In this article I describe some experiences of late, and cover some info around Covid vaccinations.

I am not finished yet!

I was feeling pretty screwed for a while this week. My family has been trying to get me excited about things at various times over the past few weeks. Music production equipment, cars. And I feel really driven to read all kinds of things about it, and to fantasize about it, even though it’s only stuff. And every time I am enthusiastic about it, and want to share things with them, they are negative and seem to want to keep me small and discourage everything. I’m familiar with this kind of draining behavior of course, but they manage to pull it off every time. It’s probably meant to keep me focused on my tasks, my responsibilities, but that takes a toll on me at times, especially when they’re pushing my interests in worldly matters. It’s very annoying not to have anywhere to go with my enthusiasm about such matters. And it feels like I am invariably blocked in this and like they want to keep me small. I previously shared this clip from the film ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ (1990) and it applies again to these happenings. So I ran into this again this week when I was at my sister’s house. Too bad my whole family is taken over. I ended up walking away because it just drove me crazy. I’m all ears at all her interests. And then when I want to share something about my interests, she’s negative. That does make me sad. But I don’t need it anymore, all that worldly stuff. When your enthusiasm for such things is blocked again and again, and you’re told, “Just do what you want to do!” Then I’ve already had enough, and I don’t need it anymore. I have more important things to do.

I want to talk about vaccinations briefly in this article. The internet is slowly starting to fill up with people who get very sick after their vaccinations. I have read stories of women starting to menstruate and not stopping until the uterus even has to be removed. Swollen faces and body parts on which people say it has nothing to do with the vaccination. No, it just happens! Under ‘cause of death’ ‘heart problems’ is then noted, as if that is a cause. I have also heard about miscarriages right after the vaccination. Lots of people with blood clots in the brain. Inflammation of the heart. People who start shaking after their vaccination (convulsions) that don’t stop. But of course “it has nothing to do with the vaccines!” In my immediate surroundings, my mental health care worker had loss of function symptoms in one side of her body after the vaccine. The Dutch side effects center Lareb advises doctors not to report side effects because they don’t want to do anything with them. Hospitals cover up the disastrous consequences because vaccine = good. And there are people who, despite getting sick from the shot, are so afraid of Covid that they want a second or even a third shot. And worst of all are the doctors who think it’s cool to recommend these vaccines to everyone, because they get so excited on the technology in the vaccine and them knowing something about it. In theory, a turd can still sound good. It’s not hard to read the stories on the internet. Are these people all liars then? Or is the world getting massively sick, but it has nothing to do with the vaccine? I don’t believe a damn thing about it. Furthermore, there is also evidence that a certain portion of all vaccines are just saline, apparently to make the genocide of the population less obvious. And when the fear of corona subsides, they just drum up a new variant. The delta variant now, because you have to be in deep sleep (delta brain waves) to believe in this. Meanwhile, TV shows serve as huge propaganda spreaders. A Dutch show like Veronica Inside that is normally about soccer is now about Covid, Covid, and Covid. If one of the men appears to wake up a little, the others burn him down. They are all pathetic little egos who parrot each other and don’t dare to think critically, or they have all been taken over (big chance!) or are being paid big bucks anyway to spread that nonsense. Look at Johan Derksen, but also at people like Wierd Duk and Roderick Veelo. I bet my head that these men have all been taken over. They weren’t just paid a bag of money. There’s more to it than that. These men are just not themselves anymore and they have all been taken over, as very often happens with people who can reach a large audience or with people who speak too much truth. They are nothing more than drones, who can only defend the State, and the status quo. But count on the internet being awake. You can tell by the numerous negative reactions to what these guys are doing. There is a lot of censorship, but in the responses you sometimes see very useful information coming through, and confrontational memes. There’s also a lot of unwholesomeness being exposed, but not enough yet. Everyone needs to start doing this. No one should accept this great deception. Meanwhile, the streets are filled with protesting people in many places. Very large crowds. Many thousands per city. But don’t think you’ll see any of that on the news. No, this is hidden as much as possible, because it can’t be seen by the public. It would give people the urge to do the same. When you’re dealing with such a big hoax as this corona craze, it’s only natural that people would take to the streets en masse, right? But on the other hand, it only challenges the politicians in power even more, to pull the reins even tighter, and deploy massive police forces, beating up the civilian population, or to create false flags, in order to control the population that way. It is important to spread the information about the deception as widely as possible. This is also being done. And to confront each other. But I also understand the people who believe in the Covid fairy tale and are really afraid of getting Covid, and really think that the vaccine is something good that is going to help them. They’re wrong, but I want to give them all the freedom to make their own decisions around their health. I don’t take sides in that regard.

Someone who does take the virus seriously is Kirk Kahn of this website, the information is well worth reading and watching. He reasons as follows regarding what the vaccines do:

“The mRNA technology is turning people into walking, talking biohazards that are spawning the mutant variations and creating a Zombie Apocalypse for Operation Depopulation. Anyone injected with mRNA technology is probably going to die very quickly. The science is simple. The pathogen is equated with self, so the body stops fighting it. No fight means no symptoms. You won’t get sick. You’ll die. The rationale is obvious. The clinical studies demonstrate the obvious. The real-world results prove the point. In addition, the RNA is reverse-transcribed into the DNA turning people into mutant chimeras. The body may or may not accept the modification. If it’s rejected, it will either be purged or the body will destroy itself in an attempt to get rid of it. The science is conclusive!

Covid has been granted A status for several weeks now here in the Netherlands, equal to ebola, justifying all future measures and mandates. Meanwhile, the people are distracted with the so-called murder of Peter R. de Vries, a crime journalist. They probably just used a clone of him, and the real one, who has definitely been taken over and is a Dragon, is moving on to a new body. That’s how it works! Peter R. de Vries was not a good guy. He always appears on the scene to “assist people” in murder cases, but to my understanding they are always murder cases involving the State, and Peter comes to distract and direct, so that people don’t notice that the State or the elite are involved. This is something he has done for the past 15 years or so! In his interview with Theo van Gogh, Peter R. was still his ‘usual self’. You can see this from his appearance, which comes across as very ‘ordinary’. Only later did he get an aura of power around him, and that often happens with Dragons. They think: we behave as if we have power, then people will give us this power too, and that certainly turns out to be true, because everyone buys it.
Peter R. de Vries made no secret of his open relationship. This is typical for Dragons. They think that you shouldn’t claim a partner for yourself, and that true unconditional love is when you encourage your partner to fuck around and grant him or her this. Morality is way out there with these characters. It is ‘service to self’ disguised as ‘service to others’ anyway. Especially in the U.S.A. people have an extremely cool image of Dragons! A Dragon is someone who tells another person the truth and crushes someone, and people make eager use of this very powerful image. But in my opinion it is not about becoming the Dragon here on Earth, although they would like everyone to be like them, but it is about taming the Dragon! For this you do need the inner Dragon, but you transmute this energy into a loving energy for that part of yourself, and thus also for them. You then go one step further, so to speak, and enter into a relationship where you can learn from them, but they can learn from you too!

I don’t know how long I’m going to keep it up. In the family group app, my brother who is also taken over (I’m sure now) is now making veiled threats. It started with my so-called mother just starting a conversation. And then my other family members who have all been taken over, responding to it. I sensed that the shit was about to hit the fan and they were going to make ambiguous threats again, and sure enough. My so-called mother told me that the phone holder had jumped off the window of the car (just as they are about to pick up the new car this week). And my brother responded by saying, “Oh, so he felt his fate coming?” which is just a disguised threat because I haven’t posted anything for two weeks. That’s how they did it last time. These guys really make a slave out of you. Actually, I just want to break free and give my power free rein, but I can’t do that anymore because of the unfortunate combination of things I’ve been through. So I have no choice but to act like a slave, and post another article. Bastards they are! They try to silence me all the time and drain me massively. And then they demand that I post articles or create other works. It takes a lot of motivation to keep that up. I know it’s my responsibility, but I don’t have infinite inspiration, especially when I’m invariably silenced in everything.

The lady named Anneke, to whom I turned in my previous article There is more to it than meets the eye, now has the following text on her new Twitter profile: “Siamo angeli con un’ala sola, solo restando abbracciati possiamo volare…” which means, “We are angels with only one wing, only by being embraced can we fly…” They so long for love, these dragons, but behave like killers. Isn’t that pathetic? The only way to embrace these angels is to become dangerous yourself, and confront your inner demons within. But that’s out of the question with my trauma. How many people are dumped like this by the mental health services every year? These people don’t commit suicide, they just get killed by being taken over, and no one notices. How sick is this! And nobody wants to hear it. No, instead I get put on a list of religious nutters on Twitter, someone notifies the police that I am just using a public tweet from someone in my previous article, and I get more unjustified crap thrown at me. I am sick and tired of this. My intentions are only good, and I just get nailed to the cross. And what I get thrown over me is only minimal compared to what some others get thrown at them. But I just have a vulnerable spot in my personality. And there’s just nowhere for me to lay my head down. I’m not in the habit of prayerfully asking for all kinds of things, but out of desperation I’m now praying that I will keep up what I once started, to share this information with the world. Even though the energies that are on me are almost unbearable….

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