This article describes how the ruling powers are most likely reenacting history and suggesting a fake tribulation, to mislead people.

Reenacting history

Before you read this article, read the chapter The Millennial Reign of Christ from Section 3 of my story. Then you will be able to understand this article better.

When I first heard that the history of Earth as we know it is not the real history, I was reluctant, because history was my worst subject in school. I could never do anything with it, and didn’t understand the motives all those nations had for going to war. I wasn’t really strategically inclined either, so that made it difficult. Moreover, I found it strange how people are so super in agreement about what happened in our past, and everyone around you is just regurgitating the same lessons. They must be very sure about it then! Only later did I come to appreciate history, when I saw evidence that only a few people are responsible for the timeline people use in historical circles. Anatoly Fomenko, a Russian mathematician, describes in the first chapter of his New Chronology series book, History: Fiction or Science?, how this timeline came about, and it is well worth reading. Slowly, I began to considerably doubt the timeline we have all been taught. Also, the emergence of the mudflood research, which I believe arose organically but has now been hijacked, made me question the history we learn in school. Sumer, Babylonia, Egypt, ancient Greeks, Romans. Much is probably a fable, and created to mislead. Also check this video for some real history. When you see the mendacious selling of the pyramids and the sphinx in Egypt, you think twice about putting that into the far too narrow pigeonhole of “ancient Egypt”. Because in old postcards of Egypt we see very different pyramids as well, and we even see a lot of star forts among those pyramids, which were common in the Old World, including in Egypt. For this, look at the work of Autodidactic and Martin Liedtke. These 2 gentlemen will however never draw conclusions themselves, they give as little clarity as possible in this regard, because they will both have been taken over, like most successful content creators. But still, by viewing their work, you get a much more complete picture of the Ancient World, than the nonsense we get to read in history books.
Here’s another Egypt video, that shoves reality in your face. I shared the next one in my previous article, “All original!” Yeah, right!

In books by David Ewing Jr. on Tartaria, alternative history that is, I read about the existence of the Arabic language in the Old World. He states that Christianity and Islam have a common ancestor: what he calls “original Christianity” in Tartaria, which I call Christ’s Millennial Kingdom, and that the language of communication at that time was Arabic. He therefore argues that the word “Europe” comes from “Arabia”. Also a word like Allemagne (Germany), is said to come from Allah-man/men, people of Allah. He also shows clothes and weapons and headgear from Russia, for example, with Arabic texts on them. And so he also cites the work of Anatoly Fomenko, whom I also mentioned in my article Tartarian Christianity, who cites evidence for similar things.
David Ewing Jr. shows in his books and videos, how women in photographs from early last century, covered themselves with veils, as Muslim women still do today. Only in the 19th century, according to him, did the conquering powers create the nation-states and religions as we know them today, along with the compulsory forcible learning of the languages spoken today in the various countries. He also states that all those languages were not spoken at all in the world before the 19th century and that before that time people spoke Arabic, at least in Europe. And that therefore a false history was created by creating many false works. Then in the 19th century, I think, our ancestors of the Second Resurrection would have been introduced into this world who thus incarnated in the bodies of babies that were just for sale in amusement parks. That is also when the evil forces were released into the world (what is called Satan’s little season in the Bible (Revelation 20:3)), who through the influence of the Church and the split of Christianity and Islam began to exert their control over the people. The languages taught to the people at that time were devised with a large supercomputer and were based on the original physics that was public in the Millennial Kingdom. For this, watch this video by Dan Winter, for example. He had many more videos about this in the past, but he has removed many videos from his channel unfortunately (my he-is-taken-over alarm always goes off when people do that). Most of the letters are snapshots of how electromagnetic waves propagate into self-organizing forms of which the ensoulment of living beings consists, i.e., in the torus. Look on page 29 of this book by Dan Winter for the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, for example, unfortunately in low resolution. The rest of the book is also worthwhile.

So when Original Christianity was banned, religions took over and Original Christianity was very much corrupted by the scribes, for the purpose of exerting a Satanic influence over the people. Remarkably, we see the same globalist trend reflected in corrupted Islam, as we see in contemporary politics in many countries around the world, especially in the West. It is the desire to work toward a New World Order, where everyone is tyrannically controlled and where no dissent is tolerated from the people. Islam is thus an ally of the Satanic powers and that is why many extremist Muslims are so protected in the media and by the authorities. This Satanic order they want to work toward is disgusting, but either God or humanity is going to put a stop to it. So either we will get a reset soon, as I stated in End of a Cycle. Or humanity (especially the Luciferian part of humanity) is going to confront these Satanic powers, upon which we will have a gigantic battle. My guess is that God is going to intervene with a reset, and that we are not on a linear line of development, as suggested by Rudolf Steiner, for example. But I am not entirely sure!

Meanwhile, in the U.S., we have seen the arrest of Donald Trump, which, according to Martin Vrijland, bears a particular resemblance to the arrest of Christ, who was also arrested the week before Easter. That Donald Trump is thus playing the Antichrist role would then be an option. I saw a few years ago on Twitter, that there were many similarities in Donald Trump’s history and environment to that Antichrist role, but unfortunately I can’t find the info anymore. When he was in power, he played more of a Luciferic role, as I have written earlier, as Trump seemed to oppose Satanic globalist powers quite a bit. But perhaps it is really a false Christ role, which no man should fall into, because the false Christ is the Antichrist. That Trump was long taken over anyway is certain. So are all people who move to the top, but they can also always play a Luciferic or Satanic role, while being taken over. We see the Satanic then displayed again in the presidency of Biden, who is clearly globalist, and wants to encourage perversions and deliberately sets himself up as a pathetic old man who then also sniffs little children. He is completely taken over and brainwashed in my eyes and all his blunders are deliberate. This is obviously the perfect president to make even the left progressive part of the electorate completely snub him. So that most of the people do go and choose Trump, who held back quite a bit in his last term. It could just be that when he comes to power, he will emerge as the leader of the Antichrists (because everyone who is taken over is an Antichrist), and perhaps then he will show his truly evil face and we will have the 7-year tribulation from the Bible upon us. With a lot of misery. Martin Vrijland thinks he will take over from Biden as early as June 2023.

But frankly, I have great doubts whether this is really the truth. It is not consistent with the other things I have read or thought out. Because I think I have seen enough clues that the tribulation is long gone, and that the many molten buildings on this Earth are a remnant of that. Also Rene Mäkel’s work on the history of Arnhem concludes that there was a Millennial Kingdom of Christ, if you look at the year numbers on all the buildings, where the 1 from, for example, 1804, is actually written as a J, which could stand for Jesus, something we also see on many coins and on ancient maps (check out Autodidactic or read Fomenko). There is also the impossibility that our ancestors put up such impressive buildings as there are in the world, when they were still walking the streets with horse and cart in the late 19th century. The mere impossibility of finding Rene Mäkel’s YouTube channel when you type in the search term tells me enough about the truth of his videos.

Also, the multitude of pictures of extinct streets (see Martin Liedtke’s early work), tell me that all these cities have been rediscovered and that the people of the Second Resurrection (our ancestors) have been put down here on Earth to get back on the path of God with the help of the influence of the unleashed evil forces in Satan’s little season). For evil has a transformative function, for those who have ears to hear.

So it could very well be that the ruling powers are mimicking the tribulation and coming to power of the Antichrist, to deceive man into rebelling against this so-called Antichrist. I have already expressed it in my article Tartarian Christianity in the second paragraph under Video Review. Then it would be a distraction from what it is really about, getting back on the path to God before the Last Judgment takes place. I have said before that you cannot discover the real truth from world events and the actors involved in them, because these actors are all taken over and everything is aimed at deceiving you, and steering you in a certain direction. The real truth, in my opinion, can only be discovered by turning inward, and finding yourself back in the world, as in “as within, so without”.

Time will tell if my suspicions prove to be correct.

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