In this article I describe some triggers I got from Luciferian entities, but I also describe Lucifer's gifts and its connection to Pentecost.

Approaching Pentecost

A few weeks have passed again, and the daily triggering I’m encountering, continues. My father, who is taken over, wonders: “Do monsters actually exist?” To which he answers himself, “I think they exist!”, trying to scare me. To which my mother who is taken over mentions Little Dolph Werewolf, a children’s book, and wonders if I’ve ever read it. I’m becoming increasingly desensitized to this kind of bullshit, though it’s still freaky when you see your family not acting like your family. Also, on Facebook I saw an old friend’s profile picture with her opening her mouth widely, exactly like the clones in the movie ‘Assimilate’ (2019) (which I watched a few weeks ago) do, who suck up the spirit of the original versions of themselves, so to speak, using their wide open mouths. So they are brilliantly holding up the mirror again. So either this girl has also been taken over in the course of time, or it’s one of so many who is influenced in her behavior by negative entities, who maybe jump into her body from time to time. A bizarre phenomenon it is, that’s for sure.

I ended my previous article with a paragraph talking about something I noticed on Twitter. Luciferic women constantly trying to trigger you indirectly. Cause every time I post something, a bunch of messages will be posted, by one lady in particular, exactly holding up the mirror. I’ve done that once or twice in the past too, but I don’t like it: it automatically becomes some kind of battle, I notice. Last week again several such messages, after I had just posted my previous article which cited what struck me about these women. This lady has started this series of triggers. As I said in the previous article, they are Luciferic people wanting to trigger you towards Enlightenment. Whether they direct that to everyone, or specifically to me, I’m not entirely sure. But it always happens, very coincidentally, after me posting something. Enlightenment is not possible with me, because there is an incredible blockage with me, caused by traumas, and therefore I can no longer change anymore. If you experienced me last year or you read my articles, I predominantly resisted the Satanic people, for instance the corona sheep. Now I adapt myself by wearing a mask sometimes, even though I don’t really want to, because I can’t handle the possible remarks that will be made towards me, when not wearing a mask. It’s exhausting to have people facing me all the time. I am built in such a way to always deny something in myself, no matter what treatment I receive or how I learn from it. In my mind I know it all, but emotionally it’s just f****d up. That lady on Twitter will then post a text like “Shine so bright, that it burns their fuckin’ eyes”. Exactly as I described earlier: she shines too bright in my opinion, and people who are polarized to that side, are attracted to this, and in that way some kind of club arises with people who shine just as bright, who see themselves as very big (‘gods’ and ‘goddesses’), and want others to be just as big, and then it just gets aggressive, while constantly talking about love and light. Completely ridiculous of course!

Yet I, in turn, could use some of that. I don’t shine at all anymore because of my trauma, but not so much that I have lost my love for others. I still love all people, including this lady, although I think she thinks I hate her. I don’t follow her anymore now, because constantly being triggered by her, is very tiresome. She constantly shows in her texts that she doesn’t care if you don’t like it. And then one person will say something like: “What you hate in me, is that which you deny in yourself!” And another person will say the opposite, “You are, what you criticize in me!” Completely hilarious, all these people who think they understand another person and post such spiritual triggers. So it seems right to just choose for myself, go my own way, and speak the truth nevertheless. Especially the indirectness of all that triggering is not my thing. I’ve had way too much of that all my life! It’s a vulnerable part of me anyway. But if I would choose my type of people, I would choose the people who see the face of God in all their fellow men, even if they are your opposition. That doesn’t mean you can’t criticize them, but then you just express it directly, though you have to feel comfortable enough to do so.

There is a middle way possible where you integrate your aggression, which means you do NOT lose the perception of that inner aggression, but you do lose the aggressive attitude towards others and all the other harmful effects, such as, for example, the desire to burn another person’s eyes with your inflated aura! That middle ground, is what I aspire to! And that is what I also wish very strongly for this world!

The opposite of one evil, is another evil. Luciferic people receive opposition from Satanic people, as well as from Christ’s servants, although the latter will approach the confrontation without hatred. Lucifer is sometimes called “good” and Satan “evil” (sometimes the other way around as well) but the truth is that they are both evil, but Satan just a notch stronger than Lucifer. They both need to be confronted lovingly and that is what I will continue to do in my articles! It is meant directly for those who feel addressed.

The Twitter dragon who appeared in my previous article stated that the concept of sin is invalid. And on the one hand I can understand him saying that, because for many people it feels like a prison to look at their own behavior. We are all damaged in some way, which causes us to take actions that can be labeled as ‘sins’. But I don’t think justifying everything is the right way to deal with it. We should always strive for a state in which you make as few mistakes as possible and correct them if possible, but also feel as little as possible as if you are in a prison. That state exists! And I know how to achieve that state. I have not succeeded in achieving it, but I know exactly what it is about and how you can reach it. The main point is that you can only increase the pressure on someone if they have experienced their current state for a sufficiently long time. And so you learn someone to handle a little more each time. Taking too big steps all at once definitely causes trauma.

I used to be very afraid of disabled people. Physically or mentally disabled. It scared the hell out of me. Lately I’ve been watching some interviews with disabled or deformed people, just to see how they deal with the limitations their disability brings. It’s actually very inspiring. The Luciferic people are always talking about expansion, and they often don’t feel obligated to do their duty, and want to escape the limitations that are sometimes imposed by life. They want to trigger people, so that they expand as much as they have succeeded to do, because, let’s look at it positively: they want you to have this freedom as well. The fact that people are born with diseases and disabilities at all is a proof that life is not just freedom-seeking expansion, which is more about having rights, but that you also have duties, (in the case of your disabled children, to take care of them, even if this is a big task, which is not always fun. So in my view, this golden mean between rights and duties is the way to go. It is the path in which you imbue your duties with passion and thus learn to love them. And it is the path where you imbue your rights with rational calmness, and responsibility.

In my articles, I never talked about disease that much, but Rudolf Steiner describes it this way: The evil Luciferic entities try to seduce us into evil behavior. And benign entities have introduced disease and death to ensure that we can shake off this evil. The evil Satanic entities are also trying to seduce us into evil behavior. And benign entities have introduced the concept of “karma” to ensure that you can also shake off this evil. This is important because it allows you to take steps forward in your development despite missteps that you commit. It offers you the opportunity to correct missteps and ensures that you do not go down in general error. The following article titled ‘You are sovereign!’ (PDF) by Cameron Day views the concept of karma from a different angle. The writer of this article talks about ‘Lords of Karma’, entities that want you to reincarnate endlessly and make you feel guilty through the life review when you die. They would be evil and keep us in debt forever. Claiming your sovereignty would be the way to break free from the endless series of incarnations. Similarly, David Icke does not believe that Earth is a learning ground, but rather a large farm where negative aliens extract life force from humans, which they use to sustain themselves. Still, I believe that in a sense both can be true, and that it all comes down to the way you approach it yourself. And then I still choose the more sophisticated approach, that honors the Great Plan.

The Luciferic Fall was intended to be able to give man in his development independence from his creator. Or in other words, the ability to have free will. That is the gift of Lucifer. But the passions and desires of Lucifer also ensure that the Satanic entities can work on man. They work from the outside to the inside. And are the karmic consequence of the Luciferic entities. Satan is the father of lies, and tries to seduce a person into a materialistic view of reality, which is a wrong interpretation. But balanced with Lucifer, he provides the necessary calmness, rationality and healthy resilience. So both entities carry gifts within them. And both should be embraced with love.

At Pentecost we commemorate the Holy Spirit being sent to humanity with the symbolic fiery tongues that descend from heaven. This Holy Spirit is none other than Lucifer, the light bearer, who bears the light of Christ, and offers you the freedom by which you can fathom what the Christ did on Calvary Hill. By understanding that, the Luciferic entities will be cleansed in the fire of Christianity, and all that has been sinned against the earth and humanity will be transformed from sin to blessing, according to Rudolf Steiner.

May 23, 2021, Pentecost. Could it be the day that the Light Order will take over from the Dark Order? Who knows?
I wish everyone a happy day!

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