In this article, I write about breaking my kneecap and my struggle to handle the situation.

Fate intervenes destructively

Just as I am recovering from several tough weeks, during which the Antichrist entities somehow seem to expect some kind of rebirth and me supposedly fighting my way to complete independence, I make an ugly fall with my bicycle, right on one of my somewhat weak knees! Upon getting up again on this knee, I hear and feel the most horrible cracking in my knee I have ever experienced and I collapse, leaving my lower leg completely crooked and unusable. I also couldn’t move anything except my toes and ankle. The people who saw it happen just left me lying there, so I just called my parents and 911. Later some nice people came and brought some blankets to keep me warm! After 25 minutes, the ambulance was there and with some nitrous oxide (laugh gas) they were able to put my lower leg back in place without much pain and with much laughter from me, and they immediately noticed that the kneecap was broken! They put me in the ambulance and drove me to the hospital with a shot of fentanyl and another shot against the nausea. A pleasant ride with very nice male nurses. At the hospital, x-rays were taken and my kneecap turned out to be broken in three pieces! They plastered me in and I kept my leg stiff. I had to go home but how, was the big question! By car was out of the question, it wouldn’t fit. Finally they called a cab where I could lie down on the couch at the back. A helpful Turkish guy drove me home. Or at least: to my parents’ house, because staying alone in my own house on the second floor was not an option. So for the past few days I have been participating in my parents’ daily routine, which is very solid and very regular. But I definitely don’t feel happy with this situation, although there are certainly advantages, because it is good therapy for my daily routine. The complicating factor is that my parents are both taken over and they sometimes come across as total strangers reenacting the roles of my parents, and of course that is the case. Also, the astral attacks on me are still present which I absolutely do not accept. There is a kind of tension in the air all the time. My parents don’t criticize much but I feel a destructive critical undertone all the time, especially from my father, even though they act all nice. It’s their Dragon personality that is present in the background in both of them from time to time, with which they cross my boundaries in an unremarkable way sometimes, and yes, then I feel negatively affected and then the feeling of them possibly taking over me returns. But otherwise they do an awful lot for me, and I’m glad I was able to be taken care of at their place and I’m very grateful to them, although I always wonder if they do these things because they want to or if they do these things because they have to in their acting role, which would of course be kind of tragic. But my father regularly withdrawing from our contact while I am at their place comes across as very threatening, even though he plays so nicely. The underlying energy is aggressive, pedantic, and demeaning, very typical. And how my mother sometimes acts towards my father is not nice at all. So immature pointing out all his faults to him, while at such times my real father would actually crave love and affirmation. So yes, I would prefer to be back home soon and be able to do everything again.

Yet it’s typical how fate can sometimes destructively intervene when you push away a part of yourself and don’t provide it with proper attention. It is not strange that this is happening now. And I have faith that it was meant to happen. May it be the beginning of change in me. I hope I can keep up my current day-and-night routine at home and my current eating habits as well, because at home that just doesn’t always go so well. I’m also going to make sure I can lose some pounds, because my knees just can’t handle my weight of 120 kilograms! So time for some attention to myself. But I don’t just want to pay attention to myself. I also want to have attention for others, but all the people I hung out with have been replaced by these entities, and they often act very nice, but you always feel that something is not quite right. Sometimes the outward appearance doesn’t match the inward, or there is a toxic energy present, often contemptuous. It is then abundantly clear to me that an Antichrist entity has entered the body, which also does not know how to handle all the emotions of the person in question or for example how the body of the replaced person looks.

Or could the whole thing I am experiencing now have been an attack by the dark powers on me? Of course, I am responsible for my fall off the bicycle myself, but I do believe there are dark influences on me. At these kinds of times when you’re being constrained by the things that are happening or by the things that have happened in your life, and you are actually on long-term or temporary disability, all you can do is resign yourself to it and have hope that it will all work out. That’s how I feel right now. But if it is an attack of the dark powers on me, then I cannot accept it and I will hereby use my voice to tell the world! This morning a message appeared on Facebook that if the rooster had not crowed before dark tonight, the rooster would probably be dead, so perhaps this is another threat to me. Hence, I just use my voice again to protest, because I have no intention of accepting such threats. There’s a sickness behind it all! And I just feel that these entities have been acting on my “system” again for the last few hours. The same feeling I have as when I received the threat “Do or Die” from one of my last articles! Please piss off and stay miles away from me, because I don’t accept it, no matter the troublesome state I am in right now!

You do learn at times like this that you do need people around you. From a dependent childhood, to an independent state, but then the much more mature realization that we are all interdependent. I can’t say to the people in my life: just be gone you all, because it is precisely when disaster strikes that you need them the most, no matter how imperfect they feel. That is why it is important to build a good network of people who have your best interests at heart, but then again, if they all are taken over by these Antichrist entities, there won’t be much left of that either!

Soon I will have surgery and then we will see if I can walk again. I also can’t access my computer right now, so I’m writing this article on my phone which is very inconvenient. I sold my laptop the other day, but it’s usually when you sell something, that you need it shortly after! Hilarious all around! Let’s just see the humor in it. In any case, I’m happy with the things I’m still able to do and with the other things I still have left! I appreciate it greatly!

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