After being exhausted for several days, another covert threat follows. Further, I provide some more info on clowns and their link to the Antichrist Dragons.

A covert threat, and more information on clowns

To better understand this article, I recommend to first read the articles Action is required! and Tijn Touber, a taken over Dragon giving good advice and possibly my article Jokesters or monsters? And for some more background information on the phenomenon of ‘people taken over by Dragons’, you can also read Section 3 of my story.

I didn’t do anything for a couple of days. I was extremely tired! Exhausted! And I wasn’t feeling well. After the collision with my taken over sister in my previous article, I had been working through some grief. Again! Sometimes I suddenly realize what has actually happened in recent years with my family and friends (they are all taken over). And when I consider my sister having to face the Antichrist Dragons and them just killing her, my dear twin sister, who I watched grow up and with whom I experienced a lot of the same things. That little baby, that little toddler that is still burned into my memory! Then I sometimes panic, and then my grief is just too big to handle. Carefully I allow little bits of it, but at a certain moment you realize that you can keep doing that, but that it doesn’t help either, because there is no end to the grief. And after that I mostly experience fear only. Fear that I will implode even further. Through grief you can turn inward, but that doesn’t feel good to me, because of all the traumatic baggage I am carrying. I would prefer to turn all the way outward, but I am severely blocked in doing this, although I do have experienced this in the past.

On YouTube I saw the latest video by Tijn Touber, the Dragon whom I have spoken about in previous articles. I caught him doing something that someone else would call a slip of the tongue, but which comes across to me as a covert threat. The video is unfortunately only in Dutch, but pay close attention at about 5:00 minutes in. He says:

“If you can really recognize the pain of life, huh so also the anti-life, um, then you also start to appreciate life all the more. You also see this in people who are getting death in their eyes, eh who know that they are going to die, that suddenly an incredible love for life is released. A recognition. Every moment becomes precious, and that’s because those two sides of life become so incredibly visible. But don’t wait until that last moment, but dive deep into yourself already, which will also allow you to get to know life in all its shades, including the psychopathy, the mass murderers, the sociopaths, the conscienceless brutes, they’re just there. And I know it’s not nice to hear that, and maybe you think I’m exaggerating. But I know they exist, I recognize them in myself, and I do everything I can to deal with that, to give that a place. And… But because I recognize it in myself, I know it’s also around me.”

Talk about double entendres… An example of “anti-life”, is the Dragon Personality (these entities call themselves Dragons) that Touber carries within himself. These are evil and homicidal entities, who have perfected themselves in threatening people, but who have also perfected themselves in reassuring people. This makes people feel like nothing can happen to them. And in that way people are led to the slaughter the quickest. I sometimes have the feeling that nothing can happen to me. But it’s very stupid to think this. In this world you aren’t safe, especially not if you are traumatized or have something meaningful to say, so thinking that you are safe and cannot be harmed by these Dragon entities is stupid. And you will therefore have to continue to resist these killers. You do that by expressing yourself constructively by posting articles or videos, in which you expose them or other evils. I was absolutely blank for a few days (which is often lately), but was shocked by the slip that followed in the above transcription of part of Touber’s video: “You also see this in people who are getting death in their eyes, eh who know that they are going to die” “Getting death in their eyes” of course immediately brings to mind Donald Marshall’s material describing how Vril-aliens insert a proboscis (a kind of protrusion attached to their head) into your left eye and then go into your body and push the original soul (i.e. you) out of your body). These Dragons know that I am aware of that information. And Touber knows it too, and of course has long been made aware that I write about him, so that makes it logical that he puts double entendres in his videos. This ‘slip of the tongue’ (of course it’s not: “getting death in the eyes”, but “looking death in the eyes”), followed up by the words “who know that they are going to die”, which applies to me in the case of the covert threat being carried out, make the covert threat complete again. Next, the text “that suddenly an incredible love for life is released”, does not apply to me, at least, it doesn’t apply to me anymore. Because if aggression is disapproved of adamantly with an even bigger agression, as has happened in my life by my parents, and by my social environment in therapy, then the aggression is suppressed, but also the love. Because love and aggression are made of the same ‘material’, and whoever is not allowed to grow with aggression, cannot grow with love either, when the agression is balanced. So these Dragons can threaten me as much as they want, no more love power will be released. In fact, it will make me hate life more and more. Touber then says that psychopaths exist, etc., and that he recognizes them in himself. How honest he is! Few people know his secret. But it is indeed true what he says. That if you first become as negative as possible, you can later use the knowledge of this state to see the psychopath in others. That is great wisdom.

Touber, in the above video, talks about Reiner Füllmich’s trials against government leaders and other high-ranking fraudsters, in which much becomes clear about the Covid scam and all that was behind it. I haven’t watched the streams myself yet, but what becomes clear to me is that this group of people had no success through the official channels, and have now set up a kind of people’s court, based on natural law. Touber follows these trials and has been referring to them a few times lately.

In previous articles (Jokesters or monsters? and Some things I’ve noticed recently) I’ve cited the three videos by Conspiracy R-US (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3), which talk about the fact that the Nephilim (the Dragon entities) probably look like clowns. Clowns like Beetlejuice, Image: jesters, having black and white stripes or blocks on their bodies. A big grin with razor-sharp teeth. And reptilian eyes. Bright makeup on the face. (I think this is where my lipstick phobia comes from). Protrusions on the head reminiscent of jester’s hats (the jester’s hats most likely descend from this), with an entity probably in the top of this protrusion, entering through the eye into the victims they pick. It may also be that the whole thing happens in another dimension, without a confrontation, because these Nephilim Dragons (actually they are the descendants of the Nephilim giants from the Bible, who used to walk around here) live in a dimension that humans cannot see. But people who use DMT (a trip drug, which is by the way also found in the human body) CAN see these entities. They are not archetypes, they are real entities! (Very important)! And the experiences that people who take trip drugs have are 100% real! Through such a drug you suddenly make contact with unseen realities. In other words: the spiritual reality that lies behind the ‘ordinary’ material reality. In this respect, the average person sees only a few percent of everything what exists around us.

Joe Rogan (who himself has also been taken over), describes in this video that he sees jesters during a DMT-trip who forced him to stay calm, after they have given him the middle finger. So I have the same experience with these Antichrist entities. The idea is that you just feel what they do to you, become aware of it, and then just let it happen to you without lashing out at them. It is a kind of therapy, a kind of lesson, and it may well be that Earth is a prison, and before we are released, we must first learn to behave in all cases, even if you have opposition; even if you are threatened. This does not mean falling into passivity, but continuing to take constructive action, even under great pressure, but above all not lashing out at them. In the video above you will also hear Terrence McKenna, Manly P. Hall and Alan Watts. At the end of the video, Alan Watts talks about how the Joker could be any card in the deck, and it’s true! He has identity, but it’s an unbounded fluid identity. “He can show up here, he can show up there, but you never know who and where the Joker is.” So the Joker then stands for the Nephilim Antichrist Dragons, the entities that take over people, because if you look around you never know who and where they are. They can be anyone, and they can pop up anywhere, just as Alan Watts describes. They are the agents of the Matrix.

The original videos that the Conspiracy R-US videos are based on, are from the YouTube channel UnderstandingConspiracy. He has an entire playlist titled “The Nephilim look like Clowns”.

Also, I would like to draw everyone’s attention to this drawing, Image, which I found on Twitter. Is this an example of the real form of the Vril aliens? This one even has 3 protrusions on its head. It looks kind of like a jester’s hat, as I stated in my article Jokesters or monsters? Also note the dot on the forehead, reminiscent of a Hindu Bindi. It is likely that the Bindi was created because of its presence on the foreheads of these aliens. It is supposed to protect against the “Evil Eye,” but perhaps this dot IS the Evil Eye with these aliens, and you should especially not look into it (that’s just a guess on my part). Furthermore, we see that the arms of these creatures are pointed, and it might also be that (if they can shapeshift to this form) they use the points of the ‘arms’ to pierce your eye. This would then also explain my taken over neighbor’s attempts to put her fingers on my eyes, which I found very threatening. Of course, this is just speculation. Actually the only way to know for sure, is by experiencing it yourself… But I’ll skip that for now!

Should I find further info on these entities, I will post it in a new article.

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