In this chapter, I will criticize the ‘love-is-love’-mentality.


I once saw an episode of a TV show where a good-looking man and a good-looking woman were living together for a few days in a house. The level of romance was very high with them. They were everything they expect from a relationship to each other, they said, and this within a few days of being together. After the shoot, however, they broke up almost immediately. Infatuation is really irrational. And this kind of ‘love’ is so fake! It’s about asking each other’s opinion of each other constantly and it’s one big romantic soupy mess based on nothing. First some candles! Then some flowers! Some compliments here and there! And then comforting her! In the end, you have sex once, it’s disappointing, and that’s it. Off you go, looking for the next victim! This has nothing to do with love. It has to do with moral decay. It is because you are still in old patterns and you can’t accept possible rejection. If you really care for each other, then you help someone to leave these patterns behind, so you can start serving a higher purpose. Real love is about putting your money where your mouth is, even when things are disappointing. And when an experience is disappointing, doing everything possible to make it (and each other) better as far as possible. But many people are also full of unmet needs, and use the other person to cross off their list of needs. In the end, they have everything they want, and even then they feel empty…

The ‘controversial’ Hungarian Law (use to translate) which our former prime-minister Rutte got so incredibly teary-eyed about, is nothing more than a law that protects children from pedophiles and prevents the encouragement of homosexuality or the encouragement of gender identities other than those corresponding to birth sex. Rutte feigns grief for this law, because he wants nothing more than to make abnormality the norm, under the guise of ‘love’. It doesn’t help almost all media outlets parroted each other it to have been an anti-gay law, because it was not. Prime Minister of Hungary Orbán had in his past fought for the rights of homosexuals. He only wanted to prevent homosexuality and all those other excesses (including pedosexuality) to be made the norm, and I would tend to agree with this. But for the Great Plan for the development of humankind to succeed, it’s important that both the moral (Lucifer) and the immoral powers (Satan) take up space, so they can finally dealt with for good through the mutual conflict. I also tend to agree with the Russian law banning gender reassignment surgery (news report of June 14, 2023). That way, morality in the people can also be preserved, but again, the bigger picture is, that we need to give our immoral opposition space to make mistakes. This is how people can learn. Forcing people to agree with these laws, seems moral, but in the end isn’t actually moral, because you ask people to be different than they actually are, and too big steps at once in the direction of the moral order in this, can be fatal for many, although I’m fully behind this moral order. Some would say, these Satanic polarized people deserve it, but I don’t agree with that. We should always embrace both sides with love. The Russian people will be able to accept this Russian law much better than for instance the American People, who are in a chronic state of derootment, which is a property of Satanic consciousness. The Russians have a more Luciferic consciousness. And both should get space to be and to be criticized. For the truth is, as usual, in the middle path, the path of Christ.

We often see LGBT-people forcing others to approve of their identity, which is absolutely weak and has already done far too much damage in society. As I said earlier, if you as a man have experienced disapproval of your masculine feelings of aggression in your youth and direct your feelings towards men, then in later life you often compulsively want approval for these homosexual feelings. So here lies a serious task for parents. Rejection of your feelings is something you should only have to deal with when you already have a solid foundation. Not as a small child. So be warned!

I know several couples with children in my circle of friends and aquaintances. One couple has told their daughter that she can also marry a girl later. The child now wants to marry a girl. I know another couple. They make their little boy walk in heels and put tights and pink pants on him. And his little sister looks like a tomboy. And I know another couple, who don’t care if their son says he wants to marry a boy. It’s an epidemic! That’s how bad it is! People get off on turning that around in their children. Making their boys feminine and their girls masculine. Children are also being groomed to follow their own little will. And none of those parents correct their child, because it’s all supposed to be normal nowadays. Love is love. But I absolutely do not agree with this. Love is not love. Love is only love when it fits into the Plan of God. And that is all about Truth. And not teaching this truth to your child and letting them go their way in following their own little will, will be disastrous for humanity. People have duties and a responsibility to each other. Unfortunately, nowadays people pump boundless love into their children in which morality fades, and they forget the other side. The side of presenting reality to your child. The side of administering order! I see it happening all the time, when parents give choices to their too young of a child. “Do you want this or that? Or maybe this then? Or rather that?” No, YOU decide what to give your child. You must first set an example and let him follow what you want, before he will develop a responsible mind of his own. The same goes for marriage and sexuality. First you introduce your child to your norm (so you need to have norms!) and if your child deviates from that in later life, then that is his responsibility and he does not need your approval for that. Finito!
Watch this video and see how much trouble people have telling each other the truth. They go along with the collective psychosis of feelings over facts. It is unbelievable how people are indoctrinated with this kind of nonsense. It is the loving thing to do to tell people the truth. We shouldn’t accept each other vices. There should always be an impulse to develop and grow, to in the end align yourself with the moral order that’s present here on Earth, behind the scenes.

I do realize that I am not going to win the popularity prize by writing this, because it is ‘not done’ to criticize this these days. It is one of the many opinions that everyone around you seems to have adopted out of sheer identity weakness. Never having thought about it, they have automatically succumbed to the massive pressure and propaganda that has been poured out on humanity, especially here in the West. The advantage of which is, that all people in that way know there are other sexualities. And perhaps that decreases the violence towards gays, or at least I hope it does. I already described in the chapter Sexual identity that perhaps it should first be rammed down the throats of all of us, so that it is accepted in totality and the violence stops, and then we learn, you can also be critical of certain behaviors of homosexuals or transgenders, in a loving way, and that indeed you can have an influence on its emergence in children, and then also gain control over it. If someone is an adult, of course he makes his own decision about that.

With some gays, their gayness is all they bring to the table, and a certain segment of gays want everyone to be gay so they have more sex or life partners to choose from. They also identify with being gay, rather than just seeing it as an experience, of a much larger and more comprehensive consciousness. Moreover, they want to get married, and have children, and this is summed up under the guise of ‘rights’. The ‘rights’ of homosexuals. Perhaps you should realize as a homosexual that some things are not for you if you choose the same sex. It can’t get any crazier these days: For example, a woman choosing a woman to have a relationship with, then they need a sperm donor for a baby, many times a complete stranger. Then one woman prefers to have a man’s body, but he carries the baby after the transition. It is a baby boy. The little boy grows up with a woman with a “man’s body” as the father and the other woman as the mother. The woman with the ‘male body’ asks the little boy if he wants to be a girl, because he’d rather play with dolls. The little boy gets puberty blockers just before puberty, and keeps a high-pitched voice and then chooses to get a ‘woman’s body,’ but he does fancy girls, because he didn’t have a mother who played the male role very well. And meanwhile, the people watching must think it’s all well! Don’t you dare criticize it! Should I go on to where this will lead within a few generations? It’s maddening! People who want to do this kind of thing and even start encouraging it need to take a good look at what they are doing. And I don’t give a thing about people’s thoughts on my opinion. It is the height of selfishness, to claim all kinds of rights, which are not compatible with the natural survival of man. Fortunately, there are also children who grew up in a family with two fathers or two mothers, who do not choose the path of their parents and recognize that this is not the way to go.

There are many other limitations that nature imposes on us. And we humans try to outwit nature every time, but it is not without karmic consequences! Nature always finds a way to thwart people in their selfish will so that they eventually harmonize with God’s Will. Perhaps I should comfort myself with the fact that we will all learn our lessons spiritually, and that is what matters. The current form of humanity is probably not forever anyway. Spiritually, however, we will continue to evolve, and we will take on many more forms, to live through this developmental path!

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