This article speculates about how the dragons take over people and discusses some other thoughts I've had these days.

Poisonous bites

Today I went to my parents’ place, where I met my parents and sister. During dinner they made several strange remarks about death. The last remark of my sister was her talking about the fact that cardio-fitness costs so much energy: “Yes, you’re pretty much dead in 6 minutes then! I thought they were hinting at me again, and said, “It would be better, if it happens in just 1 minute!” Then my sister said with a grin, “No, I’m not able to do that!” And we shared devastating glances at each other, knowing that we know ‘it’. As I said before in one of my Youtube videos, I’m convinced that my parents and sister have been taken over by certain demonic entities. They’ve just been giving a nasty energy at times, although they’re behaving pretty much the way my parents and sister have always behaved, but the nonverbal messages they transmit are poisonous from time to time. I’ve told you before about the dragons harming innocent people with some kind of poisonous bite, and the dragon consciousness then takes over. Whether this is really the way it happens in reality, I’m not sure, but I keep all options open, also because there is a lot of information on the internet, of which most people don’t even know or want to know the existence. It could also be that they want you to believe that it’s happening through a dragon bite, to mirror what you’re afraid of. But I didn’t feel any fear at all when my sister said this and I was firm in my reply.

I also sometimes think of Bill Donahue’s video The Alien Invasion, in which he says that the aliens in human form set out an invitation to you, and if you respond to that, they will take over your consciousness. I once had an invitation from an acquaintance to visit her, but she has a very poisonous energy, and she sort of forced me to accept that invitation, and I wasn’t allowed to tell certain other people that I was with her, she said. It didn’t feel right, and I deliberately let nothing come of it, because I don’t trust her for a penny, like I don’t trust several people around me at the moment, because of things that have happened. I just have a gut feeling that I am being misled, manipulated, forced, or that something else is wrong, or is going to happen.

I also had the overwhelming feeling in my sleep (several times), that I received such an invitation like the one Bill Donahue describes, to let myself being taken over (as in the “walk-in” phenomenon, where a exhausted person chooses to leave his body, on which another entity then takes over the body from the spiritual dimension). In these situations, I always wake up with one big cry coming from my toes: “No, I don’t want that! F*ck off!” So I don’t rule out that it might happen without a physical dragon bite, but just at times when you’re a little less alert or a little less awake, for example in your sleep. But I’m not going to surrender to those attempts in any way.

The vampire myth originates from the possible reality, or possibly the reality they want you to believe, of these alien entities, biting human beings who then turn into vampires, called dragons. Also the werewolf myths originate from the wolf aliens (also in human form) that may also kill people. I am filled with horror, when I think of the possible fact that it really happens with a physical kind of poisonous bite that paralyzes and kills you within 6 minutes, and that they have taken over my sister and parents, and the many other people around me, who have shown lying behaviour, and make certain hinting remarks. As far as that’s concerned, I pick these demonic entities out easily! I don’t shy away from them. They are very nice to me, but the energy behind the communications is wrong, and they completely ignore my difficulties with these thoughts, and the reality behind them. Everything is being ignored. And in many cases I focus on more earthly things, partly because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to handle these things. But when I think about my family, and especially my twin sister and I wonder where they are right now, while they are sitting right in front of me, it hurts so incredibly that I have no choice but to share it with whoever wants to read or hear it.

At a time when I was very sad about the situation and prayed for a sign from my family that they see and hear me, I got the impulse to look at my phone, and the clock said: 1:43. The urban dictionary indicates that this is a cryptic way of saying, “I love you” (look it up) and you will understand that the tears flowed richly, and one day when I was struggling I was constantly confronted with 143. And at another time when I was having a hard time, just after the flow of 143s, and I asked for a sign again, and after I fell asleep I woke up and looked at the clock, it said 23:45, which in the urban dictionary stands for “I love you, bro, no homo”. At that moment it really felt like my father was saying that to me.

Most people will find this nonsense, but for me they were very meaningful moments. Maybe I’m completely wrong, but my gut feeling says I’m right that the situation is as it is. My mother used to say that no one can fool me, not even as a child, and that I always know when people lie to me, or say something to me for some reason. And I have unfortunately found out that life on Earth is one big lie and that nothing is what it seems! Anyhow, I’ll take it any way it comes…

I thank everyone who supports me despite my heavy and bizarre thoughts. That helps me enormously!

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