In this article I describe how taken over Dragon Tijn Touber tries to trigger me. although of course he will never admit it!

Tijn Touber, a taken over Dragon giving good advice

This article talks about a Dutch YouTuber who was taken over by a Dragon entity. His video’s are mostly in Dutch, so you will not be able to follow everything I’m talking about. But I still advise you to read it, and of course to read my previous article as well.

In my previous article entitled Action is required! I described that Tijn Touber (Image) of his eponymous YouTube channel is indirectly letting us know that he has been taken over. In this video he tells us that this happened a few days ago. If we look back in his videos we see that on the ‘day before yesterday’ date in question he had a conversation with Isa Kriens and Jorn Luka, who in this conversation talk at length about how awake they are, and about how much and what they are feeling. It gives me slightly sour and scary thoughts. It’s exactly the reason I don’t want a relationship anymore. All that endless drivel and it comes across as so insincere. Many people lose their spontaneity and cheerfulness when they grow up. I didn’t manage to keep that either, but I find that horrible about myself. And as soon as I see that part of myself in others, it just gets me. In that respect, I prefer to watch people who are not talking about complicated things, and don’t babble endlessly about their feelings and about responsibilities and sour shit like that. In that respect I am very sensitive to people who radiate a positive energy, an open-mindedness, which they manage to maintain until a ripe old age. I love this, especially if they have two feet firmly on the ground. Authenticity! But that also means I have trouble loving myself!

I’m writing this down right now, and it seems like these entities immediately know what I’m writing down (they most likely do, because they most likely connected to my personality by using a DNA sample (also read: Logging on to Jesse Musson, and: On Susan Reed’s The Body Snatchers), because a video immediately appears in which Tijn Touber and his girlfriends act incredibly unreal and creepy happy and spontaneous. Normally I can appreciate that. But with what I know now about these entities, I can’t take it seriously and I constantly feel the double meaning, and the toxic personalities behind it. They are fooling everyone. They must also know that I am writing this about them, because the coincidences are again just too much! In that respect, these conspiracies go very far! Although I understand if people don’t take me seriously! But it really is the truth! They know exactly who is writing about them, they are told all of this by their Dragon Commanders with whom they communicate through the same invisible connection they have with me (through this DNA sample that has my frequency baked into it), with the only difference that they have been taken over and are taking orders, and I haven’t yet been taken over. With all the information they have from me, which of course I share under indirect coercion, they can then effectively provide me with triggers. And they are succeeding very well in that respect!

Jorn Luka, the guest who sat next to Isa Kriens with Tijn Touber and his girlfriend, has his own podcast: the Trueman show. On Twitter I saw how he mentioned that he is going to visit the taken over David Icke in England, where he lives. Under that Twitter message, I left a comment that David Icke has been taken over and that the entity now in his body is not the original David Icke. Of course, no response at all. Because it’s just the truth. People, as usual, imagine themselves safe again in this unsafe world. Feeling untouchable. This Jorn Luka has certainly been taken over, and I have the same feeling about Isa Kriens. It’s all one big family, all these people who have successful podcasts, or go on YouTube to influence people. They’re all taken over, especially if they’re successful. So if I am to believe Tijn Touber’s story in this video, about the Dragon he saw taking over the “desperate situation”, as a benign help (Yeah right!) then Tijn Touber’s takeover happened on the date of the conversation with Isa Kriens and Jorn Luka. But it could very well be that it happened much earlier, and that Tijn Touber is just acting that it happened a few days ago. I saw the same thing with my taken over neighbor, who at one point indirectly suggested to me in a phone call that my other neighbor was taken over with some kind of attack in the shed where he left his keys on the garbage can, and the shed door was wide open. When checking the story it turned out to not be true at all, it was just lies, so I don’t rule out that in this case of Tijn Touber it is also a lie and that the takeover happened much earlier! I also don’t see the marks in his eyes that I normally see in freshly taken over people (they usually look like they have been looking into a blinding light). So I think he had already been taken over more than a year and a half ago, when he started his YouTube channel.

Tijn Touber tells in a new video that he is doing an online event on December 21st, 2021 with Christina von Dreien (2001), of whom he is such a big fan. It’s strange how this Christina von Dreien is elevated to some kind of spiritual guru in spiritual 5D raise-your-vibration-land. In my opinion, life is not always of high vibration. Although it is very true that everything is formed by vibrations in the ether, you cannot possibly let everyone be of high vibration and then think that all problems are solved. She also says that this is a conscious choice, but it really isn’t for most people. If you have read in your life what I have read, then you cannot possibly find the lectures of this Christina von Dreien inspiring. In practice, she is not really polarizing, but I still always get an uneasy feeling. Maybe because the child looks like she’s going to shatter into 1000 pieces anyway, if you startle her once, but maybe it’s just me, that that doesn’t inspire confidence in me. I’m sure she has many talents. At least one talent of hers is that she gets everyone to not criticize her, because it’s just too sad doing that to such a ‘light being’. Fine, then I won’t then. I guess my vibrations are too low anyway. And besides, she shows more guts than I ever did by publishing her books and appearing in interviews a lot. But I just don’t understand why people revel so much in all those beautiful words of hers! ‘High vibrations’ are wonderful, but what if you’re really angry about something right now? ‘Healing’ is won derful, but what if you are actually healing when being immersed in low vibrations a little more? People in those circles always want to trigger each other towards Enlightenment, and then everyone has to be in that state right away, and I have something against that! There’s no vision in it at all. And this dynamic is very indirect! It is better to just confront people directly. And to speak to people from your heart, but in such a way that it expresses love, but not uncritical love! Critical love from the heart requires more courage. And this requires much practice. This part of me is still in its infancy, but I am determined to practice it in real life when I get the chance.

In one of his last videos Tijn Touber describes that people here in the Netherlands have a kind of comfort zone in which they hang out, one in which there’s little actual dynamic with others, and in which people are actually all in ‘off’ mode, so not alert (=‘on’) at all. I find this so recognizable, because this is the most threatening part of the situation here in the Netherlands in my opinion. It is terrifying! And I tend to go along with that, when I shouldn’t, but it’s absolutely terrifying to feel this so-called passive agressive ‘blanket’ over the world, which is actually killing truth and freedom. Everyone is in that same fear, the fear of not waking up sleeping dogs. The tacit agreement not to get angry with each other, which feels very oppressive to me. Step outside of that once and people go wild is my experience. It really is a thin line of civilization. And this ‘blanket’ as I call it I have also felt in my part time therapy (read Section-1 of my story). Very little group dynamic all around. Comforting lies. Everyone protecting each other. Only room for positive things. And a totally death-making culture, a total lack of group dynamics. I totally get what Tijn Touber means in his video about his friend feeling more comfortable abroad in a more unsafe situation, actually, than here. I think I would have the same. But I’m going to have to break through this at some point. Ideally, I want to shake everyone up at times! But I still keep adapting, while being full of resistance, and then Tijn is absolutely right, that those who give up freedom in exchange for security, eventually get neither freedom nor security…

Dear people, keep in mind that there are many imposters around us. They look like harmless sweet little men who speak to you with soft words, but secretly they are predators. Sometimes they fall out of character for a moment, to scare you, but most of the time, they play their part very convincingly, the character of the original person they have taken over. Be vigilant, and help me make people aware of these Dragons, should you at some point realize they are moving around you. In that case you will not be able to become a victim of them! For this read my article To follow Christ is to be protected.

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