This article describes an experience I had with some starseeds, ‘advanced’ souls who threaten you if you criticize their ‘special’ status.

Don't you dare criticize the ‘starseeds’

A tweet passed by that I wanted to highlight, so I retweeted it. It was about “starseeds”, advanced souls that come from distant galaxies and are tasked with waking up humanity and such. A person named Tyler shared his thoughts of the talk about starseeds just being nonsense. “You’re not Lyran or Pleiadian. You’re a human being and you’re embarrassing yourself by talking about it.” Which I totally agree with. If you have seen one so-called starseed, you have seen them all. All of them feel special by emphasizing their alien-roots, something they have come to believe over time, and on which their lives depend. And all of them think of themselves as very good beings, who are very special, and… don’t shy away from turning on the mass mob if you criticize them. So much for their advancedness!

A woman named Shelby then posted a message in which she put 10x “starseed” in a row, an exasperated response to Tyler’s tweet and my retweet, to which I sent a message stating: “so this is what happens when you don’t go along with someone’s delusions” to which I received a message saying it’s not delusions, and that it’s been proven that starseeds exist. To which I replied, that if it made you feel special, it’s very likely not the truth. And that she should keep on floating high. And that I love her anyway!

At that moment “help” came from a being called Cassandra, who said: “Think what would happen if someone put a fist in someone’s throat. That would feel special, right?!” So because I criticize someone, and challenge her in her “special feeling” (which she evidently identifies with), I get this threat, which is utter weakness on her part. Shelby, meanwhile, blocked me and liked this (violent) tweet. To which I responded by asking Cassandra if this is her standard way of approaching people. “Yes, this is standard when someone goes for Shelby!” to which I asked how old she was, and that criticism doesn’t mean I’m trying to attack her! Criticism is one of the ways how mature people communicate with each other, and that she should try it on Shelby, and Shelby on her. Then this Cassandra apologized, and said that my feed was okay, but that I should post more original thoughts, instead of retweets. Yes, that’s exactly what I use my website for. Take a look I’d say! And then I got another private message telling me to leave Shelby alone. Apparently she can’t handle moderate criticism. Ridiculous.

It reminded me of how I used to get mad at my mom, and then my dad would come around the corner with an aggressively threatening response! Some people think that well-worded criticism comes across as more malicious than a violently threatening response, or that if you criticize someone, anything is justified to stop you, even violence. In my opinion, it’s just immaturity, and malice when you threaten someone for expressing criticism. I get that it’s not always fun to be criticized, but it’s important to keep the dialogue open. And certainly when people identify with the traits that the criticism is aimed at, people can become very aggressive, but it’s important to work through those feelings, and you need your opposition for that.

Cassandra in this case seemed to be the handler of a mind-controlled Shelby. They accept each other uncritically which is a form of malice. Apparently they idealize each other in their specialness. And then when you knock someone off their pedestal with a little comment, they become aggressive, not used to being challenged in their thinking. Twitter is full of such people, unfortunately. All those so-called spiritual people, who are love and light supposedly (Shelby is not even like that), become aggressive if they are not approached with uncritical love. They are absolutely all the same. It gives me a bad feeling. But if you have anything meaningful to say in the world, you will get many cavemen all over you, threatening you. It’s a shame!

This used to be said by my therapists as well. They would criticize someone’s father or mother. And some people became very aggressive about it. “Don’t go after my daddy or mommy! Because I will get very aggressive then” was the reaction. Usually the therapist would say: “Is nobody allowed to say anything about your parents? What happens when YOU say something about your parents?” referring to the fact that these people were probably taught from an early age to stop criticizing their own parents, by their own parents that is. So we see the same thing here. According to Cassandra, no one is allowed to say anything about Shelby, which seems very strange. Why would you want to protect someone so much from criticism that at best can only make someone stronger (more persistent) or better?

But it could very well be that they had seen my site, and they have both been taken over, and felt compelled to take a moment to test my ability to handle their threats. They may have been hoping for a ferocious response, so they could let reptilian management know again, as a previous Twitter dragon (see my article Twitter encounter with a Dragon) would usually handle it. In this respect, many people on Twitter are just 100% taken over by these entities and react to criticism like little toddlers, who think that mommy and daddy should always be positive to them, while they themselves fall into a rage inside and cannot show it, because it is just too intense, so they just play that they are positive then. This is just their way of acting. Which is a performance in itself.

For me this is yet another reason not to be on Twitter. Because every time I notice myself and my feelings and I’m feeling comfortable saying things online, some caveman is right around the corner. It’s almost standard. And these cavemen are everywhere! I just use the challenge they offer to become stronger myself. Because thankfully they don’t impress me much anymore.

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