In this article I describe the advantage of women who dress modestly. You can judge them by their inner qualities without being distracted by their assets, which is something that can benefit both you and her in the long-term.

The advantage of modestly dressed women

That original Christian women before the 19th century walked in veils just like contemporary Muslim women, according to David Ewing Jr. whom I mentioned in my previous article, is quite extraordinary. It makes me think about this, because it really contradicts reality as we are presented with it in 2023. Because in 2023, the women with their demure veils have been exchanged for hot instagram models, talking about their body count, indulging in their passions, money and the lusts of the flesh. The Whatever Podcast on YouTube gives a good picture of the state of the average twenty-something in the U.S. And then people have the nerve to say that Satan wasn’t let go in the past two centuries. Of course it has! It started with the rise of materialism, pushing the theory of evolution and that the earth is a sphere, making lusts, kinks and perversions normal and criminalizing “righteous judgment” and so on. A massive push of misinformation and sinful temptations by the Satanic powers, who with their treatment provide the Second Resurrection people who have ears to hear with a compressive treatment so that they can get back to God. But the bulk do not have the ears to hear.

In each Whatever podcast, host Brian, invites a number of self-proclaimed Instagram models who have a large number of followers. Together they talk about things like dating, love, relationships, sex and so on. If you didn’t already know anything about cucks, simps, incels, and would like to know the body count of these women, be sure to watch this show. The world is feasting on it, judging by the number of views, half a million per video. The models all give themselves a rating of 10, but if you look at their insides, I can only say one thing: RUN! Cheating, jealousy, making money from Onlyfans, porn and sugardaddies, hypocrisy, self-aggrandizement, and they all think of themselves as just very normal people. Some even call themselves monogamous while making their money by opening their legs to total strangers. Because, of course, they look beautiful. As long as your nails are done! There is really not one among them who has a unique point of view. Even the conservative women who are invited talk the standard checklist that all the other conservatives talk the same way. It is really poor. Host Brian is obviously trying to get a hot girlfriend out of it, as he hits on his guests several times.

Anyway! I am beginning to dislike this kind of behavior more and more. It’s mostly because I’ve pretty much let go of that bit completely, because it just didn’t make sense to me anymore. It’s only focused on the outside. Yet I myself am exposed to temptations to focus only on the outside of people. For example, I can also enjoy beautiful women who look like they perfectly well take care of themselves. But I am aware that there are a lot of exquisitely beautiful devils, and a lot of hideous looking angels!

So I was thinking: precisely when women cover themselves by choice, you are challenged as a man to judge the woman on her inner self and to make a real connection that goes deeper than, “do you still find me attractive”. I am not so sure that it has done much good, that women are so quick and proud to show themselves in full, and lie with thick layers of makeup, just because they think that with a beautiful exterior they are worth more as a human being, because it is just not true. There is a fierce desire in many women to be hit on, but only by physically attractive men who meet their list of demands at that exact moment, of course. As if it means anything if a man says he finds you pretty, but unfortunately many people think like that. It’s all short-term thinking. Parasitizing on each other. Furthermore, of course, they always say they make themselves beautiful for themselves, but that’s purely ‘spacing’ on their own pride. It’s ugly! No matter how beautiful they look on the outside. It is fake self-love. Real self-love is not giving pride or self-aggrandizement, but is seeing your positives as well as your negatives and embracing them with love regardless.

Of course, the freedom of the West also has a lot of impact on women in countries like Iran, where they are even persecuted/killed for not wearing a veil, yet they all want to walk without a veil because it is modern and they want freedom. It is terrible that they are killed and I absolutely disapprove of it. But what we should all be moving towards is women freely choosing to dress modestly. Coercion will not achieve anything. People will only loathe what is forced, and they will see proudly displaying your assets as ‘the way to go’, because it brings freedom and it is ‘the modern age’.

I did once have a discussion with a former therapy companion about veils, because at the time I thought it was so inappropriate for her to stand up for her Moroccan friends who want to wear veils, while in Iran they are being murdered about it. The Moroccan women immediately started whining about discrimination and racism, so I told that former therapy companion that discrimination is not as bad as what people in the media and politics would have you believe. That we all discriminate, and that she after all only likes black dudes (which is the truth). She reacted outraged and immediately deleted me from her Facebook list. Never spoke to me again, because in her eyes I was a racist, when in fact I wanted to expose her hypocrisy. What we unfortunately see with many Islamic women is that they wear the veil out of fear of their husbands and the opinion of the entire community, and then call it free will. But that is not free will. Free will is when you really realize the benefit of veils. That you realize that real freedom is not doing what you feel like, but you realize that you have responsibility in terms of what you give away to a man as a woman, even though everyone around you says that’s nonsense.

An example: someone I know was sexually seduced by a man, who I think was taken over. She gave away her virginity to him, just like that, because she wanted to have the experience of sex too, which is understandable. But she did not get a relationship out of it, much to her grief, because she had developed feelings. I found that terrible to see. And eventually she was taken over as well. It’s sad. Watch who you have sex with in this day and age. It can be so dangerous to lower your defense mechanisms for someone you barely know, who may well have very dark secrets. That’s why when you have a new connection with someone, you should always start by setting boundaries. Once these are accepted, you can become more intimate, and you can also express your anger, should anything ever happen. If this is responded to well, then at least you know a little more what you’re dealing with. Appearances are transient, and if you want to be sure that a man is not with you for your looks, then you have to make it about the inside as well, and one way to do that is to dress modestly. Marriage can be a goal after slowly building a relationship, focused on long term commitment, but it has been so badly corrupted in the West that that doesn’t mean anything anymore either. It’s terrible. People get married because they want a big party, not because they are sure about the quality of character of their prospective partner. It’s silly to say the least.

I once had a girlfriend who hurted me again and again, and vice versa I hurt her too. Then you will somehow have to admit that you don’t fit together. But I was too much in love to make a decision about that all at once, and it took a long time for me to protect myself and stand up for myself. In the end, it taught me a wise lesson. But what was remarkable was that when she saw old photos of me from before my therapies, she said she wouldn’t have fallen for me. I ‘m not the same as I was then, but that still felt very conditional, even though I was also Jesse then. Perhaps my desire for unconditional love is unreal and I actually desire a love like that of a mother or father for their son. Not surprising, with such a past as I have.

But I also once had a girlfriend whom I did not find very attractive, but she showed me unconditional love and support. I ended up breaking up with her because in therapy a lot of aggression was released and I started making very high demands, which were mostly about looks (my “taste” changed as a result), but I can’t say it wasn’t nice to have someone unconditionally behind you. Coincidentally, she also sometimes photographed herself wearing a veil. She also listened to me very well and we could talk about interesting things, and that was incredibly nice. In hindsight, these are things that are much more worthwhile than all that ostentation and being with a model woman, as if it is some kind of trophy. Because in the end, you won’t get anything from that…

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