In this article I will describe people from my past who were possibly taken over, and I will describe some ways in which you can notice these entities.

Some ways to notice 'them'

My distrust has been fuelled a bit, the past week. As I’ve been describing in previous articles, the people around me who have been taken over, are very nice to me overall. They probably think: “We won’t give him any more reason to attack us.” But I’m having some doubts, if they aren’t still ‘at work’ in the background anyway, in ‘treating’ people and perhaps in taking them over. These are nothing but suspicions, but nevertheless it is important to share them here. For some time now, they haven’t been giving me any leads to think that such things are still happening in the background, but maybe they are still doing it in secret. I can’t accept this. You keep your hands off the people around me.

As I wrote in an earlier article, there was an old friend on Facebook who had her mouth opened wide in a photo, very freaky, exactly like in the movie ‘Assimilate’ (2019), when the cloned entities suck the field of memories out of the original persons. A similar thing can be viewed in ‘Invasion of the Bodysnatchers’ (1978), where it is accompanied by pointing at the targeted person. Furthermore, some time ago my sister mentioned the profession of a former classmate from elementary school. I did not know how she came to know that, at the time. But the other day she said that at a later time she had bought a cabinet at an online marketplace, from exactly that classmate from back then, which is really coincedental. So that really sets the alarm bells ringing. I did not have good contact with this classmate the last years of elementary school. And I suspect now that they are still expanding their network of people who are taken over, to get even more information about me or just to silence people who have taken note of my information by taking them over, which I absolutely do not agree with!

A similar event that set my alarm bells ringing, was my mental health counselor calling, saying that she was suddenly in a divorce, that her husband was seeing someone else, and that she had been absent for that reason. I’ll be on my watch if I find out that you are targeting her now! Because that is what you are doing, targeting people by slowly taking everything away from them! I recognize that kind of shit. People who are suddenly abandoned by their partners, while there was never anything bad going on. Then there’s often more to it. Though I have yet to speak to my counselor about that, so who knows, she may be able to temper my distrust of the situation.

There were also weird things going on with my project supervisor at the Activity Center of the mental health facility, where I worked, which I also mentioned in Section 2 of my story. I noticed it when she started to become very close friends with a project participant who had been taken over, and had completely fooled me for a long time, and actually treated me, without having a proper education for it. That project supervisor also died suddenly of heart attacks, even though there was never anything whatsoever wrong with her heart. Her family, which I saw at her funeral, was devastated. She had been taken over for some time, but because they still had to treat my personality at a certain point, a young attractive girl was hired to give me a few more severe triggers (it always works better with attractive people) and who would take on the task of project supervisor. This was urgent because it was important to get me into this Christ state in time, which is what these entities want. Because of this, my old project supervisor had to disappear, and that’s not a problem with people who are taken over, because these entities can leave the body of the person in question of their own free will, and so that’s what they chose to do. The former original project supervisor had long since been killed. And now the version that was taken over, had also left the body…

Another person I distrusted years ago and of whom I now think: yes, you may well have been taken over, was a woman about 10 years older than me, with Asian roots, whom I knew from a reintegration center of the mental health facility, a kind of residential home, where people lived, usually with pretty severe psychological problems, who were trying to reintegrate in society, after being sick for some time. I was visiting this place part-time, a few hours a week. This woman told me that she had lost her husband and then was accused of killing him. She always denied that she had done so, but what is certain, is there were reasons to believe that she had done so. I found it incredibly freaky to hear. She was a cheerful woman, of whom you wouldn’t think such a thing, but what I know now of the world, is that these Antichrist entities can be so sophisticated in acting, and that the appearance of someone and how someone comes across, has almost nothing to do with what’s going on inside, because these entities are actors and actresses of the worst kind, which is kind of a talent as well! They mimic someone’s behavior to perfection, because they have access to someone’s memories. But the energy behind it is different. So I don’t exclude there was more going on here than can be seen on the surface level.

At that same reintegration center, there was also a woman from my own town. She had a little son who lived with his father. She sometimes asked me if I would come and watch a movie at her place, but we never got around to making an appointment, because I found her a bit scary. Note: back then I didn’t have these thoughts about people being taken over. But now I look back on it, some pieces of the puzzle fall into place. Suddenly this woman died during a period in which she wasn’t even depressed. Nevertheless, people around her were convinced that she had committed suicide with medication, but we were told that she had experienced a natural death. That didn’t go down at all with me either. People do not just die. Usually they say to those around them: oh, she had a cardiac arrest, or a heart attack, or a brain haemorrhage, which in many cases is just an interpretation of the doctor who declared the person dead. I then went to the auditorium of the cemetery, where she was laid to rest. I now suspect that there was more going on in that family and that she may have been taken over. One of the people who suspected that she had committed suicide was a niece of my neighbor from below, who had been taken over since a number of years. This niece had a schizophrenic brother. And yes, where there is schizophrenia, in my experience, there are very often people involved who are taken over. Schizophrenics are quickly targeted by these entities, because they don’t repress anything from reality (as “healthy” people often do), something that creates an unconventional worldview, which attracts these entities, because it often exposes their actions. It is a worldview, which is too difficult and unbelievable for many people to believe, but is nevertheless the truth, if you in turn do your own research. I suspect that this brother has also been taken over by now. His parents regularly visit my neighbor from below.

I know, this is far-reaching information, but there definitely are entire networks of people who are taken over. If people really could view who has been taken over in their neighbourhood, they would be SHOCKED, there are so many of them. Earth may seem like a reasonably safe place at times, but I’m telling you it’s a place of unbelievable lies, and that’s exactly what I’ve discovered over the past 12 years or so, having a hunger for these kinds of information leading me to many different books, some more far-reaching than others. But as I also described in my first article, currently offline, many people protect their worldview with boundaries: boundaries for what they let in, boundaries that say: I don’t want to know anything about that information, because it’s too crazy for me. But with this attitude they never learn to see, and acknowledge, reality in its completeness. To see reality in its completeness, you have to overcome your fears and stretch your boundaries. And learn to listen to other people even when they are negative and express their anger at you in all its intensity. For how do you ever take in scary or exciting or negative information, how do you ever acknowledge this information, if you cannot even embrace the anger of another with love. It is precisely when you can meet the negative with love that you can handle negative information, without rejecting it immediately through gut feelings. Then you get a much more complete picture of the world.

There are ways to recognize these people who are taken over. First of all, by the fact that they always post dragon references on their social media accounts, or in real life refer to it all the time. Or they have strange or scary profiles. But you can also recognize them by the fact that they have no soul. And you can sense that with good intuition. Those who have no soul cannot individualize themselves either. And that’s exactly why this phenomenon is THE way to eventually free the non-assimilated human in his individualized ego. Although, you will have to fight back on the one hand against these entities, and produce works, so that they don’t take you over. Just as I am doing. But it is not only fighting you need to do! On the other hand, you also have to maintain a working relationship with them, in the sense that you also have to listen to them somewhat. Because some secrets are not allowed to be revealed yet. This is because it could be that by giving away certain secrets, the great development plan for humanity would be jeopardized.

You can further recognize these entities by their lack of compassion. You can really see them imitating compassion, and imitating sadness, and this comes across as very fake, as was seen at my grandmother’s funeral, when my mother, father and sister addressed the audience. They aren’t able to create something original as well, they can only imitate. Unfortunately, people with sould can also be in such a state due to trauma, so you never really know if the person you’re facing has a soul anyway. (I for instance also suffer from this diminishing ability to be creative, while I actually have been very creative for most of my life).
Furthermore, they often have an incredibly wide smile and bright eyes. I think this is due to the aggressive energy they keep hidden, but which goes directly into their smiles and eyes. I have seen several people who, from the moment they were taken over, suddenly started smiling a lot wider with brighter eyes. They suddenly lose all their insecurities. It may sound ridiculous, but it’s the truth nonetheless.

David Icke talks a lot about how these Dragon aliens are only able to keep their human form when they eat enough organs and drink enough blood from their victims. Also, some YouTube videos show, that some sort of liquid crystal overlay comes on top of these creatures, when they can’t properly maintain their human form, so who knows, maybe this phenomenon of shapeshifting is happening with the help of technology. Very few real answers have been given to these questions, in the last few years. Unfortunately, I don’t have the answer either. What I do know for sure is that these aliens never damage you to the point where you can’t recover from it. I’ve noticed that they always take into account your ability to take a punch, and wait for you to recover from it. So this means that it IS about your development after all, something I have always said. But does that mean that the stories about organ-eating aliens and blood-drinking aliens cutting up babies are not true, but rather a big psy-op? Or does that happen too? I cannot say. Several people with trauma-induced alters (dissociative identity disorder) report being horribly abused as children, having to eat organs, and having to kill other children. An important website is: Light on SRM (English: Satanic Ritual Abuse), by Aline Terpstra, who tells the story of one of her patients, named Esther. But whether it’s these aliens committing these acts, or people who are taken over, or whether it’s just souled people who have become horribly evil, I don’t know. It’s one of the biggest questions I have.

There are some not really practical solutions to find out if someone has a soul. Read the article ‘See the movie “They Live”’ (PDF) by Dan Winter. In the article, he describes in his usual way, a number of ways you can discover these ‘implanted soulless Dracos’ (which come from Alpha Draconis, according to some) who want to assimilate you: for example, by making sure the percentage of oxygen in the air is higher than 20-25%. This is something the Dracos can’t stand. You can also discover them by their bloodshot eyes. See Gruesome truths again for examples of this. And furthermore, according to Dan Winter, Kodak once developed a cobalt blue film that allowed you to see the absence of ultraviolet ensoulment in people, and they were paid millions just to keep it from hitting the market. Perhaps a link is that ophthalmologists sometimes use cobalt blue filters to detect certain abnormalities in the eye. It would not surprise me if many of them were in the know about the fact that people who have these bloodshot eyes have most likely been taken over. Although I can also imagine that no ophthalmologist suspects anything, because they are just not familiar with this information. That’s often still the best way to keep the secrets secret! Controlling the information!

Remarkably, the Dracos, as Dan Winter calls them, really think it’s a privilege for humans to be assimilated by them. “Who doesn’t want to be tough like us!” Which comes across as rather childish. They think very big of themselves. An example of this behavior is the video of Bill Donahue, titled ‘The Alien Invasion’ which I have shared in my articles before, someone who has revealed many secrets of Christianity in the past with his works, but has unfortunately been taken over and thus has been assimilated. The entity that is in him now boasts in this video, what a privilege it is for humans to be taken over as well. It will save you from the Deluge he imagines in our (who knows?) near future. Well Billy Boy, I prefer to stay my own little self if you don’t mind. I’m used to being myself, even though I feel like crap, and I don’t really want to be on this awful Earth for another whole cycle. It’s a shitty place!

I wrote in my previous articles that because of evil, ALL people will polarize to the good side, but I do actually rethink it a bit: it probably won’t turn out that way. By ‘good side’, I don’t mean that they will polarize to the Light side (facing the Shadow side), for man has then long since passed that stage, but I do mean that they will polarize to the middle path between Light and Shadow (the way of Christ). I also call this polarizing, because they will then face the Antichrist in the following way (Image). Please notice the mutual arrow between man (Christ) and the Antichrist. I emphasize again that you must also learn the ability to “listen” to their disapproval, hatred, and threats. By just facing it and mourning about what you lose. This is essential to keep yourself alive. But note that it does not mean that you should not also inform humanity of what is happening to you. So fighting back in a constructive way is also necessary, and as soon as possible! You must be prepared to lose everything. That way, you and your environment can be preserved as much as possible, as paradoxical as that may sound.

A part of humanity however will not take this into account and will begin to oppose these entities in a malicious way. This will culminate in the War of All against All, which Rudolf Steiner describes. This will end with the total destruction of the Earth, upon which the people who remained faithful to Christ will move on to the next version of the Earth, which Steiner calls ‘Jupiter’ (which has nothing to do with the planet Jupiter). Humanity has then dealt with Evil once and for all. Everyone will know some people who get really anxious when hearing this fact…

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