This article describes my distrust of various taken over people around me. It keeps me vigilant!

Distrust keeps me vigilant!

“Don’t do that!” shouted my nephew of 2, who’s taken over, to his father, my brother, who’s also taken over, when the latter was teasing him a bit. A “child of 2” who corrects his “father” and pronounces the words perfectly, while not yet speaking other words at all? Or is it perhaps one Dragon correcting another Dragon (which is his equal). I really do think the latter. As I stated in my article Anyone can host a Dragon entity, my nephew, as small as he is, sometimes speaks quite clearly, while he normally pretends not to understand much, nor speak a word of Dutch. The dragon inside him, I think, can already speak perfect Dutch, and so he has to pretend that his Dutch is slowly developing, but he does that by being mostly silent. After all, it’s hard to fake a development that has already taken place (in his Dragon upbringing), and to authentically fake all the intermediate forms and errors that a 2-year-old child normally makes in his speech! I have no doubt about this. This little guy is fooling you while you are watching him. A very bizarre phenomenon! If you really made him do what he can already do, everyone would think there was an already grown-up guy in his little body. And there probably is. But of course he has to hide that! My brother has also lost weight. He’s really not the same anymore either. As I described in earlier articles, the bodies the Dragons take possession of, often lose weight, and then tell all kinds of excuses why they have lost so much weight. We see the same thing with celebrities like Adèle, and Rebel Wilson, who have also been taken over.

Anyone who comes into contact with these Dragons is going to see that they are all about deception. They mimic the personality of the original person they have driven out of the body, and lie about various things. If I had to check my distrust about every single thing that happens, I would be really busy and I don’t feel there’s room for expressing that to them either. For example, my taken over neighbor was at my door for a chat, which I do appreciate, because I’m really not in a good place right now emotionally, but she told me that she had gained so many pounds. While she had lost so much weight a few years ago because of a gastric bypass. It was as if she didn’t have the gastric bypass anymore, maybe she had forgotten that she had used that as a reason, but well, I won’t find out the truth about that. Deception! I can well imagine that when I get angry from such things and confront them straight to her face, they strike. After all, the last time I got angry at her for lying, she wanted to lure me in to “talk about it,” i.e., to start taking me over, because as the taken over Jordan Peterson once said in an interview with Joe Rogan, “If you confront a Dragon, you’ll sometimes die!” But the people who still confront it are the ones who are the purest in Christ. Even if they die, while they are thus in Christ, they can still be among the 144,000. These then are the Dead in Christ, who will rise first, according to the Bible (1 Thessalonians 4:16) when Christ returns.

But actually I do not engage in such intimate contact with these entities, as far as my anger is concerned. Because for this I need trust, which is lacking in this area between me and these entities. Also because of my past! I hope that my self-confidence will still grow a bit in the time to come, cause I’m walking a very fine line.

Something similar actually happened with the friends who were taken over, of whom I had to clean up their computer, as I told in my previous article Sounding the alarm again #2. I tried to find what’s wrong with their computer but it turned out that nothing was wrong with it at all. So it seemed like an excuse to invite me to their place, maybe to scare me, because they probably know I’ve been through that once before with that old music teacher of mine (see my article: Behold the shadow). They finally said that their computer is only slow at certain times, just when I am not around (you tend to see that, right?) and I said I do believe them. I really did at the time, but then as soon as I get home, I start thinking. Or it could be because of something else, like for instance the slow internet speed they have (it is incredibly slow). But when I asked if they’re going to take fiber soon if they’re going to offer it here, they just listed reasons why they wouldn’t. While if the speed of your internet is so terribly slow, and you call me specifically so I can fix it, and then you don’t want it fixed by taking fiber, I don’t exactly understand anymore, what it’s really all about. Very strange! But again, I didn’t allow myself to get angry. But I do remember it all! And of course such things happen sometimes with people who have not been taken over as well. I just let it go!

I don’t quite trust my case manager (a kind of counselor) at the mental health facility either. I used to have a different case manager, but she has been absent for quite some time. Because of a divorce, but also because of loss of function symptoms on one side of her body. I suspect it’s because of the vaccine that her boss made her take. She told me herself that it was mandatory. The fact that she suddenly is divorced is also strange. People don’t get divorced for no reason, and judging from her reaction it was quite unexpected. So I’m guessing she hadn’t been taken over when I last spoke to her, and that they probably took over her husband first to target her. If they have taken over him and she doesn’t realize that they have taken over him and so she doesn’t act adequately to confront that, then they will take over her as well. And then she will come back when she’s healed as a taken over person, and she will tell me the lie that my new case manager told me: that she had a fistula that was pressing on her nerves, and that the loss of function symptoms were from that. Which I don’t believe. They will sweep such things under the rug at the mental health facility and then try to lull me to sleep. First they force someone to get vaccinated, which then causes her to have loss of function (many people who take the vaccines are having such symptoms, if you look closely on the internet), and then they take over her because she has had contact with me and I have told her things about these entities. And my current case manager was saying that they had a free choice to vaccinate, which contradicts my old case manager’s story. So that too is a lie I think. One of the two is lying about it at least. I suspect that this replacement case manager has also been taken over. When I’m in conversation with him, I do trust him, but as soon as I’m alone again, the distrust starts to come up again, and all I can think about are the contradictory stories, and the thought of them sweeping something under the rug again. He also has a bit of an off-vibe. He recounts rather extraordinary events from his past, events that no longer seem to have any hold over him. So yes, that’s a bit of this off-vibe I have with him. I also have the feeling that he’s acting out his personality, but maybe I’m just wrong, that’s also possible.

In short, these guys have surrounded me, and I have to stay alert at all times, otherwise they might strike. Yet they all behave very supportively towards me. They know that I lost my ability to give myself per mission to express my anger when I had the disapproval of these Antichrist entities thrust upon me. Because of this, a Luciferic treatment of encouraging is in order, so that I will feel my passion a little more again, but within the requirements of these Antichrist entities.

I was with my taken over parents and taken over sister a few hours ago. And I told them how I had had another big crying session at the beginning of the week and how I felt so terrible afterwards. And I’m sometimes just waiting for the moment when I will become suicidal, if I get even more things to process in the future. But what an uncomfortable atmosphere it was after I said that! My parents tried to ignore it and my sister started a kind of drama crocodile tear fit, after which she asked a bit cynically and condescending what she could possibly do for me to help me? I found the reaction of all three annoying. It’s clear that they can’t quite handle something like reality, and then ignore it to death or start acting very unreal. Maybe because they feel guilty too, or they just don’t care about me, and purely just do what they are told by Dragon management. I don’t know. It seems as if they can’t imagine my pain, because they themselves are fighting their own pain and don’t want to talk about such things. If I had told my real mother something like that, she would have started crying, and she wouldn’t have stopped, so we would have talked about it a lot, but now she ignored it: very coldly. And my real father had only gotten very quiet about it and had also talked about it, but now he ignored it too: very coldly.  But after that we really had a few hours of nice memory sharing together, and then I became comfortable again, because they are after all also my memories about my family and friends. And this gave me some strength! So it’s really not just negative! But the whole situation is just weird: because you are actually in one room with your family, while they are not your real family, but they have all the memories of your real family and insist that they are your family. Bizarre! So yes, if they only want love from me, they should have acted better and not have taken over my family. Now I am forced to write off about them in a big way online from time to time. It’s their own fault!

And then those mental health workers who are just coming in and may think I’m very psychotic after all, when I blurt out such things… I’m laughing at you! You have no idea how the world works! You don’t see the things that are actually there! That’s reverse psychosis. Rock-hard reality denial. And those people are then qualified to call me psychotic. Hilarious! Luckily they haven’t tried that on me yet, because I will literally kick them out of my house!

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