In this article I ask the question, in relation to your fellow man or in relation to the forces of evil, should you sometimes resort to defensive force?

Should you sometimes use defensive force?
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In a new video by the taken over Tijn Touber entitled: “Thank you Jos” (sorry, only in Dutch), he describes how you sometimes have to resort to defensive force to defend yourself or others, while you are not at all violent inside. You can use force with the greatest compassion and love, the taken over Tijn describes. And I have thought about this myself before, when I saw the movie “The Dark Tower” (2017), based on the book of the same name by Stephen King. In that movie, the idea that you can “kill with compassion” is also brought up. The Gunslinger, who is one of the main characters in that film, utters the following words (called The Gunslinger’s Creed):

_“I do not aim with my hand. He who aims with his hand, has forgotten the face of his father. I aim with my eye.
I do not shoot with my hand. He who shoots with his hand, has forgotten the face of his father. I shoot with my mind.
I do not kill with my gun. He who kills with his gun, has forgotten the face of his father. I kill with my heart.”
This in itself sounds better than the average action movie, where people clearly aim with their hands, shoot with their hands, and kill with their revolvers. These are usually aggressive people, where the aggression has clearly destroyed the internal representations of the father, which is what is meant by: “He has forgotten the face of his father.” But sometimes people who are not at all violent still have to use force to defend themselves or others. At least, that is what this film suggests, but also Tijn Touber. But is this really the case?

Someone like David Icke would say of this that it is absolute bullshit. He chooses love and that is the only truth. And I would do the same! That’s the first and last word. But what should you do if, for example, you are bothered by an intrusive stalker. Should you continue to give him love, or should you punish him so that he doesn’t do it anymore. There must be a soft teacher and a hard teacher. You can’t deal with that with love alone, because then there is no incentive to change the stalker. If he only gets love, then he will never start behaving properly. Of course, things have gone wrong for that person much earlier, and he has probably ended up in a kind of psychotic state. And to get him out of that, sometimes harsh action has to be taken. What is often lacking with David Icke is his understanding of this. He condemns the behavior of both people and then says that they should become like him, and learn to control themselves, then we won’t need hard teachers anymore either. I certainly agree with that, but he has no plan on how to achieve that at all. While everything in the world is actually set up to achieve this. But it does require some work. And there is a place for both soft teachers and hard teachers. Until we no longer need the hard teachers.

A person can become evil both by not listening to the Father (the disciplining role), by which he gets the Satanic powers in front of him, and by not listening to the Holy Spirit (the nurturing role), by which he gets the Luciferic powers behind him. These are necessary stimuli that cause a person to change. And this is not only about love, but also about rejection, so that a person finds his right place in the Great Plan again.

So there is a place for rejection. But what if you have learned to handle rejection just fine? And you are out of control? And you seek the battle every time, but now as the servant of Christ? Then you face the Antichrist powers, who threaten you with death and take over human bodies so they can treat you even more specifically, even if you are not in treatment at a mental health institution. The whole outside world then becomes a treatment center and you have to produce works so that these Antichrist powers can read how you are at the inside, so that they can treat you specifically. So you have to cooperate in this, but if all goes well, this goes automatically according to an impulse in you, the Christ impulse. If you don’t want to cooperate, at some point they will attack you to give you the “scorpion sting” (the so-called droning), so that you die, and your body is taken over by another entity. When they do that, you would think that you have every right to attack them with deadly force to defend yourself. But is this really the case?

Rudolf Steiner describes in his lectures on Lucifer, Ahriman, and the Asuras (I call them Lucifer, Satan, and the Antichrist) that there is a way to face the Asuras so that they stay at a distance, but that at the time he did his lectures (sometime in the early 20th century) he wasn’t allowed to divulge that. I thought for a while back then that he meant that if you are attacked by the Asuras and they want to take you over, then you have to resort to deadly force. Of course, you can’t declare this, if the Satanic influence hasn’t gotten a sufficient grip on the people yet, because you have to embrace Satanic entities with love. If you proclaim too early that there are also Asuric (Antichrist) entities, then people are going to confuse the opposition of the Ahrimanic (Satanic) entities with the opposition of the Asuric (Antichrist) entities) and someone is going to attack these Ahrimanic (Satanic) entities too early out of fear, when really they should just show love towards these entities. To me, this does sound logical. Moreover, people are not allowed to experience disapproval (which is Antichrist energy) until they have first been sufficiently compressed by the Satanic entities, and thus have sufficient reserves to handle the disapproval of their core. But I say about using deadly force: it was a thought I had at the time. I’ve also thought at times, that you should just give up your life and passively let everything come over you, like Christ deliberately letting himself be betrayed by Judas and aiming for his own crucifixion, as the ultimate sacrifice for humanity. But I don’t feel that brave. And besides, nobody would find out then, so it’s totally pointless.

No, on the contrary, you can prevent the Antichrist entities from attacking you by simply following your inner impulse and continuing to produce as a servant of Christ. Producing articles or videos is not something you do just to stay alive. But also to show humanity the light of Christ, and teach them something, even if you are ignored, ridiculed, or rejected adamantly. Even then, the truth just has to be told. And as soon as you realize and live through this responsibility and act accordingly, then you start to see that these Antichrist entities also protect and support you. That they sometimes respond more favorably than the original people who were first in the bodies, however painful this may be, and that they actually do not want to harm you or your fellow humans, as long as you are aware of your responsibility and continue to share. The sooner you realize this, the better, because it can save a lot of deaths. Moreover, by showing your disapproval of their actions in public, you can also keep them at a distance in this way, because if something happens that you are outraged about, you just throw it online and actually hit back that way, which is very helpful. And it certainly ensures that you won’t be bothered by them. This is the soft teacher from you to them. Should they attack you, even though you continue to produce, (it is not even certain that they work that way), there is still a place for the hard teacher: then you defend yourself with appropriate force, although you will have to realize what consequences that has in a world where almost no one knows about these entities and their motives. But if all goes well, they will not attack you when you face them with love and focus on your responsibilities.

So using force towards the evil forces is actually not necessary, because they have a certain order. But sometimes “ordinary people” behave mor e maliciously than the evil forces do. And then sometimes it may be necessary to defend yourself with force. And for that, you don’t have to be violent inside at all. Anarchists or libertarians disapprove of initiating violence, but they think responding to violence with violence is the right thing to do. I don’t think either is right. If everyone who punched another ends up in the hospital, then something is off, if you ask me. Sometimes people punch another out of fear, not necessarily because they are so violent inside. And you can often go back further in their history and then it turns out the initiation of the violence was also just defense. For police officers it is sometimes necessary to use force, to prevent worse. But in practice they don’t often do that well either. And often they don’t do it well even on purpose. So this still needs to be confronted. But it has a function in the Great Plan.

Anyone who wants absolute freedom at all times to do whatever he wants, whatever comes into his mind, and wants the whole world to be automatically like that, understands nothing of the Great Plan, is not acting morally, and is leaning to the Luciferic side and will be unfree in the opposite (Satanic) area of the mind. He still has to learn to behave according to the laws that apply here, the 10 Commandments, and learn to care about the fate of his fellow man who is in a worse condition than he is, for example, as a result of his behavior. It is precisely by internalizing these laws and keeping them that you can ground yourself and are no longer afraid of being controlled.

Those who impose too many rules on themselves and others (as we are now seeing during the corona mass psychosis), are not moral either and will go over to the Satanic side and will be unfree in the opposite (Luciferic) area of the mind. He still has to learn to listen to his own power/passion, and learn to care about his own fate and that of his fellow man whom he harms. It is precisely by listening to yourself that you can ensure not to be controlled by anyone.

Ultimate freedom is the middle ground, in which you are free on both the Luciferic and Satanic side, and where the opposites keep each other in a balance, so where the free experience of the passions interact with the natural laws that are in place here (the 10 commandments). I am going to repeat this very often in many ways, because I want people to understand this. This is the way of Christ, and has nothing to do with the exoteric Christianity practiced in most churches! You can’t be controlled anymore then, and will probably meet the Antichrist, as described earlier in this article.

If you want an explanation of the 10 commandments and what they really mean, I thoroughly recommend to order part 20 of this video course from Johan Oldenkamp. Highly recommended if you prefer to pray rather than curse, because he has some special things to say about it and it is not what you would expect!

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