This article describes some things that happened lately in my life, which got me to panic.

Sounding the alarm again

Recently I’ve experienced some unusual things! And I therefore sound the alarm again!

First of all, my neighbors who have been taken over and act all sweet to me, invited me to sit outside with them when I walked by. They offered me something to drink and something to eat. These neighbors had no mutual contact at first, but since they were taken over (and they let me know indirectly through their lies, because it’s not a coincidence), they contact each other every day, and they really look like a hive mind. These aliens in human form seem to hate humans, but they love their own kind! While we were sitting outside in front of the house of one of those neighbors, the other neighbor told us that she had a bloodshot eye once. I didn’t react to it any further. They know I’ve read Donald Marshall’s site, where he says the aliens take over people through the eyes. I don’t believe this. I think these aliens can show themselves in any form and mirror what they think you’re afraid of. So, as far as that’s concerned, I have a big disclaimer about this information.

My sister asked the other day if she could buy me a water-purifying bottle, so that even if there would be no pure drinking water in the near future (due to war for example), I could still get filthy water purified. She bought one herself as well. I was already suspicious of her, but now I had even more suspicion, because she was first constantly trying to disprove everything I say. And my article End of a cycle describes what kind of doubts I have about what’s going to happen later this year, according to some ‘the total destruction of this world’. And that you don’t have to count on being ‘saved’, but you have to take action yourself in order to save yourself. Maybe she has read this, but actually I’m just convinced (based on what things have happened before) that she has been taken over, and that it’s no coincidence that she’s now asking if I want such a water purifying bottle. But maybe she just wants to help me! Sometimes you are convinced of something, and immediately after that you read something that makes you doubt. It’s hard to follow the right path, that’s why I try to be guided by synchronicities as much as possible. Because that’s how God talks to a human being.

Apart from that, I was called by an old acquaintance from the mental health facility where I worked for a while. She has fooled me a lot in the past and she was the second person to have been taken over I was aware of. She called after we hadn’t spoken for months and I said I didn’t want to talk to her anymore. She wanted to know why, although of course she knows damn well. I didn’t go into it. Didn’t want to talk about it. She said just before we ended the conversation, “Well, so long then!” and something in me took that as a threat!

Furthermore, I arrived at my parent’s place yesterday, who I think have also been taken over, and my mother opened the door. And she looked at me very strange, and then suddenly she went into her normal personality. As if my mother is nothing more than an alter she has, as in dissociative identity disorder, and she has been taken over for a long time. Otherwise, she was acting pretty normal. But my father has been very irritated lately, and I’m not used to that. He is passive-aggressive then, very quiet and you see he is annoyed by the things I do, but if you ask him, he denies, but then he answers with criticism. I absolutely don’t know him that way. Furthermore, at other times they talk and tell me a lot about them, also things I didn’t know. It’s nice, but I have big doubts that they are still who they say they are, cause I’m not used to this.

Also, another person I know from the mental health facility called me yesterday. I had gone to a funeral with him, and he never talks for very long on the phone, and now he’s talking the ears off my head, in the middle of the night. Which immediately made me suspicious again. Because these aliens need a lot of attention. Logical, when they jump from body to body and have already experienced death 100 times in their lives. Then they just have to drown out this misery. Sometimes they force their message or their presence upon you.

In short: I don’t trust anyone. And I’m surrounded by these aliens. It’s murderous how they take over all those people around me. To an outsider, this sounds ridiculous, of course, but I have no doubt this is happening. They just have to have the balls to get to me, instead of all those people around me! I leave a trail of destruction and nobody around me notices. Until they get caught themselves. They want me to ignore their misdeeds, and let them have their way, but I absolutely can’t do that. You don’t even think for a minute I’m going to let this happen, do you? I’ve become a real hermit and no one around me takes me seriously! While it’s the truth I’m telling.

They work deliberately from the outside to the inside. To see when you intervene! They first make sure that the people you’ve told your story to are gotten rid of. And then they catch you, so that no one in the rest of the world notices anything. That sounds very cowardly, and there will be a time the things I’m describing reach the mainstream. This will be the beginning of the War of All against All, as Rudolf Steiner describes it in his books. Not everyone will choose the benign path, and these aliens will meet with a lot of resistance, and rightly so. Right now, there are about 200 million of them on Earth. This is quite a lot, and everyone knows some of them without even realising it. They’re the Antichrist! And a fairly new phenomenon in this day and age.

Even though it seems as if they don’t want me to share this information, they have encouraged me indirecly with confrontational posts on Facebook, to share it still. It seems as if they want it, but I really don’t care how they feel about this. I’m not doing it for them. On a somewhat higher dimensional level we are all one, and there is no opposition, so that is the explanation for this double message they give. Maybe it’s different factions trying to influence me. As I said, Lucifer and Satan are the left and right hands of this Antichrist, and one of the two defends man, and one of the two is against man. They want to manipulate mankind in such a way that we mix the material and the spiritual with each other in a monopolic consciousness, with an evil part and a good part mixed in the consciousness of the head, a state in which love and sex are the same. And we enter into non-exclusive relationships with eachother. I grew up in a family where my parents were monogamous and where there was a clear difference between good and evil. And I think my parents did good as far as that concerned, even though some other things went wrong in our connection.

The Christ Consciousness isn’t a consciousness of one evil and one good part, but has two good parts. And this doesn’t have to feel like a prison. If you are brought up in love (Lucifer), and if you, when you are a little older, gradually learn to deal with anger from another person (Satan), and then also learn to deal with destructive anger (Antichrist), you can reach this Christ state without it feeling like a prison. Very important. It is the path that mankind will eventually learn to walk, I am convinced of that.

I finally found the link to the Birth of Gaia forum where Abraxas from Thuban did a big question & answer information dump years ago with lots of info about the dragons. He also says he is a walk-in. And has taken over a man’s consciousness. Worth digging through. Because it gives a peek into the consciousness of the dragons. Also the information dumps of someone who called himself Hidden Hand is worthwhile. Here are the links: Hidden Hand 1 and Hidden Hand 2.

My father said to me today: “Don’t forget to visit us tomorrow night!” Why, I thought, do you have a surprise for me? But then I figured it’s Full Moon tomorrow. And the thought creeps up on me that they’re going to strike. Maybe for the last time. Hence this post. And I therefore want to take a moment to remember all the victims they’ve made and they’re going to make! It’s horrible that this exists in this world. But I’m not surprised any more. My project counsellor (who died of a cardiac arrest, while she had no heart problems) said some time that she had heard a sermon in church about whether self-preservation was the highest good? I can give the answer. No, it isn’t! For Satan maybe. But the highest good is risking your life to help humanity move forward, and we are going to see this a lot in the future! I am convinced…!

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