Several Daily Wire content creators have been joking in recent weeks about aliens and body-snatchers. They themselves have most certainly been taken over by these entities, as have basically all successful content creators.

Daily Wire jokes about aliens and body snatchers

Successful content creators on YouTube are increasingly hinting at the things I expose on my site. Of course, they then make fun of it. I wouldn’t expect anything less! But that they hint at it at all is a sign that it plays out in this world and one regularly gets the truth shoved in one’s face. Unfortunately, then one does not realize that it is the truth. No, usually people just laugh at it, or joke about it, not only in the videos in question, but especially in the comment sections.

An example of someone who hints at what I describe on my site of what is happening in my surroundings, and actually all around the world, is Matt Walsh. I regularly enjoy watching his content. Lately he is talking about aliens (which he believes in), and thereby he serves as a distractor, to catch off people’s questions and then give ignorant answers to them, hoping they will not question it further, and shut up about it.
In this video he talks at 49 minutes about there being a conspiracy theory that Dave Chappelle an American comedian, has been replaced by another version, because his whole appearance changed, several years ago. Dave Chappelle became known for his socially critical comedy shows, and of course that is not allowed here on Earth, if you are not under the control of the ruling powers. You could just be giving away secrets to the general public or teaching them a way of thinking that jeopardizes the great Plan. For that Plan to work, one must have as negative an influence on the people as possible, so that they can use this negativity to develop themselves, because that is what friction is for.
So we hear Matt Walsh say in this video, “Is this a serious conspiracy theory?” and “What is the theory? Is it that Dave Chappelle has been replaced by a body snatcher?”
The ruling powers often use the word conspiracy theory to discourage serious critical questions and write them off as nonsense, while people with such questions are hard at work exposing the truth. It is nauseating, how both sides of content creators (left, and right) also use this word to shut people up. But there will be plenty of people who are aware of what is happening. It’s just too bad, that most remain silent about this, while it is so important to bring this out into the open. That it can cost you your life is nonsense. Because those who keep expressing themselves and keep posting articles or videos on these topics are actually protected. And these entities will know anyway when you know all this. That’s how far the control these entities have over you in this world goes. So I ask everyone to follow me in what I do!

Don’t believe for a moment that that bodysnatch story is the truth, or that there are real aliens involved. They only keep repeating that to scare you. It just happens in your sleep when they want to take you over, and you won’t notice anything. This is the way that leaves the least evidence. Because there is no evidence that they leave a mess, and if it were really physically happening, they would really leave a mess anyway. No, it’s just that when they take over you, someone else comes to live in your body, and your soul goes to the afterlife. So the new Antichrist’s soul (which can work for Lucifer as well as Satan) replaces your soul, while your spirit actually remains the same, as Susan Reed also describes in her book “The Body Snatchers,” see my article On Susan Reed’s ‘The Body Snatchers’ for this. Your spirit has then all your memories so they can mimic your personality with these memories. Just about every successful Twitter user/content creator etc. has been taken over and they mock about this all the time.

At 44 minutes, just before the Body Snatcher comment we also see something noteworthy, and Walsh starts advertising The Daily Wire, the company he works for, and cites the event that a former colleague recently resigned and expressed her opinion about the company, publicly. Walsh describes that sometimes you have to be a whistleblower when bad things are happening somewhere, but that is different from destroying the company you just resigned from. Cause criticism clearly is destructive, in his eyes. Ridiculous! He shows in this piece that he is a real asshole, because he talks mocking and threatening language. And he calls it ‘career advice’. Well Matt Walsh, I’d rather not sell my soul to work for a company like The Daily Wire. You get paid in exchange for obedience and loyalty to taken over entities (just as in every other company, I admit), and they can’t handle criticism or dissent either, no, then they start threatening and mocking. Walsh says very useful things in his monologues, but as usual with taken over people, it is mixed with lies and ignorance, which is exactly where he gets his edgyness from. That’s why he is popular. But sorry: ignorance is just stupid, because the information you ignore is just there, but you choose not to dive into it, on purpose, because people shouldn’t know the truth. You then get that fake polarization between left and right, which is not there at all in real life, but which many people unfortunately listen to. But in real life, such content creators are not ignorant at all. Being the taken over person that they are, they know exactly what’s going on in this world, with people who don’t color within the lines, and they have no remorse whatsoever for it. Disgusting.

Furthermore, Walsh just plays a kind of unnatural male role (it’s a performance), which he then goes on to accuse transgender people of (which in many cases he is certainly right about). Furthermore, he acts as unsympathetic and polarizing as possible, talks in a raspy voice on purpose to emphasize his masculinity, exactly like Alex Jones too, typical of the wannabe “tough type” of American men, and is ashamed when his wife is behind the steering wheel one time and he’s beside her. Talk about not being confident in your own masculinity. Being a man doesn’t have to be a fucking performance, does it? Act normal man and stop spacing out on your own testosterone. It’s banal.

Looking next at another Daily Wire star Michael Knowles, who’s content I also enjoy, we see a slightly more refined character. Knowles also makes big statements, for example the other day, that transgenderism should be banned from public life. The entire media then reported the story as if Knowles wants to eradicate transgender people, which is not the case. (Watch this video of the Lotus Eaters to see what happened). But here again, left and right, Satan and Lucifer, are fighting each other. For more info on the battle between Satan and Lucifer, read my article A brief clarification or Angels and Demons). Actually, Satan and Lucifer also collaborate. Sometimes Lucifer works as the declarer, and Satan responds to it, and sometimes it is the other way around. Thus they create thesis-antithesis and man will be allowed to make the synthesis, upon which they come to face the Antichrist as servants of Christ.
In this clip, Knowles also shows again that he himself has very likely been taken over, as has Walsh. He says, “It seems to suggest that aliens abducted my friend Mr. Walsh’s brain. Think about that!” Because he, like Walsh, mocks the truth, or at least, one layer of the truth: Donald Marshall’s info, which describes that Vril aliens kidnap people and scoop out the brains of their victims with the proboscis (protrusion) on their heads that they push through your eye. Hence, many famous people with black eyes appear on camera, Image. But as far as I am concerned, they are lies! I have also seen my father with a black eye (see my article Taken over father has eye of Horus) and how they do it, no idea, but it really doesn’t scare me anymore, although I will always continue to share it, because as it is an untrue layer of the truth, it is not the ultimate truth.

Then I want to share one more remarkable thing. The channel of Misha Petrov, not from the Daily Wire, but just herself, who deleted all her old videos after she made a video about an animal rights activist approaching her. Or maybe she switched to a different channel, I forget for the moment. She also deleted her video about the animal rights activist, and that smelled suspiciously like an Antichrist entity (which are often animal rights activists) having had orders to target her, because she was making benign content, and that’s just not allowed according to these entities. They want to balance that. Moreover, Petrov approached her opposition, this animal rights activist, with love. And that is also not allowed according to these Antichrist entities, so she was presumably taken over. Further evidence of this is that shortly after, in the Community tab of her YouTube channel, she asked her followers if they believe in aliens. Well, for me, it’s all these things that lead me to my conclusion, especially when I thus note that she removed all traces of these actions.

And so yes, taking over people means ending the lives of these people. I think it is done in a way in which you don’t notice it, but that doesn’t make it any less shocking. These Antichrist entities are doing this to make people move toward the Christ state. Those who have already reached this state will do everything right, and will immediately come out that this is happening in the world, if these entities let you know indirectly (because they do), and so they then protect themselves and their fellow man. But unfortunately not everyone is aware of this information, and so unfortunately these people make the mistake, not to intervene when this happens, whereupon everyone around them, and eventually they, too, are taken over. I also intervened too late unfortunately, and as a result, they took over all the people around me. So it’s also my job, to bring this into the open, even though you call a lot of abuse on you that way. Because people just don’t believe it. But as far as I’m concerned, you don’t have to believe it right away either. Do your own research. Do it! Because sooner or later you may run into something like this yourself. And then you know what to do! If you do nothing, it is the end of the story, and unfortunately I have seen that with all the people around me!

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