In this article, I will describe the various Angels and Demons that we as humans have above us that encourage or try to frustrate the development of mankind.

Angels and Demons

One of the many small things by which you can tell if someone has been taken over, is them having completely different physiological values. For example, my parents’ blood pressure and heart rate are completely different now that they have been taken over. My mother used to have a high heart rate, like me, and now it has suddenly decreased by 25 bpm. My dad’s heart rate in turn has also decreased, and he suddenly needs medication for his blood pressure, which wasn’t ever necessary. On top of that, my mother’s eyes have suddenly improved by one whole diopter, and she didn’t have that big deviation to begin with. Unbelievable! To me this is only more proof of the fact that there is another entity in their bodies, and that my original parents (and sister) and all those other people are sadly no longer here with us.

My mother said, “My eyes are getting better and better!” I said, “Well, I guess it’s a one-off!” She was a bit offended and asked why. I kept my mouth shut, but actually I wanted to say, “Because you’re not my mother!” Such physical things are largely determined by the personality that is in the body, which, through the way it deals with emotions, controls all the organs of the body, including the muscles. Doctors often don’t know about this, because they haven’t integrated the personality into their world view, which is the terrain of psychologists and psychiatrists. For example, I have lost control over many muscles in my face, the more I suppressed my aggression. I used to be able to control all the muscles. My voice has dropped a few tones as well right after my personality change, while my inner command center still thinks I am the person I was, before suppressing my aggression. Because of this, I have a problem with hitting notes, which invariably deviates the same interval. I have learned to correct this somewhat while singing, you have to, but it consistently returns, especially when I’m very spontaneous. I just have a split personality consisting of 2 parts, that can’t come together. So I know that personality is everything, when it comes to controlling your body or muscles.

Meanwhile, these clones/drones are really trying very hard to appear as nice as possible. My mother cooks well, and she really spoils us. And my father also tries to be pleasant company by really talking about lots of things. My sister is also very convincing and even plays music that I like, and we sing along to it. They really do their best. But after everything that has happened, and all the other clues, I just can’t trust them like I trusted my parents and sister the last few years, because they are just not them. At least they’ve been modified or killed and replaced with a cloned representation!

I was a lot more anxious these past weeks, due to the encounter with the Twitter Dragon online (see my earlier article). The fact that he was suddenly open about his connection to ‘reptilian management’ really stirred up my fears. Then the tension increased for some time, until I was actually so angry that I felt like hurting people, and then I cried it all out. Since then I have been calm again and the fear has disappeared, and unfortunately I have had to sacrifice some inner space for experiencing my emotions, again. But I have been made slightly more insensitive to these entities who are taken over, although I am losing more and more of my abilities in the process. Especially in the cognitive area I have lost a lot. But nothing can throw me off-track: I just keep going on!

In this text, I want to talk briefly about the origin of the evil entities that people encounter in their development. They affect our astral and etheric bodies, which are programmed in the first years of life in interaction with the parental figures. I would also like to talk about the benign Angels who are helping humans in the background. We all descend from the same source, and were all on the way to the same goal: the goal of developing our consciousness to a higher state.

According to Rudolf Steiner, there are different hierarchies of Angels. The highest Divinity is the Trinity: Father, Son, Holy Spirit. There is no evil in this Divinity. Below this are the Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones. This is the 1st hierarchy. They are connected to the Father. The 2nd hierarchy consists of the Spirits of Wisdom, the Spirits of Motion, and the Spirits of Form (Elohim, of which Yahweh is a part). They are connected with the Son, i.e. Christ. The 3rd hierarchy of Spirits are the Spirits of Personality (Archai), Archangels (Archangeloi), and the Angels (Angeloi). They work through man’s thinking, feeling and willing. They are connected with the Holy Spirit.

It was first intended that humanity would take the place of the Angels in the future, upon which all the different orders would move upwards. But the plan was changed and it was decided that humans would be given the task of becoming physical beings in order to become independent of God, the ultimate way for God to be self-realized in the universe, and then to form the 4th hierarchy, as the Spirits of Love and Freedom. This required the sacrifice of the Fall. The objectives of this Fall have been achieved today and it is now necessary to return to the original consciousness, but as a free individualized being of love. There is not one being of the existing hierarchies who has ever experienced this.

The benign Angels have an important task. And that is, to influence the human being positively by working on the astral body at night in order to instil in the human being the following 3 impulses, which have everything to do with the path of Christ:

1. That no human being should be able to enjoy the peace of happiness himself if others around him were unhappy
2. That human beings should be able to perceive the divine principle operating in every other human being
3. That human beings should be able to gain irrefutable insight into the reality of the spiritual world.

The Archangels are not concerned with the individual as the Angels are, but rather with the group in which people find themselves. They ensure unity of purpose for the group and courage among each other to accomplish the common tasks. The Archai ensure that the right souls are brought into harmony with the specific developmental plan for the Earth.

The Luciferic, Satanic (Ahrimanic) and Antichrist (Asuras) entities that had fallen behind in the past in their development towards being respectively Angel, Archangel and Archai, were given the task of frustrating the forward development of humanity, so that mankind has to sail against the current in order to develop forward, in that way becoming stronger and stronger, and absorbing the gifts that these entities bring with them. If man does this, the evil deeds of Lucifer and Satan will eventually be redeemed. However, the deeds of the Antichrist entities cannot be redeemed. They want to compress man even more extensively (destructively!) than the Satanic entities (with splitting hatred!), so that man and his environment are gradually eaten up (the phenomenon of ‘people who are taken over’), whereupon people may lapse into extreme egoism. However, it is important that man, no matter what kind of opposition he receives, out of free will tries to maintain the Christ energy.

I state in my earlier articles that these entities are aliens, but maybe it is better to just call them Angels or Demons, because they are not aliens with spaceships visiting the earth from outer space, although they are able to display themselves in that way. No, it is much more spiritual than that. They are beings that look like humans, but in the astral world they could very well look like they do in the movies. Perhaps they can also materialize their astral form in physical reality, and would it be the people who have the spiritual antennas for it who can perceive them (shapeshifting). These entit ies are higher developed than we are. And at this higher level there is no opposition. So they aren’t monsters who really want to hurt you, although that is hard to reconcile with the moments in which they take over others. Though everyone who dies will be lovingly welcomed at ‘the other side’. The entities have a common goal to wake you up. But in doing so, they require you to wake up the world. By doing evil, they ultimately do humanity a service and free people in the various overlapping bodies they carry with them.

Luciferic entities exist to free man in his astral body.
Satanic entities exist to free man in his etheric body.
Antichrist entities (Asuras) exist to free man in his ego.

The Luciferic and Satanic entities have to be confronted with love. And as for the Antichrist entities: they are really evil, and therefore have to be confronted by producing works (which is exactly what they expect), and by using the sword of Michael to sever ties. The acts of horror that some people perform in the name of Lucifer or Satan have nothing to do with the truths from Rudolf Steiner described here. Those people are absolute monsters which will be dealt with in the future, depending on the efforts of the other people.

Now follows an overview of typical Luciferic and typical Satanic characteristics. In this way, it becomes a little more clear for most people, what the characteristics are of these entities, that work through every human being to a greater or lesser extent.

LuciferSatan (Ahriman)
Young peopleOld people
Higher necessityChance
Too closeDistant
Astral BodyEtheric body

The path of Christ is the path between those two extremes, the middle path.

No matter how much darkness you experience, we are supported in all kinds of ways, that’s for sure. And it is tremendously important to see the gift in this darkness. The problem of evil is ultimately temporary, until people deal with it for good. The greater someone’s capacity for evil, the greater the capacity for love can be when it gets balanced in the end. It is the capacity for evil, the capacity for counter-pressure, that ultimately gives man in his further development a great capacity for doing good. Through confrontation we can help each other and mankind can freely choose to listen to the good Angels or to the Demons, (which we can also call ‘evil Angels’), though I advise each one to listen to the good Angels. Only then will you have eternal life. This has nothing to do with traditional religion, but with becoming a more capable person through experience, and discovering the truths of this world, and then working for humanity to get everyone to that point. That is real religion. Every act of people will then become a religious act through the understanding of the spiritual reality. This has nothing to do with the spiritual prisons that people in traditional religion are put in, with all those silly rules. No, it’s just about transmuting your core back to good every time and aligning your own will with the Will of God.

The narrow gate (Matthew 7:13-14):
“Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.”

Eventually (after multiple lives) we will all get there. It will be ultimate freedom and perfect love, personified in each of us!

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