This article describes some of the political concerns of recent weeks around Baudet and Bouchallikht.

Political concerns

We move from one soap story to another in Dutch politics. Last weeks it was Thierry Baudet of the FvD party, who supposedly would be anti-Semitic, more about that later. And now it’s Kauthar Bouchallikht of the Green party who would be anti-Semitic. Anyone who has read the chapter The Holo hoax knows how I feel about that word ‘anti-Semitic’. It is used to suppress people who rightly criticise the Israeli regime. Sometimes criticism turns into hate. But even hatred doesn’t have to be a problem in my opinion, as long as you don’t act on it. Bouchallikht was photographed at a protest demonstration comparing the Israeli regime with Nazism. But to be honest, I can understand that. Because both movements are very racist. And people often don’t realize that about the Israeli regime, and then the comparison seems to be distasteful. But who knows about the influence of powerful Zionists on the world stage, can understand this comparison better. Anyone who wants to find out about Rothschild Zionism and the Russian Mafia/Jewish Mafia that infiltrated the American government should read Chapter 25 of David Icke’s The Perception Deception, (which starts on page 143 of part 2 of the pdf, this is part 1) or Chapter 9 of David Icke’s Remember Who You Are, (which starts on page 495). The challenge is always when fighting a monster, not to become a monster yourself. And this certainly applies to the Israeli state, which rose from the ashes of World War II (whether or not it’s all 100% true what happened then). But once a monster is created, it often takes another monster to get it back to Source. For some Muslims it will be a challenge not to hate ALL Jews. But I understand perfectly well if you, as a Muslim, have hatred for the Israeli regime. That does not necessarily have to do with anti-Semitism. I would also find it logical, if there were patriotic Jews who are against the Israeli regime. By the way, Arabs are also semites, so as far as that word is concerned, they’d better shake hands with each other. I also understand when people feel hatred towards Muslims because of the many examples of Muslim terror, but it is important to keep open dialogue and for you to channel your hate into criticism, and realize there are many good people as well. What Bouchallikht is doing now, apologizing and stating the comparison between the Israeli state and the Nazis is disgusting, is a lie from her to save her ass and still win votes. She’d better stood up for and substantiate her opinion instead, but then all those Dutch cavemen and -women will probably fall over her in a very negative way, because they just don’t know about the Israeli/Zionist role on the world stage. But what Bouchallikht is doing now is what you often see in politics: these people wanting as large a following as possible for them to exercise as much power as possible, only wasting their principles while doing it. Tragic.

And then Baudet. He is accused by some of bad leadership, in the sense of him failing to take action, or taking action too slowly, against anti-Semitic statements by young people in the youth fraction of his party; after all, he wanted an investigation first. And yet others accuse him of dictatorial traits, as if he was on top of everything! I don’t think this is at all about Baudet as a politician anymore, but different people stick different labels on him, which have nothing to do with reality, often parroting each other like parrots do. You can just feel when something goes wrong, the public opinion and the media that takes the lead in this is suddenly in destruction mode. Whether Baudet is sincere or he just plays his role in the daily soap called ‘politics’: with what he stands for, he however represents an important sentiment among the population. It seems to me, the smear campaign against him in recent weeks was a coordinated attempt to destroy the party to be a dead-end street for the public. And so many people, even outside the party, are taking part in it! Everyone thinks the same things, for example that Baudet himself destroyed the party, while public opinion turned negative many months ago. To be honest, I didn’t see too many things in reality that could explain this, other than malevolence in the media and the people. In one of the Dutch newspapers there was a photo on which he was waving his hand, the newspaper implicitly suggesting that he was doing a Hitler salute. And so many suspicions and attempts to demonize him followed. I will be the first to speak out against Nazis when they are a problem, but it is simply not a big problem nowadays, because it is not the Luciferic Nazi ideology that is being pushed by the media, but the very Satanic ideology that is resisting this, and that is even a degree eviller than the Luciferic, if one allows it to ‘blossom’ to its full extent. It’s just clear to me that a few media figures and newspapers started with the change of opinion about Baudet a few months ago, and in no time at all, the whole of the Netherlands followed, all tuned in on the matrix field of ‘negative public opinion’.

Moreover, I know parties such as FvD and formerly the LPF, to be infiltrated heavily with spies (often people who are taken over for this (read the chapter Politics)) who all have the task of causing unrest in the party, on which the media then gives the devastating final blow. This in order to get as many people as possible away from the Luciferic ideology of these parties. Because if Lucifer’s self-love goes too far, it must be destroyed by the Satanic, which belongs to the cartel parties. Think of it as the people, whose consciousness grows so big (growing = Lucifer) that they revolt against the ruling Satanic powers (who just want to shrink people’s consciousness). It is essential for man to find the right place for the Satanic powers and to understand that a balance of these two forces is needed. In short, it’s about not shrinking so small that it destroys love for yourself. And not growing so big, that it turns into hate for others. I state this in just about every article, because it is important.

Baudet is seen in a photo with Mein Kampf in his hand. I’ve seen this picture posted 10 times on Twitter with the suggestion that if you read Mein Kampf, you’re anti-Semitic, and therefore EVIL. But I think it would be convenient if you want to know something about the world, to read as many books as possible, including books by dictators, right? How can you ever form an opinion if you ignore all the books that anyone says are evil? Just because you read a book doesn’t mean you agree with what it says, does it? But yes, people who post such things are often terrible virtue signallers, who cannot imagine that in order to overcome evil, you have to get to know evil first, something in which they fail, because they are in the happy camp of the ‘good’ and only take in ‘good’ things. “Look Mommy, how sweet I am! Look how good I am! I am so respectful and decent and empathetic!” Well, except you aren’t for what isn’t encouraged in media and education! It’s unbelievable that such a large part of mankind exhibits such behavior without them being aware of it. They can learn something from the self-love that Baudet exhibits (although Baudet can regularly get too fanatical), but I somewhat expect that the time has not yet come for that, and we will first have to descend into the Satanic. That means a tyrannical control from the government with preferably a world government, in which self-love is destroyed, in which we all behave like slaves to the government. And certain values such as respect, and empathy, will be enforced under penalty of exclusion. A world in which passions and emotions are extinguished and make way for a rigid cold hardening. I think that, only when we are at the top of this state of affairs, will there be a switch in which opinions are forced upon us from the media and education. Because humanity realizes that this is not the way either, there will then again be room for the Luciferic passion, which Baudet so represents. Only this time it will return in a more balanced way in the people. That is: the balance between Lucifer and Satan, which is the middle path, the way of Christ.

But actually, politics is just stupid. There is the illusion of choice! But in fact all parties are controlled by the same invisible powers. So it doesn’t matter who you vote for, right or left, you always get the same agenda that is well executed by blackmailed figures, who often have a history of abuse and have therefore abused others themselves. If only you knew which people are deliberately put forward for these positions of power! And what kind of past they have! It is disgusting! And they all back each other up. If there is suddenly a party that isn’t controlled, it will be destroyed from the inside out with strictly coordinated attempts. And the people still vote, as if it all matters! Go figure! Massive numbers of people just have to stop voting. Only then you will get the change everybody desires! A huge list of prime-minister Rutte’s lies is present on the internet (LINK). And then people still think it’s a suitable bloke. Such a nice guy! Unbelievable! People just don’t feel their emotions. I recognize that only too well. I do not feel my anger, but at least I can still use my mind to correct my behavior. People will only wake up when they feel the military boot against their heads, as is sometimes said, which really is the truth! And I do recognize it, so I have compassion for those people at the same time. Staying stuck in passivity because you got the conviction that after all, nobody listens to you or nobody values your words or you are just distracted by all those distractions in the world that are deliberately created just to get you off your path and lead you astray! Then you have to be strong to still stand up for what is important to you. And every moment you fail to do it, people die because of others and indirectly because of your or my passiveness. This is a lesson for you as well as for me, because I make many mistakes! I dream of a world where everyone takes his responsibility and acts when he sees things that are not acceptable, (but even that is hard in a world where everyone disagrees on what’s exactly acceptable). I dream of a world where evil doesn’t reign and is dealt with by everyone united. Because I know damn well what it’s like when people fail to act when other people hurt you. If people have become so strong that the whole of humanity passionately intervenes in case of injustice, then the task of the dragons who are now threatening my life and many others is finished. It is a virus in the human mind and the whole world takes place in the human mind! The collective consciousness is a co-creation of all our minds and if we all decide that we no longer accept it, then it will be the end for these entities.

We must not abandon anyone! I hope we may each find the strength to, in our own ways, do what must be done!

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