This article describes that my family doctor died of cardiac arrest, and questions whether it was through ‘natural causes’.

Did my family doctor die through ‘natural causes’?

To understand this article, you must have read at least Section 2 of my story. In a nutshell, my life is threatened by certain entities who take over human bodies. The original soul is then pushed out and the fraudster mimics the character of the original person. People who notice these entities, are targeted by them, meaning that slowly everyone around that person is taken over. You can counter this by publicizing information about them as much as possible, embracing the inner Christ, and risking your life to reveal this to people. This has been going on with me for a number of years. And so I regularly post articles to counter these entities, and make sure they don’t take over anyone. But I am not perfect, and every time I am less focused on my responsibilities, they take over people. And every time I express myself negatively, people die around me. Read the following story:

My neighbor, who is taken over by these entities, informed me that our family doctor died suddenly and very unexpectedly. This neighbor has let me know a few times when someone has died again unexpectedly, and I just know it has to do with me, every time she does this. Maybe somehow I’ve been too passive again with posting articles, because the Antichrist entities take over bodies if I don’t fully commit to my responsibilities (of revealing this information), but they don’t just take over bodies, they also kill people in a direct way, especially when I dare to express my anger to people online for example. Every time I finally feel my goals, I express my anger online, and then another person dies near me. I just get punished every time when being my self! Every time!

This family doctor died of cardiac arrest. One time it’s a brain hemorrhage in someone, other times a cardiac arrest in another, and yet others get a tumor in the head. The whole street where I live here is full of these kind of deaths. In one house, right across from me even twice a tumor occurred, and once a stroke, spread over several residents (which weren’t related). As if the house is cursed in some way. Sickness and death are part of life, I hear my taken-over neighbor say. But I am convinced there is more to this.

The death of this GP could have been caused by 3 options. I don’t include the option: unexplained sudden death, because I don’t believe in that. There is always a reason. Usually they then say: “natural causes”, as if it is natural for someone to die for no reason. Cardiac arrest is not a reason. What’s the reason the heart suddenly stopped, is then my first thought?

Option 1 is the following: There are many vaccine deaths, which the medical community turns a blind eye to. With every death they say it has nothing to do with the vaccines, but people are having heart attacks and blood clots by the dozen, and everyone is going along with those ridiculous jabs, where the majority of the nurses who are jabbing people are not aware, of what is exactly in these things. This blind faith in these jabs, is criminal, ‘cause when you look up what the ingredients are, the craziest things come up, that just can’t be healthy. So yes, I wouldn’t be surprised if this deceased family doctor is also a vaccine death. Yet another one, for those who have been paying attention.

But, and this is Option 2, it would also not surprise me if this GP had long since been taken over, as generally happens with people who hold important positions, and has now left the body on their own volition (because they can), so that the body dies. With the aim of causing as much suffering as possible in one’s own environment and also putting me back on edge. For it is no coincidence that my taken-over neighbor lets me know again that someone has died. They always do that at certain times. Last time it was, due to not expressing myself so nicely about these Antichrist entities, and perhaps this time it was because I had provided someone who was taken over, online with criticism, see my previous article Don’t you dare criticize the “starseeds”. They want to compress your feelings when you express yourself, as much as possible, in a destructive way. For more information on the different groups of evil entities, see the first two chapters from Section 3 of my story. In it I explain everything. Also, be sure to read my other articles, which give a lot more information.

Option 3 is that the GP in question had not yet been taken over and they brought about that cardiac arrest with one of their weapons as described in Susan Reed’s book: The Body Snatchers (see my articles: Jokesters or monsters? or On Susan Reed’s “The Body Snatchers”). These are weapons in which, for example, one sends chemicals enclosed in certain, probably longitudinal waves (they go right through everything, and work instantaneously) of a certain frequency to certain locations (where they know the victim is), and in that way these victims are killed. Usually a cardiac arrest, or cerebral hemorrhage is then detected.

The evil Antichrist entities want to teach people how to deal with ‘death’ as much as possible, so that people are less and less guided by fear, but speak their mind, regardless of the consequences, even if it means ‘death’. Yet it always feels like my fault, when people die then! Of course, to many people that doesn’t sound realistic, because they don’t see how all deaths have a reason and are related to certain targets nearby, in this case me and many others scattered around the country. A lot of unexplained deaths, if you ask me, are caused by these entities. People don’t just die. They only die when being sick, or old, or when they are victims of an accident. And there is always something behind sudden unexpected deaths. And that is certainly not always a physical defect, as most doctors seem to think these days. And we must therefore stop seeing these unexplained deaths as being through “natural causes,” but be aware of the dangers of these entities!

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