In this article, I briefly describe some things that have caught my eye lately: including eye migraines with my sister and its connection to the Nefilim, and fortifications that are shaped like a rose.

Some things I've noticed recently

In the article Jokesters or monsters? I briefly covered the videos from YouTube channel Conspiracy-R-US, which describe the link clowns have with the Nephilim, the giants from the Bible who were a kind of hybrid offspring of evil angels who had intercourse with the women of Earth. These descendants are most probably still on Earth. In his second and third videos (the latter I didn’t share before), Conspiracy-R-US describes how these Nephilim sometimes show themselves with a zigzag pattern over them, which they call liquid crystal polarization, which they may be covering their real form with, or which is a result of being in a different dimension than humans. This zigzag pattern appears in several places, in movies, but also in stories of exorcisms, where these zigzag patterns are associated with taking possession of someone’s body and demonic influence on such a possessed person.

Conspiracy-R-US describes how he once saw such a zigzag pattern in his field of vision, and that people with migraines see it too. And yes, then a penny dropped for me. Because my sister also had some kind of weird phenomenon with her eyes a few years ago (around the time she was taken over). It was called eye migraine. But she was looking in a certain direction (she was in a parking lot with cars), and when she looked in a different direction, the image she saw earlier, of the cars in the parking lot, sort of stuck in her field of vision. Totally bizarre. And she had something similar around the same time I believe. So it may well have been around that time that her body was taken possession of. The strange thing is that she herself doesn’t realize that her behavior has changed. It’s as if she represses it, probably because the Dragon personality that she also hosts is now in control. What I think I know for sure, is that her soul, so the ‘body’ that grows and shrinks through all the love and pain experiences, is no longer in her body. I think it has died, because unfortunately I don’t see anything of it anymore. And that is really my true sister. That is the one with whom I have shared life’s joys and sorrows. And she has been replaced by a Dragon soul, which is actually a lack of a soul.

So quite a coincidence that my sister had weird symptoms with her eyes, and this eye migraine is described in the last video (part 3) of Conspiracy-R-US’ videos.

Furthermore, I saw our Dutch King Willem-Alexander’s Christmas speech, and on the table in the middle of the room, on either side of a large floral arrangement, were two globes. If anyone knows what is on these globes, please send me a message. I was actually reminded right away of the fact that both God and Satan are harvesting people right now, and the evil people go to a evil world, and the good people go to a good world, possibly the two worlds that the two globes symbolize. The people who behaved very average would then stay here on Earth. Maybe it has nothing to do with it though, but it just struck me. They are clearly not globes that represent our world. Other people had noticed this too, because I saw it pass by in Twitter messages. We won’t talk about the content of the Christmas speech, because it was simply deplorable.

Furthermore, and this is something completely different, it occurred to me that fortified towns are not what they say they are either. These star forts didn’t serve as defensive structures in wars at all, those are all nonsense stories. There were no wars at all during Christ’s Millennial Kingdom. It’s all false history. I once heard Dan Winter say that to take your memory with you into death, the magnetic field around your place of death must be like a rose. Star forts also look like roses. So in the following videos by Dan Winter (Sacred Science of Carrying Memory Through Death Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5), I find him showing a picture of Bourtange, Image, here in Holland, stating that inside the star fort city, people were using this form of the magnetic field to provide growth force, and it was a way to protect the people who lived inside. On the inside. Not against the Spanish attacking them! Star fort cities can be found all over the world. They were part of a World Empire. In China, we also find pyramids, which are also part of this World Empire, and are definitely not pharaoh/emperor tombs, and certainly not from Egyptian times. All nonsense. I may write an article on this in the future, when I have delved into the details a bit more.

Another thing that struck me, and this is something completely different, is that taken over people can also be sweet. And can respond well to anger. I was at my taken over parents’ house on January 1 and it was actually very pleasant and convivial. Until my taken over father let his Dragon personality shine through again. I didn’t say anything about it, but before I got home I was about to explode, and it made me very anxious, because I didn’t yet have the confidence that I could vent my pain with these taken over personalities. But I finally expressed my anger (very safely) in a Whatsapp message. If it had meant the end of me, I wouldn’t have cared, because it just had to get out of my system. This was my first step of expressing it. And my taken over father actually responded very well to that. He sent back a sweet email the next day, in which he told me that sometimes he says things to be funny and that that can go wrong, and that he liked that I gave him a chance to respond to my pain. He wrote that he still had plenty to do as far as this is concerned. And it all put me incredibly at ease. I feel that my taken over father is now trying to give me what lacked so much my whole childhood: a father who listens to his son’s pain/anger. This is what I had taught my original father, and he has made up for it so well in the last 15 years. My original father made up for everything, but he sometimes forgot to stand up for himself, because he tried so hard with a lot of effort. I miss him very much. This taken over version of my father does stand up for himself. But now I have noticed that he can also be sweet. I have told him that I am going to try to communicate more honestly, and speak out more, and I have also invited him to do so. I was very anxious the last few days, but now that I have spoken out, and a kind response came, I am reassured that my pain is allowed to exist. And I’m really going to try to speak it all out in my contact with tak en over people. It gives some space again! And I hope it will give me some more self-confidence! Although there will always be some distrust, because they can suddenly turn or show their Dragon personality, but if I’m able to express my discontent with that, it will probably be all right.

The last thing I noticed is that YouTube has pretty much censored my Dutch YouTube channel. You can find the videos separately, but not the channel. It has simply disappeared. I can no longer link to it in my English videos either. Ridiculous! I still have 0 subscribers to my Dutch channel because of this, while there are 30 videos to watch. So either people don’t find my channel. Or they ignore me like usual! Very frustrating. I’m probably going to throw some more info in the titles. This is important. And then we will see if I will be found. But it gives me time to let the channel grow and work on it in peace!

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