In this chapter, I describe how I become a target of the Antichrist: how this Antichrist starts to take over people around me.

Target of the Antichrist 2018-2020

When my therapists started treating my personality disorder and I was told in my conversations with my psychiatrist in the meantime that I no longer had a psychotic vulnerability, but an anxiety disorder (and thus still that personality disorder), I felt empowered to start expressing my seemingly psychotic thoughts anyway. Because if I was no longer psychotic, then it could very well be reality. I did speak it out for the first time to my mental health case manager sometime in 2018. I had totally ignored my dream about that grey alien, which forbade me from talking about it, and took a brave first step in sharing this information with those around me.

Almost immediately after that, a first trigger followed from someone I knew from the mental health clinic, but whom I hadn’t seen in a long time. She had been posting very fanatically and very unsympathetically about veganism for several weeks. But suddenly she posted an Image of herself looking like a reptilian alien. She later said it had been a projector. But it clearly hinted in my mind to the information of David Icke and Donald Marshall.

Why did she post this when I just shared it with my case manager for the first time? I panicked considerably, thinking I was going crazy. I responded to this image, and this lady posted a little text with it, saying, that the masses are psychotic, and the psychotic loner actually sees reality. At least, that’s what it came down to. I asked if she had been taken over? And she denied, but I knew damn well what had happened. Yet I still had a great deal of doubt about it, and dared neither stand up for myself nor sound the alarm.

About a year later a second victim followed: someone from the mental health center, whom I hadn’t spoken to in a while, who recently started calling again. She had lost a lot of weight due to a diet, she told me. I didn’t feel much need for contact myself, and she was also always rather clingy and claiming on the phone lately, which I couldn’t appreciate. So I always reluctantly answered the phone. But at one point she also posted specific things that frightened me (keeping David Icke’s and Donald Marshall’s information in mind), such as a dinosaur beak, and other confrontational posts, which applied to me. And the worst part: she posted very vulnerable memories of ‘herself’, which she absolutely would never have done, if she were still herself. And then I concluded, they had also taken over her…

This set off a whole series of triggers, in different people, and then I couldn’t help but conclude that these were targeted triggers to treat me, as a kind of exposure therapy for my fears. To dismiss everything as coincidence is impossible. No, the mental health system had not instructed patients to treat me secretly. It was much worse. They had taken over these people so that they were under the control of the mental health facility, but the loyalty of these taken over people was not to the mental health facility, but to a much higher power. The mental health facility at this time, like most institutions / companies / governments in this world, was Satanically oriented. That means that they are focused on giving compressive treatment. That is, aimed at controlling aggression, making you feel your anger in your body. But just let that be a very painful treatment for my issues, because I was never allowed to be angry before, and then you need your aggression badly.

All the women who had purposefully rejected me, first in the nasty way to trigger my anger, and then in the sweet way, to trigger my grief, had fulfilled a Satanic role. Only when they deliberately disclosed that these people had been taken over, with the open display of the first victim as an alien on Facebook, did they move to the Antichrist role, which unlike the Satanic role does not simply provide compression of the spirit, but rather a destructive compression of the spirit, for which you have to be a lot stronger to cope. I had already experienced this Antichrist energy as a young child, in the form of my father’s destructive attacks on me, at a time when I was not at all ready for it and had not yet been sufficiently strengthened by Satanic energy, which is supposed to be a very dominant energy in upbringing and is about compressive criticism, with which you can strengthen someone considerably.

At one point, after my fellow clients and colleagues, my next-door neighbors were also taken over, not just the mental health people. I knew this because of a big lie told by one neighbor. We never had that much contact, but for months she was regularly at my door. And I often couldn’t get rid of her, because I didn’t dare to express my boundaries. But I only really realized it with this neighbor, when she called me, and told me that the other neighbor had disappeared. That the barn door was open, and that she had found the keys of this neighbor on the lid of the garbage can. Fifteen minutes later she called that she had found the neighbor, and that they were downstairs with another neighbor now. I ran right over, but no one was home…. So it was a huge lie. And then I knew for sure that they had taken her over too. A day or so later I confronted her angrily at the door. She threatened me to come in, and then be just as angry: we would “talk about it”, but I refused, and controlled myself. And went back home. If you don’t control your anger with these entities, they will immediately take you over. So it’s very important in that regard to know your place and not get overconfident….

This neighbor also suddenly got very clingy with another neighbor below me, when they had never done that. Normally that can happen, of course. But again, it was clear to me that they had also taken over this other neighbor. Once, when I walked by and they said, “Come sit with us. Would you like a drink?” I didn’t really feel at ease. Especially not when that neighbor said that the ophthalmologist had discovered that she had a bloodshot eye, again indirectly referencing Donald Marshall’s information about vril aliens drilling you in the eye. When in the process I also found this Image in a post on the Facebook profile of one of those taken over girls that had rejected me, I got all nervous…

The neighbor had also taken on a different energy: claiming, and aggressive, and she acted in a very exaggerated friendly and mocking manner. The same as what the “second victim” did to me on the phone. I recognize that kind of fake love among thousands.

The attack on me and those around me had now really started, and I was becoming more and more certain that it was the truth I thought. And I knew I had to do something! I would open the attack on anyone who threatened me or those around me. I made a first version of my website, as soon as possible, and posted my first article there and I hoped it would stop these Antichrist powers. Because I really didn’t want them to take over my closest friends and family….

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Section 1: 1984-2017

Section 1


A brief overview of my childhood, how my treatment for severe anxiety and identity issues went all wrong, and how I deal with the disastrous consequences.

Section 2: 2018-2023

Section 2


How I discover information about entities taking over bodies and how these entities eventually open the attack on me and those around me.

Section 3: various topics

Section 3

various topics

An explanation for my experiences in therapy, multiple other things I have discovered in my quest for truth, and my opinion on additional matters.




These are some of the articles I have written over time. Some are offline now, but have reappeared in the three sections of my story, displayed in the Introduction.