Lately I have been getting a lot of texts in my Facebook feed marked with ‘Suggested for you’. Clearly the Antichrist entities want to tell me something. But I am going to quit this distraction of Facebook!

More freaky posts on Facebook

As I wrote in my article Resisting discouragement, I get a lot of texts in my feed on Facebook, usually marked with “Suggested for You,” that I don’t quite know what to do with, because I immediately relate them all to myself and they get freakier and freakier! Clearly there is a sick mind behind putting them on my feed, because they are all of the same nature. And I suck them all up like a sponge because I can’t afford to miss anything. Here several examples that really piss me off.

”Occasionally we reach a point where no matter how hard we try, the thing we are working towards just isn’t going to work out… and maybe that’s okay, maybe we need a reset, a change, a fresh start, perhaps all this time, the struggle has been so difficult because of something as simple as picking the wrong goal to focus on in the first place.” Image.

What the freaking *@$! What do you guys mean by this? Do you mean that my work is pointless? That I can quit because there’s no point anyway? That I’m pursuing the wrong goals? What nonsense! I’ll be honest: I don’t even FEEL my goals right anymore, thanks to that treatment I’ve received my whole life. And yet I persevere, and keep going! Is there maybe a little bit of threat in that message? Does it make you want to start trying out my personality? “Maybe we need a reset?” Depends on what you guys mean by reset! If you guys want to take my soul, and call that a reset, I most certainly do NOT need that, nor do I agree to it! I think you are the ones who need a reset.

”Your heart is this beautiful yet frightening abyss and I’m standing on the ledge, trying to sum up the courage to jump. -jump-” Image.

Don’t you dare jump, you bastard. I am sick and tired of posts like this. It’s obvious they’re about to jump into me and I definitely don’t accept that! Such scary vibes.

”Sit beside me and let me hear all your memories - those moments you want to forget and sunsets you want to keep, I’m all ears.” Image.

Yuck, another one of those posts where fake love drips off! And again the same theme: them wanting nothing more than to crawl inside me and receive all my memories. Such scary people.

Work on yourself quietly. You never hear a tree grow, it just grows without telling anybody.Image.

I don’t want to be childish, but trees can’t talk. If they could talk, I’m sure they would have been happy to share their growth experiences! And if you guys think there is some growth in me, it just seems that way. Your thinking is so warped. As if everyone who gets your destructive treatment actually grows. That’s not true. Destruction is destruction. Don’t act as if it is something good, and as if people always grow from that, because that is not true. You only look at the outside. And then when you don’t know anymore, you take over people, so you also know the inside, although I don’t think you learn anything on the whole. I already tell you the inside, but you just refuse to accept it. You think you are God and can decide on life and death, and you really believe that. Someone has given you that idea and it is not God.

”Starve your distractions and feed your focus.” Image.

The only distractions I almost have left are those stupid posts of yours! Other than that, I think I’m doing pretty well the last week, but I won’t share my growth experience! Focus works like a muscle. And you can train that muscle, by letting your power flow through it. And so if you can’t get that power flowing to your head, you will have problems with focus. Put too much pressure on somebody, and they clock out. My father had this too, when I tried to explain something to him and got irritated when he didn’t understand immediately. Then he would clock out. Comes from narcissistic or aggressive parents, who want their children to feel the destruction too early, for example, because they think it makes someone grow. But just give me even more destruction! It really makes me feel better! Morons!

”If you want her in your life, act like it!” Image.

I remember there was a time when I still wanted the girls around me in my life, and acted like it. But then it supposedly wasn’t right or good enough. I so needed to be rejected by everyone you had taken over, until I was totally drained, and lost everything. It is the same disgusting way of treatment that they unleashed on me in part-time therapy. All the time negating and ignoring my aggression, and then when everything deep down in my body disappears because of the too much pressure on me, they say, “Now you’re allowed to be angry!” Can still remember thinking: Now I don’t want to be angry anymore, because the road to total destruction or a life sentence is signed! I saw a post come along earlier on Facebook that said something like: “they put out all the light in you first! And then ask why your light is not shining?” It’s of a filthy nature! How dare you guys!

Apparently, you guys think that trauma will recover if you hit someone hard enough. Yes, that is sometimes true, but sometimes the trauma is too great. Why do you think I was admitted to a clinic for people come who can’t be helped anywhere else? Why do you think they pulled the aggression up in me? I don’t know how to explain it any more clearly. I’m tired of having to meet all your demands!

”Sometimes you need things to go wrong, so you can wake up and focus on you.” Image.

I just have a very weak sense of self! I don’t feel myself well enough, emphasis on “feel,” but if you guys think things have to go wrong first before I start feeling myself, then you don’t quite understand that things have gone wrong already for a long time. 17 years ago! Since then my head is filled with ‘the other’ and not with ‘myself’ and at the same time I am alienated from that ‘other’. Precisely in order to be engaged with another, your own feelings must be allowed to exist. If your own feelings are not allowed to exist, you are often busy with yourself, but not in a good way. This is that “beautiful” paradox again!

I am typing this article now, and immediately they are flying airplanes above my house again. They know exactly at all times what you are doing and what your tone is. If it’s just a little bit angry, they protest again. Instead of looking at themselves and thinking: “Well, it’s logical that he’s angry,” they want to reject it again and again. Until I am no longer sensitive to it. The threats get bigger and bigger, but they will never say what they really want. No, you get to figure that out for yourself! Nice game, right?

And they know exactly what is going on inside you, because they have made some kind of connection to you (probably through entities hanging around you in the astral world and watching you) and can see exactly what you are experiencing. See my articles Logging on to Jesse Musson and On Susan Reed’s “The Body Snatchers”. The only thing they haven’t done yet is give themselves control. If they do, then my soul dies. But I absolutely will not allow that to happen!

Every time I’m distracted now, my heart starts beating hard, and all sorts of strange things happen in my body. Pain in my body, my heart skipping, adrenaline, sweating, hunger, and then I feel they want to say, “Not good what you’re doing now!” I just ate something! Is it allowed? Or is that also a distraction!? I wanted to go to bed last night, but my day rhythm is such that I usually don’t go to sleep until morning. It seems like they adjust their influence accordingly, because I got a lot nervous and anxious while I was waiting to fall asleep early. So then I went off to do serious things until 8 a.m.. When I lay down after that, it was okay!

And in itself, that influence is not so wrong, because it makes me minimize distractions, and do serious things as much as possible, even though afterwards they try to negate everything I do. On the other hand, that influence is also very intrusive, and I don’t agree with that. It started when I got that email that said “Do or die!”, (see my article And suddenly, the pressure increases…). Since then, they have modified something about me that I absolutely did not consent to, so I don’t understand why they think they did. But as I say, I’ve never done as much in one week as I did last week, and that feels good, no matter how much they want to invalidate it with shitty texts.

This month may be a special one. Martin Vrijland predicts a tsunami between November 6 and 18, and predicts that the ruling powers will turn off the simulation we are all in on November 27. A real reset, in other words. The real end of the cycle. It is worth reading his articles. Also read my article Some thoughts on Martin Vrijland’s recent work.

Not coincidentally, on October 27, I received a message from someone to whom I once gave a huge bale of rice that was just past its date. She is probably now also taken over and she thanked me again for the rice and she said she had eaten it and it was delicious. I had ordered that bale of rice because I was afraid war would break out. That was before the corona pLandemic. Later I bought something like that again, because it would be handy to have in the house if all hell broke loose. But getting a message about that bag of rice exactly one month before the date predicted by Martin Vrijland is not fortuitous. Would we need something like a bale of rice, next month? Or are they trying to scare me again, and is it a matter of me finally listening to myself a little more, rather than all those others. I’m guessing the latter, but as I said before, I have quite a weak sense of self and am quick to feel that people (especially taken over people) are hiding messages in their communications. And so I relate everything to myself.

So it’s time for me to ignore all those texts. No more Facebook. I focus on what I want to do. And if it’s all wrong again, so be it!

And as expected, after I’ve been angry again and I’ve committed my anger to the ether again, with this article, I am brought back to my grief. So I cried for the umpteenth time! And that actually relieved, because I am calm again now. And I just go on with what I’m doing, and don’t care about all those strange people pushing and pulling at me that I should behave in a healthy way and act normal. If it were that easy, I would have done it a long time ago. Independently. Without their so-called help! They just don’t know any better! My time will come!

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