Lately Martin Vrijland has been producing very interesting articles. In this article I make some comments on his portrayal of the possible facts.

Some thoughts on Martin Vrijland's recent work

Martin Vrijland (a Dutch journalist and researcher) has produced very interesting info lately. I have supported him several times with a small financial contribution, spread over several months, because he is in my opinion one of the few Dutch people who is well informed about what is happening around us, and he takes everything to the next level.
Please read the following articles from his web site. After that I will discuss some points from the articles.

Your body is not compatible with the operating system after the great reset unless you are born androgynous or become transgender

The escape route from this misery (part 2)

Circular time (ouroboros) and the linear time illusion explained

How 2022 is going to be spectacular: 3 days of darkness, big change in the atmosphere and the vaccines becoming visible

In previous articles, Vrijland has already covered the work of YouTubers Godgevlamste and Vibes of Cosmos, important work that argues that the moon is a reflection of the Earth, which is not a spinning ball in space, but is either flat, or a crater on a larger sphere. I have also written about their work before, for example in the article Freethinkers about the Moon and in the article More information on the Moon.
Vibes of Cosmos considers the Moon an X-ray reflection projected from beneath the Earth. According to him, we therefore see the continents reflected in the Moon’s “seas”. And the stars are also a reflection of large craters in the oceans. Godgevlamste in turn has always viewed it a bit differently. He also states that the Moon is a reflection, but this time of a larger round Earth. We would then be in one of the domed craters on this round Great Earth, which you could see as a kind of cell in a larger body. The stars are then a second projection of different craters on this Great Earth and all of which are other domed worlds, so they aren’t suns, light years away. In his latest video “Crater Earth - timelayers” Godgevlamste indirectly mentions the theory of of Vibes of Cosmos. He states that on the Great Earth we have several layers of time, and with each Great Reset a new layer of time is added on top and a reflection within a reflection is created. A simulation within a simulation within a simulation and so on. So we experience these residual timelines simultaneously on the surface of the Great Earth. We then find ourselves a little further zoomed in on this surface after each reset, and we become a little smaller in size after each reset. This also explains some of the mountains that are discovered in the landscape on Earth, which are actually petrified giants. For that, watch this video from the YouTube channel Divergent. These are all remains from before previous resets.
Those who see the continents in the moon (like Vibes of Cosmos) are probably several resets behind, according to Godgevlamste. But in that sense, both theories can be merged.

Martin Vrijland adds that the resets Godgevlamste talks about are recurring cycles of the Destroyer, which is a failsafe mechanism of the original universe (which is probably a large body of cells, with each cell having its role) to call the cell we are in back to order. This cell was cast out of the original universe by Lucifer’s limitless ambitions to make man independent of God (who is equivalent to the original universe). Some see Lucifer as the hero who gave man freedom and independence. But Vrijland sees him as a prison guard, without creative ability, who wants to regain the power of creation by simulating self-fertilization by merging the split Satan and Lilith (the female half of Lucifer) operating systems, on which the domes in which we are run. So he makes it external and then it surely becomes an exciting story yes.

But Lucifer is not the boss in this simulation, as Vrijland seems to think. Lucifer listens to the Antichrist (the Destroyer), and so does Satan, like this, Image. The original universe was the paradisiacal zoo of Yahweh/Jehovah/Yaldabaoth, in which man always obeyed him, as in a prison. It is precisely through the act of Lucifer that man can experience freedom and be independent of Yahweh, and if they choose, become creation gods themselves. I have said it before: the goals of this Fall have been accomplished, and it is now a matter of taking the road back to Yahweh, and learning to acknowledge Him again. Yahweh is using Satan to make the disobedient Lucifer consciousness (which sets man free in his astral body) obedient again (which then also sets him free in his etheric body). Man will then become the 4th hierarchy in the Angelic Hierarchy, as the Spirits of Love and Freedom. The Antichrist (the Destroyer) is then ultimately the one who balances the Christ Consciousness (which embraces both Lucifer and Satan/Yahweh with love) and also frees man in his ego. Read my article Angels and Demons for more info on this.

Another criticism, is the following: Vrijland, in the article “Your body is not compatible with the operating system after the Great Reset…” seems to think that if you convert yourself to a transsexual, i.e., chop off limbs, you meet the requirements of the new sphere, which according to him is thus an amalgamation of the by Lucifer split female Lilith energy and the male Satan energy: the according to him androgynous and transsexual Christ-child, who externalizes and mixes his male and female energies. But what an incredible distortion of the truth this is! It is putting down something that is in fact esoteric in exoteric terms. It shows a lack of understanding of the Great Plan. I get the feeling that he doesn’t know himself, and doesn’t realize that his behavior of waking people up is precisely a trait of the Luciferic consciousness, but also of the middle ground that we call the Christ Consciousness, which balances the expansion of the Luciferic consciousness with the compression of the Satanic consciousness and can tolerate both sides within itself. Everyone on earth has to deal with these polarities, no one is beyond them, including Vrijland isn’t. This is not about externalizing male and female outer characteristics, i.e. a physical androgyny or transsexuality (or that you have to “convert” yourself, as Vrijland states), but about internalizing these male and female inner characteristics, i.e. more of a spiritual androgyny, which simply means that someone becomes a balanced human being! The 3 evil forces active on the Earth (Lucifer-Satan-Antichrist) relate to each other in such a way that that goal is facilitated as much as possible. And if they are administered in the right way in people, they ensure that you achieve perfect love, and perfect freedom! So not a prison as Vrijland seems to think.

Yes, I complain in my writings about being in a prison myself, but that is because I received the Antichrist energy too early in my life, even before I had enough reserves to endure it. Later, through a traumatic therapy, this was further reinforced. This does not mean that all people who show Christ energy are in a mental prison, they aren’t! On the contrary, the art is to work through, feel and then learn to control the Luciferic love and Satanic anger, without destroying the experience of these feelings. Destroying them comes later, on top of the basis in which you give these feelings space. Then you walk the correct path, and you will not experience a prison.

Vrijland constantly presents himself as the only one who is out of the Matrix in terms of consciousness and who resists if possible everyone in the regular and alternative media. He constantly accuses others of being “safety nets” (who capture people’s attention and then deceive them) and Judas goats, but I wonder how to place his incredible distortion of what I believe to be the beautiful message of the inner Christ! Is this intentional by Vrijland? Vrijland argues that Lilith is the female half and Satan the male half of Lucifer. And that Christ is the child of Lilith and Satan, thus representing Lucifer, which is a lie. Equating Lucifer and Christ is what we often see with people who mix “good” (Lucifer) and evil (Satan) in their mind and view Christ as a mix of an externalized male and female expression, something he then accuses the elite of pursuing. I think it was Confucius who said that one should never mix good and evil. The right way to deal with the Satanic entities is therefore achieved by letting the evil that is stirred up by these entities sink into the body in a constructive way under the influence of these same entities and take up a place in the lower body, whereby understanding of the emotions of these entities and their roles is reached. Only then have you awakened in yourself the Son of the Trinity and the way to the Father is opened.

In the article “How 2022 is going to be spectacular…” he also briefly cites the Antichrist entities that I deal with, for example, by writing that the entities can assume and take over any avatar in the game. Someone who brings out such information as he does usually has to deal with the Satanic entities first. His “About Me” page clearly shows that he has indeed had to deal with them. The slander he describes is often a way for the Satanic entities to provide an additional challenge to the free-broken and unbalanced Luciferic consciousness, so that the person in question learns to lovingly embrace the compression of the Satanic entities in addition to the free-broken expansion. Whether Vrijland himself has had dealings with the Antichrist entities, he does not say. I think he comes across as reasonably sincere, but you never know, because few people manage to escape these Antichrist entities.

What is also not true is that the clues in pop culture and media point purely to the truth, as Vrijland seems to see it. For these people are corrupt, often replaced by controlled avatars/clones/drones/aliens, and have no authority whatsoever in the Great Plan, even though they appear to be assuming a powerful attitude. The real power is hidden and is not even located on Earth. Those on Earth who somehow see Lucifer or Satan as God simply do not understand the esoteric significance of these opposites and misuse it to do as much harm as possible, and corrupt the truth, in the name of these entities. But at the same time, they are poles of states of consciousness and, when they balance each other in a human being, can be totally benign. But in order for the development plan to succeed on Earth and yield the greatest possible harvest of successful human beings (those in terms of inner qualities androgynous people who have awakened the Christ in them, and have become maximally loving, despite all opposition), the plan requires that there be both a Luciferic influence on humanity and a Satanic influence. Through the opposition of both polarities present, people can eventually reach the middle way of Christ. The Satanic people (meaning everyone who has worked against humanity in his life with all kinds of nefarious plans, based on false information, often lies) will also be harvested. That is a separate totally different harvest, this is very important!!! And among them will indeed be many vaccinators, but also government leaders. Many have already been harvested in my opinion. Several people in Telegram groups suspect that certain government leaders have been replaced by clones. It could well be that the harvested Satanic people will be taken out of their bodies, and replaced by controlled clones/drones (in those same bodies, that is).

What we can conclude from the elite’s behavior is that they want to entice as many people as possible to give up their sovereignty, so that we either all become over-individualized robots in a Satanic material technocratic communist and transhumanist dystopia. Or in a Luciferian spiritual ‘love’ dystopia where we only follow our passions and despise the material. These two sides are pitted against each other, but before this comes to a third world war, God will intervene in this probable Gog and Magog war and usher in the end of this 7000 + 250 year cycle. For this, see my articles End of a cycle and the chapter The Millennial Reign of Christ… from Section 3 of my story. Until then both extremes will persist in their “good” intentions working for humanity (Lucifer) and their evil intentions working against humanity (Satan).

The exciting exoteric story told by Vrijland, like that of Godgevlamste, is meant to wake people up, and perhaps activates people to fight against anything evil, but the esoteric truth of the Christ is, as often happens, thrown out like the baby with the bathwater and is not understood. Remember that the image we have of Christ has been brought to people in a corrupted way over the past centuries and has nothing to do with what it is really about! That is: living in truth, and giving up everything to propagate it!
Vrijland thinks that we will all be allowed in into the original universe, as long as we take off our 3d glasses when the Reset arrives. In my opinion, people must first realize their role as part of the greater whole, i.e. they must learn to follow the Will of God, which is precisely what the Great Plan is aiming for, if you use the Evil Forces in the correct way. Before we learn this, there is no way humanity will be allowed back into the original universe, purely because we are all too easily corrupted. But maybe I’m wrong.
But implicitly, according to Vrijland, we don’t have to become balanced human beings. Don’t have to work through our emotions! We don’t have to become maximally loving. All these things he ridicules by talking about physical conversion, and about becoming a transgender in a spiritual prison, as he calls the future world with the Christ-activated human being. No, we must simply wait, according to him, for the possibilities of escape to present themselves.

We see a similar message with Devin Madgy of the YouTube channel FlatEarthParadise, whom I also quoted in an earlier article. He predicted that there will come a time when all humans will return to original consciousness and be released from this simulation.
Martijn van Staveren has also posted articles in the past calling for true freedom, which in his case amounts to not acknowledging the states of consciousness I describe because it all keeps you away from your creative power.
Whether the amount of knowledge in these people has all come about organically or whether they have been taken over and it is a controlled release of information, we probably won’t find out. But I do appreciate the work of all these people, including Vrijland!

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