My taken over father woke up today with a bruise around his eye. His eye now looks like the eye of Horus.

Taken over father has eye of Horus

Just as I am about to return home, something very remarkable happens to my father. Yesterday he got up having a damaged eye, or at least the skin under his eye. There is a bruise shaped like the Eye of Horus around his eye. Very strange. People who have read my site know that at the beginning of my work, I shared Donald Marshall’s information. That info talks about Vril aliens who use a protrusion on the head to suck your brain out of your head through your eye. This is what this Eye of Horus is said to symbolize. I’d like to make it clear that this is not done by physical aliens, but that the information that they take over bodies is correct, mostly to restore the balance in the corresponding protagonist. So think of it as replacing the software in one’s body. They start with the people around you and then work inward. Why my father suddenly has such a bruise now, I don’t know. There are a couple of options: he caused it himself, purely to test me. Another option is that they adjusted something in my father and the bruise occurred in the same way that, for example, stigmata occur in very religious people. That could then happen because someone focuses their energy on these bruises so much that it ends up having a physical effect. But another option is that it may be done by an entity in the unseen astral, acting on a specific body part with its energy, allowing them to set it differently, so to speak. Another option is that the entity that is in my father’s body has far-reaching influence on how his own body shows (shapeshifting) and by projecting this eye on himself he wants to scare me again with this so-called eye of Horus and the connection to Donald Marshall’s information. However, this will not work for him. I do fear if they would suddenly turn into something terrifying, but I absolutely do not accept what they would want to do, if this is the case. Not with me, but also not what they have secretly done to my family and friends. Not then and not now! Hence this article! On this site (link is only in Dutch) I find the following text:

“The ‘eye of Horus’ (Image) is a hieroglyph, a pictogram depicting a word, from ancient Egyptian writing and is also called oedjat eye, or the ‘all-seeing eye.’ In its form, it also resembles a human eye with an eyebrow and a kind of eyeliner line above the eyelid. The underside of the eye resembles a stylistic representation of a falcon’s black feathers. The god Horus was represented as a falcon in ancient Egypt and this part of the symbol refers to that.  The original name of the Eye of Horus is The Eye of Ra, which in Ancient Egyptian mythology refers to the female sun. The individual parts of the eye represent smelling, seeing, thinking, hearing, tasting and feeling. It was and is also used as an amulet to protect from the evil eye."

"According to Egyptian mythology, there was a struggle for the succession to the throne after the death of Osiris, in which his son Horus gets the left eye gouged out by his uncle Seth who wanted to take the throne by force. The eye is thrown away by Seth and disintegrates into pieces. However, through the intervention of Thot, the God of science, writing and the calendar, Horus’ eye was healed again and the eye is given special seersight powers. Moreover, each part of the eye was given its own significance in arithmetic as fractions. When the fractions are added up, the total turns out to be only 63/64. The Egyptians believed that the missing 1/64th part was magically completed by Thot."

"This layered symbol therefore represents the restoration of integrity. In astronomy, the temporary damage to the eye refers to the different phases of the moon. It refers to the moon being ‘damaged’ in the waning phase and ‘recovering’ in the waxing phase. The cyclical aspect in the cosmos is thus emphasized. By restoring the damaged eye of Horus, light is brought back to earth. With this, death associated with darkness is also overcome.  Wherever a weakened condition or disruption of the natural balance undermines a situation, the image of this symbol with its power and magical support stabilizes the good course whereby everything is brought back into place and things can start flowing again, strengthened by hope and faith in the ancient Egyptian wisdom about eternal restoration of universal harmony.”

A beautiful story, in which we clearly see that this eye of Horus symbolizes the phenomenon of taken over people. Outdated programs being replaced by new, “better” programs. Souls of innocent people being replaced by Dragon souls. It’s all the same! And then, of course, I am the protagonist who is weakened and in which the natural order has been disturbed, who thus needed “treatment”. Also the reference to Thot restoring the eye is special, because Thot is Hermes. And Hermes, of course, I know from Greek classes of old. Hermes Trismegistus is “thrice-wise” or “thrice-great” and is both a master of thinking (philosopher, = air), feeling (priest, = water), and acting (king, = fire), something that is also associated with the Christ figure, who after all is an ideal image of what a human being should be working toward in his development, and has his thinking, feeling, and acting all aligned. The missing earth element is then represented by “perceptions”, of which the system is already fully developed at birth.

The damage to my father’s eye also damages me, so to speak. I am startled and thrown back into myself for a moment, with no one to really lean on. But this eye is temporarily damaged it says in the text. It does not coincidentally coincide exactly with the full moon and it symbolizes the moon damaged in the waning phase, but recovering again in the waxing phase. The restoration of the eye will bring the light back to Earth, and we’ll see if I last until then!

Today when I expressed my concern about my father’s eye and also expressed my thoughts about aliens sucking your brain out of your head and also asked if there was another soul in my father now, my parents and sister reacted strangely. They knew nothing more to say, and then tried to ignore it. I felt good expressing my thoughts so easily. After all, I never did that with them. But now it was a breeze. I could have made it a lot harder on them than I did, but out of love I let it be, and that felt pretty strong! But it’s still strange that my father’s eye was damaged. In my article What will the future of mankind be?, I also briefly mention this phenomenon of black eyes, because famous people are often caught with black eyes. People do talk about the black eye club, which is associated with Illuminati rituals. As far as I am concerned, there is more to it. And I don’t believe that my father’s Horus eye came about because he accidentally rubbed too hard under his eye. But that’s what you’re led to believe by them.

How difficult must it be to live with such secrets? How afraid are they to take responsibility themselves?

UPDATE (March 26, 2023)
We are now two and a half months along. When I saw my taken over father this evening, I immediately noticed that he now had a black line under both eyes, in the shape of the Eye of Horus. I immediately commented on it. It wasn’t as obvious as last time, but enough, again, to cause alarm. At first I thought it was puffiness or maybe to little sleep, but now I suspect this is another attempt to pressure and threaten me, which I don’t accept and I certainly don’t appreciate. So stop that. There are other ways to motivate people, and I didn’t need it at the moment.

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