In this article, I discuss the shooting, in Uvalde, Texas, that took place on May 24, 2022, and what is usually behind these types of events.

U.S. shooting: what's behind it?

A terrible shooting in Uvalde, Texas a few days ago. This was a real shooting, right? Or is it again a shooting in which crisis actors are used and the whole thing is tied together by false reporting? Fake news! Fake photos! Taken over people (and children!) who are in on the plot? And so on. The amount of contradictory information on Twitter, for example, is huge. For example, I found this Image, with the following description: “The two faces of Salvador Ramos. The media first released the white version of the shooter, then used CGI to modify the copy into the final version: different eyes, wider nostrils, thicker lower lip, exact same hairstyle.”
But then if you look further, you’ll see that a lot of different people are posting different photos of the possible shooter. You see a transgender who looks a bit like him. Liars want to talk bad about their group of choice, while the shooter was a Mexican, just like his victims were. Everyone agrees on that, right? Photoshop allows you to create any shooter you want to create. For example, check out this site, on which you can generate non-existent people with CGI. (Refresh the page to see yet another non-existent person). So who says this guy is real?
On social media, suddenly a lot of copies of his profile are being created, so it’s mostly unclear who he really is. There are stories going around that Salvador Ramos was bullied at school because of his clothes and that he was poor, but then he can buy two expensive guns with a lot of ammunition. That makes it implausible that he only acted on his own initiative. But the media will always say it was a lone wolf, when usually there is much more behind it. Usually these guys are being manipulated or taken over by the ruling powers.
Furthermore, the police went inside and rescued their own children from the school and then stopped people who also wanted to rescue their children, and even threatened to use tasers towards these parents. There are also questions as to why they could not breach the barricaded door of the classroom, to which no answer was given. They did absolutely nothing for 40 minutes, while they were there with many units, and they all had big rifles. It seems awfully evident, this was supposed to happen, isn’t it!?
I see Obama tweeting that it is exactly 2 years after George Floyd’s death (very suspicious), and that we should continue to remember George Floyd, something that doesn’t seem right to many Americans, because it seems so inappropriate to state, after a lot of children have just been killed.
Meanwhile, I’m keeping my eyes open for more info, but it’s another big mish-mash of ambiguity. And it’s clear that the major YouTube channels/news channels all have their own agenda and present the news to you viewed through those eyes.

Anyone who has read conspiracy books or websites, is already a lot wiser than the average person about a number of important events from the past, and has viewed the evidence that many things surrounding terrorist attacks or shootings don’t add up and that nothing is what it seems. Because they do use crisis actors, and they all belong to the great conspiracy I describe on my site! These people are mostly, I suspect, taken over. The people interviewed by the media are also often crisis actors. Many times they show up at multiple terrorist events, each time under a different name. Of children, no one suspects that they can play a role in this deception, but I know for sure that children are also used as crisis actors and that these children have also been taken over and replaced by adult Dragon entities, who act out their roles by mimicking the original personality of the child, in that way fulfilling their roles to fool humanity. The reason of which is, to control the development of mankind. All of these taken over people are in on this conspiracy and receive instructions from some sort of management (as in “The Adjustment Bureau” (2011)) who most likely keep in touch with the taken over people through a direct connection, which manifests as voices in their heads. Voices that are all centrally coordinated, which is very advanced technology. That’s one big secret, of which humanity has little knowledge.

These shooters are then picked out and taken over. And the people who are to be shot might then also be picked out, and taken over, as well as the families, though I am not sure about this. These taken over people can see exactly, by using the lens they wear in their left eye (read this: Jokesters or monsters?) or by using their psychic ability to look into the astral world (which lies as a kind of overlay over the physical world), who exactly have been taken over and who they are able to shoot, without disturbing the development of the non-taken over people. One can even mislead things so much that there is no need to even shoot. It is purely about the control of information, and whole groups of taken-over people fooling the media, although I’m not saying this was the case with the Uvalde shooting. But in many cases, the conspiracy is so monstrously large that anyone who tries to expose it will be called crazy. Anyone who starts to investigate previous events and follows the evidence finds out time and time again, that the lies are enormous. And we humans perpetuate these lies by not using our voices and speak up, when we see anomalies. So we all have a task to perform.

Here is some proof of different actors lying, in this case. Watch this video in which it appears that one of the murdered children had two different fathers. Could it be a progressive LGBT family, or can we assume that two actors felt called to play this girl’s father? Of course, we’re not supposed to notice this, but if we do, we can get worked up again about the deception taking place. Probably this girl just doesn’t exist and everyone who has anything to do with the school has been taken over.

I have also seen emotional messages on Twitter that the husband of Irma Garcia (one of the murdered teachers) has died of a heart attack. Of grief, it is said! That all sounds touching, but probably we were dealing with a person who was taken over, whose current Dragon-entity was removed from the body, upon which the body died. They can do that remotely. It is then often said that there was a heart attack or a brain haemorrhage, while there is no evidence for this. I have seen this before with my taken over project supervisor, who was first taken over, and later dropped dead because of a double heart attack, which she was absolutely not examined for after her death, so it is just guesswork by a doctor, and I know for sure, that there was more to it.

But back to Uvalde. Now all the newspaper reports again show pictures of all the victims. All of them are sweet little children! The pictures of the little children with the most innocent faces are shown on every news site! And their teacher was a hero! And next time we are remembering the victims again with our smug faces. People immediately cry out on all sides: ban firearms! And yes, as long as people can buy firearms freely in the US, shootings will continue. But not for the reason you think: every person having a gun shooting at it! No, most people teach each other very well how to handle guns safely. But the ruling powers, as part of the Satanic influence that is on humanity, want to strip the people of their weapons so that they can control the people more easily. Something that is actually quite understa ndable. For there is nothing wrong with self-control, or control of aggression. But yes, in that way, the ruling powers are often behind these shootings that get a lot of attention.

Now, you can use a firearm to attack another person, but you can also use a firearm to defend yourself. Against what? Against criminals, or the government?! But the more aggressive you approach people, the more aggressive the counter-reaction has to be in order to still have some leverage over you (and make sure it doesn’t happen again next time). That’s how it works with fighting evil. You soon need a bigger evil, to still encourage change, because evil people are usually not open to change. This creates a hardening in society, which we see very clearly in the U.S. Here in the Netherlands we are always surprised when we see the incredible idiots who work for example with the police in the U.S., who always approach ordinary people with full force, because they must be prepared that they can face a madman, who just randomly starts shooting at them. David Icke exposes the Satanic roots of these types of organizations in his books (PDFs in this chapter of my story). And that means, their job is to control aggression in people, something we do need in society. But these kinds of organizations must also be open to be confronted on their own attitudes. If they are not, they too will have to pay for it. Because if you control aggression with even greater aggression, then you will have to admit that you yourself still have something to learn. Everyone must eventually be able to justify their behavior. But this hard teacher is needed when people refuse to listen to the soft teacher, or when you just haven’t experienced this soft teacher while growing up. Then this is the only way to still be able to calm them down.

So here we have two camps facing each other again in the U.S. The Luciferic Republicans, who believe they have the right to defend themselves, especially against tyranny of the state. And the Satanic Democrats, who say their hands are clean and they would never become tyrannical. But how exactly are you going to take away the guns from a large portion of Americans? Are you going to ask nicely? Or are you going to take them away, under threat of even bigger weapons? It’s going to be a nice mess, and would be the beginning of a huge war, because don’t think that portion of the population is going to give up their beloved weapons. It’s just ingrained in the culture. And so both sides are perpetuating each other. Recognizing this stalemate is the first step to change and building bridges to your opposition. Because if you walk the middle path, and listen to both your own anger and that of your opposition, you will immediately be out of the spotlight of the Satanist governmental organizations and they will leave you alone. Sometimes in order to reach this state you have to first face these organizations. Fighting them like crazy is counterproductive. In the end, these organizations are always concerned with bringing about an inner change in you. When that has been achieved, you will be left alone.

So I have sympathy for both sides in the debate about firearms that is now taking place again. But I fear, that one can expect another huge conflict in the U.S., if this is going to be played out. What must be done, must be done! But I would like to make a comment about each side in this debate.
To the crazy people on the Republican side (they’re not all like that) I say this: Do you honestly think this is what you should be teaching your children? Image-1, Image-2, Image-3, Image-4? I mean: it looks incredibly sexy, all those guns, but it’s definitely a bad example for kids, no matter how responsibly parents teach their kids to handle the weapons. It’s like you’ve landed in the latest Hollywood movie. Completely ridiculous! As if life is an action movie, where everyone walks around like this, hoping to be the hero one day, taking out a “bad guy”. These guys think all teachers in school should be armed. Such idiots! Clearly victims of bad conditioning.
And to the crazy people on the Democratic side (not all of them are like that either) I say this: no one is impressed by your masochistic attitude, and your phony compassion, and all those other values you want to impose on another using the violence of the State. That is no way to face your opposition. These people have also been conditioned with lies for years.
For both sides: Real heroes use the power of the Word. That is your Sword, your true weapon! For that you need the gifts from both sides. If you use the Word with conviction, with guts, you will bring everyone to their knees! Not because your words are so vicious, but because they cannot stand your light!

As I said, what must be done, must be done! But I hope it will be done in small steps, so that people have time enough to adjust. Usually two means of manipulation are used: the ‘totalitarian tiptoe’ and ‘problem-reaction-solution’.
‘Totalitarian tiptoe’ is when the ruling powers go further and further in carrying out their agenda, but with such small steps at a time that no one notices. Most people have the memory of a goldfish, which is perfect for the ruling powers, because in those cases no one will rebel.
‘Problem-reaction-solution’ is when the ruling powers create a problem, such as a real or fake shooting. Going ahead, they then provoke a cry for help from the people, fueled by lots of agitators on social media and TV. And then the ruling powers offer the solution that happens to advance their agenda, but for which they needed the problem to begin with.
We can pretend that this is all very evil and it probably is, but it can’t be done otherwise in a world where Free Will applies. Then somehow you will have to direct the consciousness of the people in such a way that it assures their development, that people can learn to the maximum, and above all, that the path back to God and to True religion can be taken.

Read my other articles on the how and why of Free Will and taking the path back to God which amounts to walking the middle path between the two political extremes, which is the path of the Christ figure. For man must realize that she can only partially point to those in power for all that is wrong with humanity. Those in power are only doing what is required for the Great Plan to succeed, the Great Plan that is working toward the Knowing of All Things, and Perfect All-Embracing Love. Humanity will have to realize that they themselves are also partly responsible for what is wrong with humanity. If you become a victim of something, share this with your fellow man and learn to transcend this victimhood! And speak up when you see things that are not right. Politicians will never solve it. If politicians have to solve it, it is guaranteed to be war. By telling us how not to handle things, they teach us to choose how to properly handle things! Don’t give your power away to these people, but take control yourself! And don’t vote once every four years, but use your voice the whole year, in short: speak up, but do it in a responsible way!

Meanwhile, in Davos, the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting of super-rich and high-ranking men and women is taking place, all of whom want to create a better world, at least, that’s what they say. Using a Great Reset, reducing the world’s population to 1 billion and eliminating all useless eaters in many different ways, Klaus Schwab, the founder and president of the WEF, tells us in his book “The Great Reset.” The plan is diabolical, and so the shooting in Texas seems to be a way of dividing the people’s attention so that the opposition does not become too strong. But understand that the Satanic plan is not just decided at the high level of world leaders, but that the final orders come from even much higher figures. The world leaders we see and know are but puppets of the higher Antichrist entities. To learn more about these entities and their place in the Angelic Hierarchy, read my article Angels and Demons.

Soon I will post an article discussing a movie that very realistically elaborates the concept of people being taken over in order to control their actions. The film in question is “Possessor” (2020). Watch this movie and you’ll understand how the shooter of the Uvalde shooting becomes so crazy, that he kills an entire class of children!

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