In this article I describe the cryptic message left by Helma Broekman of the YouTube channel ‘Lightchild - Lightchild’ in her latest video about the Antichrist Dragons taking over people.

A cryptic message from Helma Broekman

This article talks about a Dutch YouTuber who was taken over by a Dragon entity. Her video’s are mostly in Dutch, so you will not be able to follow everything I’m talking about. But I still advise you to read it. I will describe what she talks about in the video I’m highlighting.

After being very likely taken over a few weeks ago (see my article It will be over, when you feel the pain), Helma Broekman of the YouTube channel Lightchild - Lightchild now cryptically opens up about how the takeovers of the Antichrist Dragons on people who harbor Christ-energy are taking place in her latest video. She describes it in a somewhat strange way. “the signs being in the sky,” (literally) which she then goes on to describe in detail. She also desribes hat there are a lot of distractions going on right now (like the Voice of Holland scandal (sexual harassment from TV personalities)), and that besides that “people are tickling themselves with a lot of spiritual YouTube clips,” but they are not aware of the danger present in the air. What I think Helma is also pointing out is that it seems now, that the whole Covid scam is coming out, and the house of cards seems to be collapsing, but appearances are deceiving, and we must therefore remain vigilant. For this we must turn inward, as she describes, and follow the path of the inner Christ. And turning inward is a good thing, we all have to learn that, by doing so we get to know ourselves, but the Antichrist dragons that take over people will not leave you alone, if you only turn inward. No! On the contrary, you must while turning inward make a movement outward by showing yourself and producing material in which you confront all the immoral in the world. So it should not only be about turning inward. So keep this in mind!

In her video at about 9m55s Helma describes the signs in the sky, it beginning with the Beast, a flying Dragon, having a bright star in the place of its eye. Resembling a Phoenix, watching over the planet and knowing what is going to happen to humanity. Everyone who does not turn inward, according to Helma, will be conquered by this Dragon. Then the Dragon turned into a Serpent, which stripped off its skin and wriggles everywhere in between. This Serpent represents all false truths and creeps up on all awake people to influence them. Then the Serpent changed into a Claw, which is a kind of grasping arm above the Earth and above the consciousness of man. The Claw controls everything, and people can get caught in it. It’s about you being in the claw of the Beast, without even realizing it. Taking over is the next step! The Claw then turns into a Scorpion, which is a very intelligent creature, but it can sting you and release its poison without you noticing (!). This is what all the ancient prophecies warn about! You are then completely under the influence of the Demiurgic energy. Finally, the Scorpion turns into a Black Horse, which is equivalent to Death.

Of course, what Helma describes here rather cryptically is the same as the things I describe in all my articles, that there are Antichrist entities taking over awake people. In my article Adventures with Estella and Sounding the alarm again #2, I of course mentioned the scorpion bite/sting, following someone’s post on my Facebook. And in the rest of my articles, I have speculated about the many possible ways this takeover could happen. I don’t have a definitive answer on this, and probably won’t get one. Though it always seems that they show their true appearance to you through a shapeshift, and they then poison you with some sort of sting, until death occurs. Donald Marshall describes a possible way that looks a lot like this. Read the part about the Vril aliens. He evidently takes it literally, but I have a suspicion that this is not the truth, but purely to scare the crap out of people. Cause Helma Broekman indicates that you can get the poison sting of the scorpion without even realizing it, so this is remarkable to say the least.

It is clear that these takeovers are going to happen on an even larger scale, and that all people who wake up will have to deal with it. So be warned. Helma also describes how important it is that the information you take in is based on what you have actually experienced during the process of you turning inward. So it’s not about parotting people, but about real experiences, that’s what I think she means, and I agree. When I look at myself, there are some things I’m very sure of, and those are the things that can be traced back to my experiences in therapy and the discoveries I’ve made during my search for truth. Everything else, what surrounds it, is noise, and I have had to let go, because I am not sure about it. And this is also exactly the effect that these Antichrist entities have on you. So that what’s left after all the letting go, i.e. your core, is completely independent, and you hath not where to lay your head, but completely trust the inner knowing, which is the inner Christ.

Helma describes that you must control your reactions outwardly, for “for any reaction outwardly, there is none inwardly,” and she is right to a certain extent that you must learn to endure the destructive compression that the Antichrist entities fire at you. Only when you can tolerate it, and hear it, can you respond to it and these Antichrist entities will listen to you in return. But most people can’t tolerate this destructive energy yet, so Helma is right to warn people not to be tempted to get aggressive toward these entities. Because they can then take you over. For example, I almost got taken over at one point when I confronted my neighbor, who had lied to me quite a bit. She challenged me, when I confronted her, and invited me in this challenging tone to come into her house, to “talk about it.” I’m glad I didn’t do this then, because my energy was not loving enough towards her, to survive this. So it’s very important that people keep this in mind. If you feel, that you are threatened by taken over people, or you find out one way or another, because of focused revelations of this to you, or dragon symbolism or dragon references, keep your emotions under control, don’t be afraid, (be wise as serpents, and harmless as doves (Matthew 10:16)), but let these entities act on your soul. This may cause a lot of grief, but the more you turn inward, the safer you will be. Feel how these energies affect you. Also feel your anger, and come up with a constructive way to express it. The biggest tip I can give you is to immediately create a website or notify those around you. Have the courage to let everyone know. And don’t be ashamed of your words. In the Bible book Mark (8:38) we find the following statement:

“Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my words, in this adulterous and sinful generation, of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he cometh in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.”

Use this to correct yourself if you feel shame, and regardless, share what you have on your mind with those who will listen to it.

Furthermore, these Antichrist entities will thus force you to confront them using works, such as articles or videos. They do this by taking over people around you. If you do not intervene, they will in the end arrive at you no matter what. You cannot hide because they can map out exactly where people are who know about them. So you are forced to express the information by creating works. And don’t forget to, at the same time, turn inward, while you let their reactions affect you. By taking over people around you, they can get closer to you, and exert more influence over you. Whether you allow this to corrupt you, or whether it only makes you stronger, is up to you. But you should share the information right away, and keep sharing it, to prevent the deaths of your friends and family.

Helma indicates that it will be some time (possibly a few years) before we get to the end. I advise everyone who wants to hear it to keep sharing information about these things. And remember again: you can turn too far inward so that you really implode destructively and aim the agression towards yourself. This does not help anyone and is even dangerous. So you should not start doubting yourself when you are dealing with these entities, but try to keep feeling the impulse to keep expressing yourself. So that is while you are turning inward, keep sharing the information and inform humanity! So that’s resisting the Claw that these entities put over your consciousness, but do so in a constructive way!**

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