This article describes another dream about dying that I had, and a little clash I had with my sister, who has long been taken over.

A strange dream and a small clash

Last night I had had quite an extraordinary dream again. I dreamt that I was lying on my bed in my parents’ former house, where I grew up. And I was slowly falling asleep. Until my mother, who is taken over, whispered in my ear that she had poisoned me and I was slowly dying. Slowly I felt the life leave me, my taken over mother whispered some sweet goodbye words in my ear, even though she had poisoned me, and I became less and less aware of my surroundings. I noticed that in the meantime I could just keep breathing. I gradually went into another state. It didn’t hurt at all. And then it was “ploop!” I was suddenly in a totally strange location, a building, a kind of big antique store, and saw some familiar faces: people I had encountered somewhere in my life and who were now walking around here at this place where the dead were welcomed. I saw a lot of people, all dead, and saw several classmates again and even a therapy mate. People were telling me in full detail how they had died. I told them that I had probably been taken over on Earth now and talked about how there were probably more people taken over, and that they were going to do that to everyone who was awakened on the subject of the world situation. I mentioned that I had seen in a children’s movie where you end up when you are dead, in exactly this antique store, and then you are offered different products that you always have to refuse, because they all want to rip you off! (HAHA!) I was also taken into a room, in which there was a kind of door to heaven and a kind of door to hell, but not the real heaven or hell, but a kind of tourist office, where you could get information. I was taken to the hell side, and again I saw all these people who looked familiar to me. I knew that they always took everyone to the tourist office for Hell first, so I wasn’t afraid that I would end up in Hell forever. Suddenly I was outside again, and who did I notice walking towards me? My grandmother! I burst into tears and ran to grandma and we hugged. I also saw an ex-girlfriend of my brother’s with whom I hung out for a while at that location, until she went to get her bike, and I lost her. Then all of a sudden I was in some kind of recovery room, where a doctor was going to examine me. I had to put my hands in some kind of machine, and he was going to see how much pressure was on my spirit inside me. It came up with a score of about 7300, which was way too high. I was in the red part of the legend, and next to this red part, it said: “Very dangerous”. That’s how he knew I had been through a lot in my life that had damaged me. He measured me a kind of hood around my arms and brought my deeply hidden strength back up somewhat by running a current through my body, but it was so extreme with me that it wouldn’t quite work, without erasing my memory. I would have to walk around with this hood around my arms for a while during my stay at this level, that would give some relief inside. When I left, I then saw my father who had an appointment with another doctor. I don’t think I was allowed to disturb him, because they were busy talking. As I exited the room, I saw a wheelchair approaching with some kind of talking pizza in it. It was my other grandmother, the mum of my dad. She told me that she hated that she was like this now, but it was nice to see her again. And I said that her son, my father, was just around the corner. Meanwhile, the hood around my arms had completely broken, so I had to go back to the earlier doctor who had fitted it to me. There I saw my brother. Another test was done on our personality traits and intelligence. Our brains were connected to a device and the test was turned on. My brother was clearly much more intelligent than I was, but I had qualities too. I scored very high on Lwierkerjs, which was a very good trait, and on Okgsodlosgmblx, which was also a great talent. (HAHA again!) I also got a new hood around my arms and I was immediately a lot faster again. I talked faster, I walked faster, I thought faster, and felt more powerful again. I emerged as a leader in the antique store I was in, where all the dead were walking around, and spoke out. I told about the Dragons who had taken over me, and a family who had lived across the street from us in my childhood home told me that they met me at their door earlier, sounding the alarm about the Dragons. But that wasn’t true at all, or at least I couldn’t remember. Like a real sleuth, I asked who had answered the door? It was one of the daughters. I asked: did you end up here a lot earlier than your family? Yes, she said, and I concluded that she had been taken over before and that her taken over clone had lied to her family on Earth while she was already dead. Why she would lie that I had been at the door with the story that they were taking over people in my surroundings, I could not figure out. Again, the logic was completely missing. But then my dream fell silent, and I suddenly opened my eyes. To my surprise, I was still alive….

The dream seemed incredibly real. Again, this was a dream in which I am dying. In my article Dreams of dying…, I have previously explained that I often dream that I am dying, and that it is always completely painless, and comfortable. Whereas in real life, of course, it doesn’t have to be that way at all. What I liked was that there was care for my battered condition, and that I saw all kinds of people from the past again. It was a lot more pleasant than it usually is on Earth. Here on Earth, I hardly ever see people. Don’t trust people much anymore. And everyone who comes up to me is pretty much taken over. It’s terrible!

This evening, I was with my family, who are all taken over, and we sat around watching some TV of things I had seen on YouTube. It was fun, and I was venting a little about what I find annoying about the behavior of some of the people in the shows we were watching. My taken over father asked, “Then why do you watch it?” And I said that I like watching things that aren’t 100% fun, because then I can name what I don’t like about it. I can then express that part of myself, and I like that. So we continued to watch, until my taken over sister became a little irritated, and she said so, because she didn’t like everything about the behavior of the people she saw in the videos either. It got on her nerves, and then she started talking about her house’s high heating costs (gas prices are very high here in Holland right now), while we were still watching the show on TV. Then it seemed as if she had made up her mind to make a scene, because she became more and more unreasonable, and seemed to want to get something, which we apparently did not give her, and that was “understanding”. It got pretty out of hand, to the point of yelling. I also said that I thought she was whining a bit, the things she was talking about. I was just annoyed with the accusatory tone she was using. I also said that I did understand her, but it was apparently another detail that I did not seem to understand. Then there were some tears and anger, and she went to another room. It did shock me for a moment, because up to now none of my taken over family had ever let themselves be affected. People without souls only let themselves be affected if they want to manipulate something or just for the attention. But this seemed very real for a moment, like it was my original sister, who was quite often emotional a few years ago before she was taken over because she was a little stuck on some issues. And I think it also had to do with me expressing my irritations to her and letting her go more (to be a bit more independent), which I think made her feel pretty let down. I felt very bad about that, because it hadn’t necessarily been my choice to let go of her, they had forced me to do that through the effect of the treatment I received from the mental health care institution. Fortunately, after today’s outburst, she didn’t go home right away and came back into the room a little later, at which point I asked what exactly she wanted me to understand, so I could give it to her? She explained it and said she clearly didn’t feel seen. And of course this is incredibly familiar to me, because my sister has always had that, and I have had that in the past as well. So yes, it all came across as very real. But it also came pretty out of the blue, while she hasn’t shown such behavior in recent years. Therefore I still think it wasn’t entirely organic. Probably it was another kind of test towards me. But I can embrace it just fine with love, and I understand exactly how terrible it can feel, when you don’t feel understood.

Apart from that, it was again a joy to listen to my sister. It’s always very entertaining when she is around. Even though she has been taken over, I love her very much in spite of that! But I can’t forget the moments when the Dragon who took her over showed his or her true face. And I won’t forget those moments either, no matter how true she seems to behave towards me. As far as that goes, I won’t be pushed around and everyone is allowed to know about it!

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