In this chapter, I'm going to describe how taken over people can be recognized.

How to notice taken over people?

There are many ways by which you can recognize taken over people. In part, they also apply to ordinary people, so don’t go around accusing people. The idea is to approach every person you meet with love. These Antichrist entities want to teach you this too, and there is nothing wrong with that. If you want to become a balanced human being, you will also have to be able to face what you may consider to be evil opposition with love. They are evil to show you how not to act, so that you can decide to do it differently, by following your inner impulse.

What I’ve seen is that taken over people lack compassion. They play that they have compassion for people, but actually they get a kick out of the terrible things that happen to people, because they know that when people die, they are just taken care of in a safe place on “the other side”. So they will review many events from the news, that there are hundreds of deaths somewhere, for example, and that they think that’s terrible, but actually they look on approvingly. At funerals, they play that they are grieving. They drop long silences, and they can’t continue talking because of grief, but actually it’s all staged and in this way, their theatrical aggression finds expression.

They also have a passive attitude in correcting people. They let everything happen, not giving a kick in the process. This comes across as very heartless. Let the world go to perdition. This is how it comes across. They also will not reflect about their own behavior, but always zoom in at your reaction to their behavior. That is what they want to talk about, not their own behavior.

They can really take over anyone. From the disabled, to children, to the elderly. From sweet people to absolute monsters. They can take over anyone, and therefore they know all the memories of these persons. So they find out a lot about the family and friends of this particular person. So you can’t tell purely by their appearance, but you can tell by their changed energy. They often have an immature energy, which is obsessive, toxic, and immediately triggers fear in you. They may choose to totally immerse themselves in the personality of the taken over person. Then you will hardly notice that they have been taken over, but sometimes they cannot sustain this, and then they move into their Antichrist consciousness, and then it feels like a gangster is visiting you. Then they clearly try to overpower you with their energy. Do not let such people near you in that state, for they can take a lot from you. So pay close attention to another person’s energy, and also keep an eye on your own energy. Set boundaries, and choose who you deal with in that way.

Another way you can recognize taken over people is the fact that at the moment they are taken over, they show a sudden personality change, which cannot be explained by intensive therapy, for example. If someone’s personality change does not match, with the direction that was initiated in therapy, then it is often the case that someone has been taken over. You then often see them change their appearance: they put on glasses, for example, or they grow their beard, so that the energetic change is less noticeable to you. The content they create will then also change. They are going to delete videos they made before, or they suddenly create a flashy leader, so the production value of the video goes up (all about appearance). And in the content, they draw attention to themselves. For example, women will often go through their hair with their hands (Look at me, feeling all attractive). They are the star, and you believe it! While they have put aside their morality. The more fake someone comes across and the more subscribers the channel in question has, the more likely they have been taken over, because all major channels are taken over unless they start actively posting about these entities, as I do. They usually also suddenly involve all the family members in the videos, who are just as well taken over, and all participate in the big play.

In their content they talk an awful lot, but they will not draw conclusions or say what they have discovered. Often there is a double layer in what they say, they often hide a mocking tone. They have a sense of superiority and see you as the idiot playing as if he is very wise, and themselves as the wise ones playing the idiot. They have no creative ability, but imitate successful people without feeling. They can have a scary charged (gangster) energy, and an energy that does not match the stories they tell about themselves. Because of the incredible aggression on the surface with them, they are practically slaves without any identity. Therefore, they can also take the place of any person they encounter. They do exactly what they most likely get through via voices in their heads (they call this the voices of their ancestors), and if one is threatened, the others rush in like insects to help their brother or sister, because this is how they see their own kind. This brotherly state is something humanity has yet to learn.

Another thing to do with the aggression they have on the surface is their incredibly wide smile, and very bright eyes. As soon as people are taken over, they lose all their insecurity, but remember that it is another person in the same body. They like to surround themselves with beautiful people. Everything is focused on appearance. If the intention is for you to know that they have been taken over, which is often the beginning of them taking over your environment, they show you that clearly, through dragon references, or alien references, or werewolf/vampire references, or bloodshot-eye references, as I also saw a picture on Facebook once. See Target of the Antichrist.

If they actively treat you, they will create a lot of drama, to draw you out, so they can then reject you. They want nothing more than to compress your energy. This is also a step that people need in their development, because none of us are perfect in this world yet. They are constantly testing you, and that is sometimes to see where you fail, but sometimes to make you conscious of what you are good at. So they also have a good side. And can also be very supportive. Once you can tolerate compression of your mind, then they strike to teach you how to deal with destructive compression. As soon as you listen to that, they move on to supportive treatment, because the idea is that you break contact with them, and stand on your own two feet.

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Section 1: 1984-2017

Section 1


A brief overview of my childhood, how my treatment for severe anxiety and identity issues went all wrong, and how I deal with the disastrous consequences.

Section 2: 2018-2023

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How I discover information about entities taking over bodies and how these entities eventually open the attack on me and those around me.

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