protected immediately. If you do nothing, it will most likely be the end of the story for you very soon.

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