In this chapter, I describe how my surroundings and I are getting devoured more and more and how my world is getting smaller and smaller.

Being devoured further and further 2020

Shortly after my 36th birthday, I put a preliminary version of my website online, with just one article (currently offline), explaining what my search for truth had yielded and that I was being targeted by these taken over people, whom I then called aliens or Dragons, after all that’s what they call themselves. I got a very nice response to that from my ex-girlfriend Eline, who told me after a couple of emails back and forth that she had found a little dragon object near her scooter, quite by accident. Then I knew that she too had fallen victim to these Dragons, because all those hints they were firing at me could not be coincidental. It was just too much for that.

When my part-time therapy had ended so badly, I had expressed to my parents how devastated I was by my father’s aggressive and disapproving reactions to my anger in the past, and how as a too young of a child I was not at all up to the task of handling that. Since then, they were never disapproving of me anymore, and we always kept talking. And they tried very hard to maintain that. Even my sister was extensively informed about this.

I had hoped to protect my loved ones from the attacks of these Antichrist entities, but when my site was online for a few months, and we were just a few months into the Covid times, I had a fight with my sister, at my parents’ house. She was bullying me with Covid rules, and I jumped out of my skin, because she only did that to me. What happened then, I won’t forget my life. I got a disapproving reaction from both my sister, and my mother, and my father. They wanted to throw me out. I was horrified, because this was not how my family normally behaved toward me. No, on the contrary, they often did their best for me without limits. But this was completely different. I remember driving home stunned. They took them over too, I thought! I was sure! All three of them! And this, unfortunately, is the truth. At home I panicked, and I called my mother, who responded very fake, but stayed on the call with me for a long time until I calmed down. It was great misery. I hadn’t even been able to protect my parents and sister! It slowly dawned on me. The first victim I experienced, who is in the picture with the projector, had probably been taken over for some time, even when I had contact with her. Because by then she was already fooling me in many ways. But with the second victim they made clear to me after a year, I hadn’t intervened either, and that was probably what was disastrous for the people around me. Because that was being interpreted by these Antichrist powers as a green light to take over everyone around me. For I had discovered that these entities only do such things when you seem to allow it. If I had immediately made a site and made a movement outwards publicly, in short, if I had sounded the alarm bells earlier that this is happening, they would never have done as much as they did now. It was terrible to realize, but it was my own mistake. Even though I currently didn’t accept the deeds of these Antichrists, I still wasn’t able to save anyone around me because I intervened too late.

Now I understood why in previous months, driving home from my parents’ house, I felt so empty, and so longing for real attention. It was their energy that had changed. The reassuring energy they normally had was gone, and I felt that every time I drove away from them, very different from before. When they showed their true faces, the puzzle pieces suddenly fell into place.

That same week they sent messages in the family group app, which further made me panic. In one message, my mother said that they had lit candles and that “the first candle unfortunately went out, but the second one was determined to burn all the way up!” by which they were referring to the lives of my family and friends that they had ended, and that they were going to fill the rest of the time. Also, my father made jokes like “I can’t get enough oxygen!” with which they mirrored my shortness of breath and also indirectly threatened me. I was furious and very scared at the time, but knew that if I remained furious, they would end my life, so I chose to continue constructively with my website, putting everything that bothered me on it.

When I controlled my anger and chose a constructive way of expressing myself, all the taken over people around me, immediately started being nice. They started to support me, sometimes even protect me, and never gave negative comments when I posted something negative about them again. My original family wouldn’t have been able to handle it at all if they had read what I was posting about them, but now that they had been taken over, they just completely ignored it and just let me go about my business, which is wonderful. I discovered that they actually want you to share information about them with humanity. This is the purpose of targeting people. So don’t believe all those stories that say they will kill you if you share anything about them. Precisely if you intervene in time, you can protect yourself and those around you. This is emulating the behavior of the Christ, but they never tell you about that directly in Church. It’s about facing the Dragon, looking him in the eyes, and risking your life to get the info out. “For whoever wants to preserve his life will lose it. But whoever loses his life because of Me and for God’s plan will preserve it.” (Mark 8:35), I read in a church booklet at a funeral and I would take note of it firmly.

What became increasingly sad was that I could not visit my grandmother, who was in a nursing home, during the time of Covid. So my contact with her had become a lot less. But once in a while she could go outside, and then I always went for a walk with her. But at one point, when I hadn’t seen her for a while, I was shocked, because her whole facial expression had changed. It was much harder. It was the facial expression of … a Dragon. They had also taken over Grandma, no doubt, and that at 104. She had also lost a tooth, so I had several theories about how she had lost this tooth. I thought it had to do with the way they take over people, but I can say now, that was probably incorrect. 7 months after she was taken over, she died (see my article Eye deceased grandma damaged), which was completely planned by these entities, who have detailed control over when they leave the body. I had also seen this with a project supervisor of which puzzle pieces fell into place afterwards that she too had been taken over. This project supervisor also died. A heart attack, supposedly, while she had nothing wrong with her heart. It is just obvious that doctors are just guessing what the cause of death is, and that they never consider in their guess, that the person was taken over, and left the body because of literal orders from above. In this regard, I am giving a glimpse of the unseen forces in the world, who by taking over people, infiltrate the world, in order to direct the development of humanity, and strategically treat certain people.

At my grandmother’s funeral, after long hesitation, I addressed everyone and explained that my family and grandmother had been taken over. (See my article Carried by deceased ones). There was complete silence. Everyone must have thought I was nuts, but I have absolutely no doubt about it. Unfortunately, I found out, that probably many people I told it to then, were unfortunately taken over afterwards, which of course had to do with my inaction at the beginning of the attacks. With one person I noticed it by the fact of her losing so much weight, just like the second victim, for example. Because as soon as another spirit enters the body, the whole metabolism changes. This is also the reason why many famous people suddenly go through transformations, and suddenly lose 50 pounds. Look at examples like Adèle and Rebel Wilson. What they don’t tell you is that they have been taken over, and the original soul that was in the body has unfortunately been replaced by a controlled soul listening to the orders of the Antichrist group.

So it was clear that I could not protect people around me, and that my fear of destroying people, and the disapproval of my aggression that I carried with me (which was created by the unfortunate combo of my childhood and the two therapies I had), was going to play out in the outside world. So I was projecting it outward without consciously wanting it. It is so important that a person not suppress his aggression, but control it, because that which you suppress, you project outward, and then you make yourself a target of the very thing you are suppressing. Only later can you then learn to deal with oppression, but that is only when you are much older than the unfortunate young age at which I learned it through my father’s dangerous behavior.

I was completely shell-shocked when I saw that my family had also been targeted. My self-confidence was zero comma zero. At the time, I had already posted a YouTube video of my first few articles, where I read the articles aloud, but I decided to do things differently, and buy a good microphone, where I read the articles aloud, without showing my face. A burden fell off me then, because I am quite over-conscious of myself and not relaxed on camera. I later re-recorded the first few articles. But on a few articles later, the ones I recorded first, you can still hear how much I had crawled into my shell. You hear a very gentle and vulnerable boy who is very afraid to speak up, but does it anyway. And I don’t like to listen back to those articles because it’s very confronting. Later, fortunately, that becomes less and less. The more confidence I gained, through the supportive treatment of all the taken over people around me, that my anger was allowed to exist, the more I was able to cope with the death of my loved ones. And that created a lot of anger and grief, all of which can be followed in my articles.

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Section 1: 1984-2017

Section 1


A brief overview of my childhood, how my treatment for severe anxiety and identity issues went all wrong, and how I deal with the disastrous consequences.

Section 2: 2018-2023

Section 2


How I discover information about entities taking over bodies and how these entities eventually open the attack on me and those around me.

Section 3: various topics

Section 3

various topics

An explanation for my experiences in therapy, multiple other things I have discovered in my quest for truth, and my opinion on additional matters.




These are some of the articles I have written over time. Some are offline now, but have reappeared in the three sections of my story, displayed in the Introduction.