In this article I talk about parenting and give room to perspectives on God and Christ. Who is the real Christian?

Will the REAL Christians please stand up?

Sometimes I do leave a reaction on YouTube comments, for example, because they annoy me. For example, the maker of a video I viewed, talked about not knowing what the real name is of the Creator of this world. In the comment section under the video I came across the following response:

St Jo: Yhuh, Yahuah, Yod Hay Uau Hay. Yahusha, Yod Hay Uau Shin Ayin. Do a little research, humble yourself.

These combinations of words are encountered quite often. They are posts by people who think they know the real name of the Creator, and they also know exactly how to pronounce it, and blessed is everyone who gathers in this name (i.e., they themselves, and everyone else who uses the same names). I haven’t really done the research on these names myself, because every time I run into them and try to research it, I am inundated with other pronunciations of these names. Yah, Yahuah, Yahusha, Yashua, Yehoshua, Yaheshua and so on, with another difference between the name for the Son, and that for the Father. It’s all the same to me. These people, often repeat these names to be sure that they are seen as men of God when interacting with others and are somehow reassured when another also uses these names. These, they say, are the real men of God. Woe, if you just use Yahweh or even worse in their eyes: Jesus Christ. I did come across such a similar discussion about the difference between Holy Spirit and Holy Ghost. Apparently, using Holy Spirit means you are evil, and using Holy Ghost means you are of God. Such nonsense! In my opinion, God doesn’t care at all what name you give Him and all those concepts. And if he cares, he doesn’t really sound like a God, but rather as a petty human being. I am also becoming more and more convinced that the highest Deity who stands at the source of everything (the Trinity) contains no evil, and that Yahweh or Yahuah, Yod Hay Uau Hay, Yahusha, Yod Hay Uau Shin Ayin, or whatever you want to call Him, is one of the many lower Gods on the ranking, as I also mentioned in my article Angels and Demons. Or these stories in the Old Testament are at least corruptions anyway. If you actually read the stories of the Old Testament, and still have positive thoughts about Yahweh, then there is something very wrong with you. Do you want to serve such a God? And try to appease Him? Because he will cut you in half when you don’t? Those masses of believers who are ‘faithful’ and ‘loyal’ to God, for fear of his wrath. It is very satanic really! How can you be so truly sure that He is not punishing YOU in a harsh way? You apparently have no problem wishing this on others? Or do you assume that if you are punished, you deserve it? A person does not necessarily deserve to be punished. If you need to punish someone, then you are actually already too late to intervene. Before that time you need to make your boundaries clear and if you start early enough, someone will surely listen. If not, you must impose the consequences. If a lower God like Yahweh wants to judge us so much, by first casting us to the wolves while thinking: just figure it out, and then in the end wipes out most of humanity in a kind of Judgment Day, then he should also admit that he has neglected us a lot. I do not like this at all, and I don’t like Christians who are obsessed with His name and shove it in everyone’s face! The comments under some videos are full of it. And they always get the most likes! Go figure! What makes you so sure that God doesn’t reject you? Do you think that if you just suck up to the Oppressor as much as possible, He’ll spare you? If there is one thing I have learned, in the past years, it is that love isn’t always mutual. You can have a tremendous love for people, but the other also has an opinion about it. And so, I believe, is the case with the God that people call Yahweh. Which is not a God of unconditional love. So He might not at all like you. When I look at how many people on the internet are convinced that they are or will be saved by God, or will be promoted to 5D, that’s almost half the world. If only they could give me this assurance, because I am not at all sure that Yahweh thinks I am a cool guy, if He has the power at all. I could give you a list of things in my life that I would do differently next time. In that regard, I always learn right after something happens. I could do so much more than what I do and make so many mistakes. Why are all these people on the internet so incredibly certain, that they are being saved, or are in their last incarnation, or are going to graduate to 5D, whatever that means. And they rub it in your face like that. I don’t like it at all! I’ve been somewhat guilty of it in previous articles as well, but I regret this really, ‘cause I get less sure each day!

The person who left the above comment on that YouTube video said even more: here’s the conversation we had:

St Jo: Yhuh, Yahuah, Yod Hay Uau Hay. Yahusha, Yod Hay Uau Shin Ayin. Do a little research, humble yourself.

Jerald Bittle: Dumb answer.

St Jo: @Jerald Bittle: Yahusha, Yod Hay Uau Shin Ayin, I am your deliverer.

Jesse Musson: Does it matter what His name is? This Yahuashewamashiyuhashiesfruitsalad people come up with, is starting to annoy me. Please provide a link to the research, so I can research this unimportant question. Maybe it’ll change my mind!

St Jo: @Jesse Musson: it only matters to the Qodesh.

Jesse Musson: @St Jo: I’ll wait for the link then. Can’t find it on Google. Google does not like word salad. I only hear Christians spout the same dogma over and over and them thinking they are somehow holier than someone else. It’s sickening! Maybe it’s you that needs to humble himself.

St Jo: @Jesse Musson: google Yahusha.

Jesse Musson: @St Jo Thanks, was already googling it!

St Jo: @Jesse Musson: shalom, Baruk Haba bashem Yahuah. Blessed is he who comes in the name of Yahuah.

Jesse Musson: @St Jo: I can imagine people coming in the name of Yahuah while they’re actually lying. Therefore it doesn’t matter what name you come in, it matters what you’re state of mind it is behind it! I have seen more than 15 different pronunciations of these same names, and all these people think they’re right and their brother is evil for using another name. It just doesn’t matter!

St Jo: @Jesse Musson: good luck with that.

It’s really crazy how these people reason. They don’t help you get closer to God in any way, they don’t produce anything, and, all they do is pat themselves on the back, in front of you. So, who needs to humble him/herself? This person also calls him/herself St Jo where St probably stands for Saint. My goodness. How can you say that about yourself. And that while you are blindly loyal to the Great Oppressor. Sorry, but I can only be faithful and loyal to someone knowing He has no share in the evil in the world and really stands above it and watches over it like a real Father, who lets you grow up in love and for whom you develop real awe, precisely because of His justice when He confronts you. But if you don’t grow up having such an earthly father, you can also become distant from God the Father, and then there are severe ways to call you back to Him, which is indirectly the task of the evil entities on this world. But the Father should be free from evil deeds. The New Testament writers have tried to clarify what the real Good News is all about, and that this has nothing to do with the old murderous stories that you find in the Old Testament. The Yahweh from the Old Testament behaves, as far as I’m concerned, like a real Antigod, aimed at the destruction of mankind, unless you kiss his ass, in which case he can still throw out a punch.

Anyway, most Christians never think about an ything. It usually comes down to when they disagree with someone, they say, “You are evil! Repent!” To which the other person quotes a Bible text! And says, “No, you are evil! You repent!” And all without evidence of evil deeds. Only on the basis of thoughts and beliefs. But in the meantime, they readily use evil to make their own children obedient! Please preacher, just rape her for a while more and she will come to repentance! You want me to help? And then cover it up, as if it never happened. They keep it all inside their own community. Until later, the child develops a major personality disorder and everyone can see the result of what happened. It’s so disgusting, and it’s so common. If you fail to teach your child obedience and you turn to violence or sexual abuse to achieve obedience, then you are the epitome of a loser. Usually a child’s failure to listen is simply a defense against your unreasonableness or injustice to the child. You have already let it get this far. You are too late. And yes, then you need a firm hand. But that firm hand can also be administered in a controlled way. I was always an awful control freak. That was because of my fears. If you have to deal with that as a parent, you have to get on top of a child (metaphorically speaking), increasing the pressure, until the anger gets released in the child, and he can overcome his fear. That doesn’t take forever. It will get better and better. That’s taking proper care of your child! You have positive reinforcement (Lucifer) and negative reinforcement (Satan), and there is a time and a place for both. They are both useful when a child is still learning. The negative reinforcement sometimes comes with slight pain, that’s part of it. That is how a child learns. A child learns all things in childhood by experiencing discomfort and pain. But again, the pain has to be bearable and age-appropriate. This is very important. If a child in his adult life becomes independent of this positive or negative reinforcement and does the right thing despite these temptations and punishments, then he is walking the middle path, the way of Christ. Although many Christians will tell me when I talk about this, “You are evil, a false prophet, repent. Pray to Yahuah!” But first of all, I don’t pray to ask God for all kinds of favors. I would be ashamed of myself. And secondly, I am not a prophet. And third: You have no idea what evil is. Maybe you should study it first. Many Christians who are strict in doctrine are total unhinged psychopaths who abuse their children at the drop of a hat to “bring them to faith”. Faith in what? In an evil Father? We already have enough of those, on this world.

An example of such a faithful believer who trains his children by spanking them is Michael Pearl on Youtube, who has a number of books in which he talks about “training” children. What this often comes down to is, he challenges his children to do wrong things, and then hits them with his belt, to get rid of it for good. These children all say it has made them a better person. None of them will correct their father. Pearl says that people who refuse to whip their child have no idea what the character of God is. But I think I understand that very well. Anyone who spanks their children, and justifies it by saying that it is God’s character, is committing a big mistake. It is absolutely NOT necessary to spank your child. You are 3x the size of your child! How do you even dare to think about that? A child who is securely attached because he has learned that his boundaries will be respected, and who discovers the world of his own free will, can be a challenge for parents, I certainly admit. That is why it is also important that the child is taught to respect the parents’ boundaries as well. If he does not, then, as I said earlier in this article, consequences should be imposed to curb the behavior, appropriate to the age and size of the child. You should not shy away from that. Parenting is a constant interaction between the child’s feelings and yours. That’s what healthy contact is. Those who spank take the easy way out. Beat the crap out of a child, and you seem to have a good child forever, but I’m telling you now: if you apply it wrong and it goes wrong, you can start to expect major backlash when the child gets older and suffers emotional problems or can’t be scared off by daddy and mommy anymore. Pearl and his wife value obedience. The treatment they give their children and adoptive children cultivates obedience to authority, even when that authority hurts them. And that is not necessarily a good thing. In doing so, you cultivate adults who, when they see police brutality, don’t confront the police, but say to the victims, “It’s your own fault! You should have listened!” They don’t understand that the harm done by the police is not necessarily rightful and that the police should be just as accountable. Authority is not necessarily justified in its actions, and when you take away a child’s ability to point out mistakes to the parents, and hold them to the same rules that apply to the child (the 10 commandments?), as early as the time of their upbringing, things go wrong. You get people who automatically direct their anger downwards, towards small children, instead of upwards towards the establishment, and that is exactly what the establishment wants, then they can get away with their immoral deeds. That is how problems are passed on from generation to generation!

Still, I can put Pearl’s book in perspective. It’s not really malicious, because he brings nuance as well. But Pearl’s book, in the wrong hands, can have disastrous consequences, because his texts, if followed selectively by the wrong kind of people, are a recipe for abuse and approval of violence. In any case, there has been a court case where a child died because of the abuse of parents who pointed to Pearl’s book as justification. Pearl is not responsible for how parents perceive his book, but it is naive to think, that they know exactly what he means. For example, the advice to let babies cry, without attending them, can be completely misunderstood. It can be taken as never looking after your child and his needs, whereupon the child will repress his needs and feel that no one is listening to him. This can no longer be called ‘training your child’. But I must give Pearl credit, for stating all needs of the child must be met. And stating there also need to be limits to the attention you give a child, which is true as well. Pearl also mentions that you should never lose control over your emotions, and that you shouldn’t spank out of anger or aggression. Right, as if spanking without agression is peaceful… If a baby keeps biting the mother in the nipple, then you as a mother will have to let the baby know that you don’t want that. Pearl then says to pull the hair of the child, for it makes it clear immediately. So he makes it physical again, and I don’t think this is necessary.
But let’s also not overly polarize to one side, and state you should never have boundaries towards your child or be angry. For that’s a nasty in society prevailing opinion as well. Parents who raise their child as lovingly as possible and overload them with positive attention, until the children feel like the center of the world, and need constant attention. This is absolutely wrong! And mothers who comfort the child when father has just punished them, which is very undermining to the father’s authority, and teaches the child absolutely nothing. Unless one of them loses control and goes on a rampage against a child, then I think it is only natural that he/she is not supported by the other parent! But you don’t discuss this in front of the child.

Yes, you can be both too sweet and too angry as a parent. And so there is still much to improve. Before the Fall, Yahweh acted much more directly toward humanity. We were a kind of glorified zoo and everyone listened to Yahweh, always. As the development plan for mankind changed and the Luciferic entities were given the function of inciting the passions and disobedience that would eventually give mankind freedom and independence from the Creator, Yahweh’s role was temporarily relegated to the background. Nevertheless, now that mankind has achieved the goals of the Fall, it is important that we take the road back to the obedience we had under Yahweh before the Fall, with the important difference that it no longer involves blind obedience, but a clear knowing of when to obey and when not to obey. In short: two-way communication! And a decision to choose for Him out of free will. And the question is, is He the Yahweh of the Bible…?

Because I think it’s good to offer different perspectives, here are some more videos criticizing Christianity without throwing out the baby with the bathwater. I don’t agree with everything in the video’s, but that really doesn’t matter.

Those who want to know more about fake Christians should especially check out the following presentation by Mark Passio. He is an anarchist but still believes in God.
Fake-ass Christians - Part 1
Fake-ass Christians - Part 2

I can also recommend this video by Johan Oldenkamp, a very rooted spiritual man, who believes nothing, but investigates everything:
The Real History of the Church

In that last video there is a little test with 8 questions. Here they are:
Does God punish sinners?
Are the Jews the God-chosen people?
Did God send his only son to this planet as a man?
Did this man named Jesus die on the cross?
Are the Jews responsible for his death?
Was his death a penance for all of humanity?
Is the Pope the highest representative on this planet of God’s authority?
Is the Church more important than the Scripture?

The answer to all these questions, if you go and investigate, according to Oldenkamp is: no.
I leave it to each one to walk his own path in this! I myself will not simply negate the role of Christ. The Christ remains the model for the ultimate good, without hypocritical piety and without being a sissy who runs away from pain. Even though those stories would not have really happened and it’s all to be understanded as allegory, there HAS BEEN a Christ influence in the past that has been the absolute benign center of the two extremes of Lucifer and Satan (Ahriman, as Rudolf Steiner calls him). This is what I recognize from my own experience. It is right in line with my psychological state. That is an inner knowing and cannot be destroyed by anyone in my case. I have noticed in the recent past that many things I had researched and knew for sure, by asking the right questions, are no longer such a certainty, and I wish the same to everyone.

Someone who filters the good things from the Bible very well is Alexandra, a sweet former cosplay girl, who is really a pleasure to listen to, due to her calm presentation. In the video called ‘Who is God according to scripture’, she explains who God is in her opinion. Her other video’s are worth watching too. Something completely different than the two men from above. I can appreciate multiple perspectives, and it doesn’t matter to me who’s exactly right, because it always depends on what information your view is based on. You can criticize everything constructively, and you can criticize everything destructively. That which remains is the truth.

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