Jordan Peterson cries fat crocodile tears in almost every interview. In this article, I talk about his behavior, crying in general, and him meeting Elon Musk.

The tears of Jordan Peterson

As you have possibly read in the chapter Examples of people who are taken over from Section 3 of my story, Jordan Peterson has been taken over by the Antichrist powers for a number of years, who are opening the attack on anyone who speaks too much truth, famous or not, and on anyone who becomes too famous, even if they do not speak truth. Jordan Peterson falls into the category of people who speak too much truth, AND became too famous. And that is why the Antichrist powers have targeted him. This starts out tentatively, but when these Antichrist powers not get the desired response, i.e., when they are not noticed by the person in question or this person does not take measures to protect himself and the environment by producing works that expose the actions of these entities, then these entities will first take over everyone around you, and then they will take over you as well, so that no one can raise the alarm when you finally get taken over and start exhibiting strange behavior.

I noticed that Jordan Peterson bursts into tears in almost every conversation he has since being taken over, and so I wondered if there might be people who had posted crying compilations of him on YouTube, and yes there are. Here’s one. Of course, we don’t always have to be so gloomy, and a good laugh can put things back into perspective wonderfully.

The taken over Jordan Peterson definitely makes a caricature of the Christ-figure, who takes the weight of the world on his shoulders, and takes responsibility for everything that happens in the world. His incontinence of tears is clearly a sign that the Antichrist entity that is in him has his aggression very much on the surface, unlike the real original Jordan Peterson, which gives him a very theatrical twist. I’ve come across that many times. It seems to be typical of these entities when they try to manipulate the perception you have of them. Moreover, crying is not meant to show that you mind something, thereby creating an image of yourself that you are a person who is quickly affected by all the bad things that happen in the world, which many people confuse with goodness, which you then conveniently take advantage of. No, crying is meant to process things, to cleanse, and to let things go. You should not avoid it but live through it completely, so that you can be free of it at a later time. Very important! Some people do this in front of others, others keep it more private. Some people push it away, so it keeps coming back as soon as other people trigger you with bad things. If you mind some things happening in the world or if you think something is bad, especially in an interview, you say, “I think that’s really bad!” And show through your compassionate attitude that what you say is true, not to manipulate the other person’s opinion, but because you really feel it! This type of emotion is completely inappropriate in the interview, and should be worked through at home, possibly with the help of your loved ones, so that you can be free of it, at important moments, such as in an interview. Unless it is a publicly broadcast therapy session, then anything goes.

It irritates me that there are people who fall for this kind of drama and see Peterson as an example of the Good Father who cares about the world, because in this taken over state he is absolutely not. But fortunately there are also many people who do not fall for it, and address the falseness of his emotions in the comments under the videos. If you want to see the real Peterson at work, you should watch his old lectures to students.

In this interview, we see Jordan Peterson talking about his meeting with Mr. Satan: Elon Musk, who is also seen as a hero by many people. People like Elon Musk, however, all want to drag the world into a transhumanist dystopia with ourselves as bionic robots connected to the Internet, which they want to grow into a conscious creature that will lecture to you and tyrannically control you. There are plenty of films that warn against this sort of mischief. And why do these guys always want to develop mankind with this materialistic fake stuff? Bionic eyes. Chips in the brain. Robot limbs. Why not try to uncover the secrets of this world and discover how to make real biological limbs grow back? (A wonderful book for this is The Body Electric by Robert O. Becker, M.D., and Gary Selden, who show that humans have a bioelectric body, and that by means of electric currents, the real healing processes can be set in motion in some animals, but perhaps also in humans. If nature can make bodies grow after fertilization in a woman. Then we must be able to figure out how to initiate that growth process ourselves, to use it for healing! That is real science, the synthesis of matter and spirit). I don’t understand the fascination of the Satanic powers with all those fake organs, bionic crap, and brain upload bullshit, things that are very much morally questionable. You can’t possibly know God and really fathom nature if you pretend there is no God and if you consign half of the world (the spiritual part) to the dustbin. It’s very stupid. But the youth think it’s fantastic! And get wet panties of the penis rockets Musk supposedly shoots into ‘space’, and the expensive cars that fly through ‘space’! More than the ‘space’ in Hollywood they hired to create all this footage for these kinds of shows it will most certainly not be. It is incomprehensible that people fall for all this fake footage.

It is also funny to see all these taken over entities applauding each other in these types of interviews. Once you belong to the elite of famous people (I mean: once you are taken over), then you see that the person in question is invited to every well-produced show and you see him participate in the whole play of keeping up the generally prevailing lies, for example that of the giant ball with curved water we call Earth, spinning through space. And you see these people then also ridiculing the truth. For example, at 4:03 in the above interview, Jordan Peterson jokes that Elon Musk is “probably an alien.” “Probably a reptilian.” I’m laughing my ass off! The interviewer doesn’t even respond to it. It’s certain, these people have all been taken over. I’m also sure about these taken-over people using the image of the reptilian alien to scare people. If there is any truth to this, I will talk about in a later article. The final word has certainly not been said about this.

If you know the things that I describe in my articles, you will see right through all these actors who are soiling the world. And sometimes you have to laugh out loud at how they act. Let’s all take a moment to cry along with Jordan Peterson’s tears over the state of the world. As long as he calls Elon Musk “an amazing person,” I’m sure these tears are really Reptilian crocodile tears. And we have absolutely no need to feel sorry for him.

If you feel real sadness about the state of the world, I totally understand! Then cry until you are no longer sad, and then feel your infinite power to do something about it! We don’t have to accept the world as it is. Besides, accepting everything is a pretty mind-numbing attitude. You make yourself disappear and let everything happen , because you think that the world is perfect as it is. It is not (yet). Who thinks that people can only learn through pain, is out of his mind. You can achieve the same with people in a painless way. However, humans are not yet so perfect that they can do that, but this is the ultimate goal of the Great Plan. Until then, pain will be necessary to lead people to that state. But I don’t participate in that. And you don’t have to participate in that either. We can all use our voices and tell the Truth to wake people up. If someone is in pain because of that, then they simply need to cry some more!

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