This article criticizes the massive uproar that was caused by the death of George Floyd.

Followers united for George Floyd
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What on earth is wrong with mankind? In huge numbers they fiercely react to the issues of the day! All united in their opinions. No one critical of another. All virtue-signalling! It’s disgusting. Now again as a result of the death of George Floyd, an American killed by another American. If you only protested every death in such a way? It would be a nice mess. People all follow eachother like sheep. Going out on the street and protesting doesn’t mean anything. All it does is make you feel like you’re one of the good guys in all your divided ways of thinking. And not one of the bad guys. Congratulations! 

Of course it’s bad what happened, but a lot of people die every day because of such things all over the world. The media is spinning it again in such a way it can be used to advance their agenda. It’s a black man killed by a white man. Oooooh dear, must be a racist murder then. As if the racism part is valued as more severe than the murder part. And as if every white man that kills a black man has a racist motive. And as if all blacks are victims, and all whites are perpetrators. It’s all part of identity politics and setting up one group against another. As long as people identify with their outward characteristics, or their thoughts and feelings, they will be sensitive to this influence from the media. And they will go out on the streets like idiots to protest against something happening on the other side of the world. This way of being united is very bad. It’s one big satanic hive-mind. There’s such a thing as being united, but retaining your independence. I think that’s a better goal to aim for. How most people stood on Dam Square (Amsterdam) is typical adolescent behavior. It’s false goodness, really scary if you ask me. 

The black-on-black violence, and the black-on-white violence is many times higher than the white-on-black violence in the US. You see how the black people go out on the streets en masse to loot and demolish buildings and set them on fire, because they feel like eternal victims, conditioned to think that way by their feisty mothers and absent and irresponsible fathers. These people can’t behave and need to be confronted on their attitude. Luckily there are also black people who confront white looters. I would hope they do the same to their black fellow man, because that takes a little more guts!

And as far as the police are concerned: yes, the American police are generally brutes! I am therefore in favour of the slogan ‘Police the police’. Look at what happens when you, as a cop, speak out for the constitution and against the malpractices of your colleagues and departments, as was the case with Greg Anderson last month. He was fired due to pressure from the top of his department. The police are clearly not there to respect your fundamental rights as human beings, or to take on the task of protecting people at all. People who still think that these days, they will be severely disappointed in the future. We all know that the police generally do nothing about many situations. It is always the people who are reasonable and do nothing wrong, who get detained on unimportant things. An easy prey. No, it takes more guts to tackle the real criminals, at the top for example. Cops sometimes do this unconsciously, because they lack guts, but often they are also instructed from above not to do anything essential in precarious situations, which they then dare to deny in your face. People have to take on the task and responsibility of protecting themselves and their fellow human beings from the rotten apples, instead of shifting the responsibility to the police. And that was precisely what the police in Minneapolis told a man who needed them: “Do what you got to do! 

Some time ago I carried the desire to protect my fellow man pretty strong. I wasn’t pro taking away guns in the US. How do you even enforce that? The situation in the Netherlands, where no guns are allowed at all, I found curious. If the Jews had weapons on a massive scale during the Second World War, they would at least have been able to defend themselves to some extent. In that sense, defensive violence is much better to justify than offensive violence. But I also see the situation without weapons having its positive sides. It challenges you to use your mouth, although the real criminals will get their weapons elsewhere, but this would be a lot more difficult. But what if the criminals are in power? Isn’t that what the second amendment in the US is for, defending against possible tyranny of the government?! This can happen to anyone, yes, even the people who extensively show how docile they follow the commands of the government and police. Some people are even quite proud to do so. They feel like good citizens. But I believe that a really good citizen confronts tyranny. That is what ‘doing the right thing’ is about. As I have said before, the golden rule is ‘knowing when to obey’ and ‘knowing when not to obey’. You can obey when someone asks you to do the right thing! And you don’t obey when someone asks you to do evil. And my definition of what is “good” and what is “evil” might surprise people. But evil is nothing but the good that is administered at the wrong time and/or in the wrong place. If shops are plundered en masse, and the police don’t do anything at all, that’s evil. And when people gather freely to exchange ideas (within 6 feet) and the police intervene, that’s evil, I don’t care what kind of dangerous little creatures they say are flying in the air.

What this situation of George Floyd shows, is that a large proportion of people are more concerned about the colour of the people involved than about the murder itself, they massively let the media select what they can now be indignant about, they massively view going out on the streets as a constructive way of expressing your opinion, they are only critical of their opposition, not of their ‘own people’, and the black colouring of your Facebook profile makes you a very good person! Okay, will somebody just shoot me, already!

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