This article describes my problems with so-called spiritual people and briefly maps out the mystery of evil.

Fed up with these people

I’m so fed up with these people. These people who claim to be spiritual or of God, but just ignore you when you try to contact them by sending them a kind message. It’s a giant pattern that people ignore me. They probably think I am the enemy, or I am evil personified, because I judge some people’s behaviors, as if my judgment is somehow proof of a lack of understanding. No, it’s a conscious choice to judge sometimes. There’s another side of me that understands at the same time, but I choose not to show it at every moment, cause I think people are mature enough to handle it. But they aren’t in reality, and that’s why I’m so timid in real life situations, often hiding myself not to anger anyone. It’s exhausting. But these so called spiritual people, they have no clue what real spirituality means. These people always seem to think you must merge good and evil. Or they think it’s about love and light, staying away from evil, eternal peace or infinite expansion. Namaste! No, shut up! I have enough of your shit. I love every single being on this planet, and yet, that’s the reason I tell you the truth. That can be harsh, but I in no way will satisfy your lust for approval, love, acceptance, beautiful words or whatever else. There are unfortunate people on this planet, who need that a lot more than you.

Non-dualism without dualism is nothing! It is endlessly contemplating how spiritual you are, with deep sighs in between. And between these sighs, endlessly complaining (without calling it ‘complaining’ of course) about how naming things is so un-non-dualistic, and thereby obsessively transcending other people’s viewpoints and looking down upon people that have unfortunate lives or live in duality, as if it is always their own fault. It’s despicable. It’s the absolute denial of the presence of evil on this world. It’s like evil doesn’t exist anymore for these people, ‘cause their little selves have transcended it, or never experienced it. It’s the epitome of egotism. Looking down upon people who have severe psychiatric illnesses, or who are living on the streets, or who have other horrible illnesses, as if they haven’t been of love and light in their lives, and therefore have gotten well-deserved punishment for that, is frankly despicable and terribly misguided. Yes, illnesses are present to bring you closer to God, but we must have compassion for the unfortunate. They of all people, need your attention or love the most, not those fake ass “spiritual people” who think they won the great prize and think they are above everyone else. People usually flood these people (their idols) with endless attention, as the vultures they are. I don’t need that shit. I will do the right thing anyway, without that kind of attention. 

If you know yourself and the world, you will be able to constantly switch between naming things (which is essentially dualistic) and transcending this (which is non-dualistic), but one is nothing without the other. The Christian trinity is where non-duality and duality meet eachother and join hands. The polarities of good and evil mustn’t be merged. They should be kept separate in your mind, the evil kept in the lower chakra’s, and the good in the higher chakra’s, with the heart balancing them out. But you must first maximize the knowledge of evil, by becoming as negative as possible (blackening in alchemy) and then work towards the balanced state. This negative state can be extremely ‘good’ or extremely ‘evil’. When you are extremely ‘good’, you will accept everything and not intervene when faced with real evil, and this is in itself a negative state. When you are extremely ‘evil’, you are expanded with agression. In these ways, you will come to know evil. From either of these extremes you will, by using the reactions of people preferably totally different than you as the catalyst, work your way into the morally balanced state (which is the process called whitening in alchemy), without merging the two polarities, purging yourself of the two-sided evil, without suppressing the essence of these extreme states. I will repeat this many times, cause I want people to properly understand it. This is not about blending or merging good and evil, it’s about seeing this world for what it is, purging yourself of the two sided evil (duality) without losing the essence or knowledge of this dualism. As I said, non-duality without duality is to disappear in nothingness. It’s denying that your own roots are in duality. Duality is what you used in your childhood to learn to know the world. This is an essential part of being you. These non-dual people see dualism as something only of others and look down upon everyone who is in dualism as if they don’t get it. They deny the existence of evil as if it’s not real (cause they (the lucky ones) transcended it) and allow it therefore to exist without doing anything about it. They are usually too busy with heavy breathing and meditating in their satin robes…

The mystery of evil is a very intricate one. As you will know by now, if you have read my other articles, I talk a lot about Lucifer, Satan and the Antichrist, following the works of Rudolf Steiner, who calls them Lucifer, Ahriman and the Asuras. Lucifer can be called evil, Satan is eviller, and the Antichrist is evillest. But these three principles or forces should be administred one by one, when you are ready for it. They have both a soft teacher in them and a hard teacher. If you don’t listen to your mum warning you of the hot stove, and still touch it, you get burned. Although it can harm you, you can’t call that evil, it just is. Now, Lucifer is expansion or the effect of uncritical love, and Satan is compression or the effect of critical anger. You need to integrate both principles. Lucifer can be overcome with morals. Satan can be overcome with understanding. If you have overcome both of these forces, you will be the target of the Antichrist. The neccessary remedy for the Antichrist is to experience disapproval of your anger, which is the soft teacher of the Antichrist, and compresses your core even more, leaving layers of the ego behind. If you won’t listen to this disapproval, you will become subject of the hard teacher of the Antichrist, which is the total destruction of yourself. Your consciousness will be taken over then. So you could say that only the hard teacher of the third evil force (the Antichrist) is really evil in itself. Lucifer and Satan are only evil for the undeveloped mind, although the terrible effects the hard teachers of them can cause are definitely real.

So in short, people can use these 3 evil forces working on humanity, to develop their own consciousness, so as far as that’s concerned they aren’t only evil. Real evil, and I said it many times, is then actually when these soft and hard lessons, are administred at the wrong place at the wrong time. For example, when a young child structurally experiences the destructive anger of one of his parents, while he’s only ready for their critical non-destructive anger, then this is a terrible mistake that can be called real evil, cause it will have a terrible effect on the child, which he never will really be able to overcome. And that has happened to me. But it has taught me that evil is definitely real. A child is never guilty of the unfortunate structural mistakes his parents (who he loves unconditionally) sometimes make. So, don’t trust these solipsistic people, who think there’s no objective reality and think everything is an illusion in the one mind existing: their egotistical mind.

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