In this article, I write about various content creators who are taken over and I address the question of whether we are creating these Antichrist entities ourselves.

Are we creating these Antichrist creeps ourselves?

Auto didactic is the YouTube channel of Cambell Purvis, who, as the channel name suggests, gained all his knowledge by thinking for himself and researching on his own. His channel has a lot of content on alternative history, on which he pokes through the dogmas of traditional history teachers. Very interesting to watch. In this video, which is about the Archons, we can tell by looking at Cambell’s aura that he has been taken over. His energy field is clearly larger, than the boundaries of his body, and clearly does not fit his body. So it can be seen, that he is a guest in the body. And it is clear to me, at least, that he is acting. Also the mocking tone in which he speaks is again clearly noticeable. That’s still the biggest betrayer of the fact he that he has been taken over. He looks like a psychopath acting out Cambell’s personality. He gives off a creepy Buffalo Bill-vibe, see “The Silence of the Lambs” (1991), and you can see that in his head he is absentminded and probably preoccupied with aggressive thoughts, (though souled people can be in this state as well). And clearly the things he says are prompted by Cambell’s memories combined with the philosophies of these Antichrist-entities.

In the video, Cambell and his guest talk about taking responsibility, and not talking about Archons that are or aren’t present or even focusing on them at all, because then you apparently create them, according to them. Also, the taken over Tijn Touber who I wrote about before says the same thing in his latest video (sorry, only in Dutch). He wonders, who after all created these nasty creeps, hinting that we do it ourselves, by focusing on them. So it seems that all the people who have been taken over, have had another briefing, instructing them to proclaim this. When content creators are all suddenly talking about the same thing at the same time, you can usually be sure they’ve had another briefing. Maybe not literally, but I do believe that certain topics are up in the air at times, like a kind of frequency being broadcast (read David Icke on the Saturn-Moon matrix on page 337 of the PDF), frequencies which you can go along with, but which you can also resist, because they are not the truth.

Cambell says starting at 42 minutes (here is the video again), that if you have a problem in your life, that you should just fix it, instead of whining and wallowing in self-pity. That the outside world can affect you tremendously and cause you to experience your inner world as a prison does not exist in his eyes. Because you always have the choice to change it. “What you focus on, you create,” he says. Perhaps that is true for many people. But what determines what you focus on? People who focus on Archons do so because they have experienced real danger in their lives. As a result, you focus on the danger. It is survival. And that danger can be so dangerous that you lose everything you holding dear. So you are trained by important people in your life to focus on that, or to resist that. The Archons don’t want you to focus on them, so they can do their work in targeting people undisturbed. They then point at you, saying that you created them. And they will then tell you, the prison you’re in, that they put you in, is of your own making, which is absolute nonsense. Starting at 56 minutes, Cambell says that it’s all about you, and your choices. That the things that happen to you can be lessons or a cage and that it is a choice which of the two it will be. But this is a lie. Whether it is a cage depends on whether you have been allowed to escape. Or whether you can give yourself permission to escape. For this you have to allow your power, and whether you can do that depends on whether you have not experienced something disapproving toward that power too early in your life. As I have always said, there is a place for disapproval, which is Antichrist energy, but that place is always after you have learned to hold up and keep standing upright when getting ordinary criticism, which is more Satanic energy. So that you learn to apply the criticism you receive to the right place in your personality and not to take it personally when it does not belong there. This is important for building your personality. Taking too big a step at a time toward destruction creates a prison. Yes, and then you get these Archons or Antichrist entities facing you, who absolutely do not take any responsibility, and try to teach you that you always have a choice, when you don’t. It’s ridiculous. And they’re all the same. Because they teach it to you through texts on Facebook (which they have control over), through the people in your life you meet who are taken over, and through the many taken over content creators, who try to teach you more of the same.

Are these entities retarded? Is that the explanation for their persistent behavior? How long will you tell me the same thing? How long will you hammer at me with your compulsory lessons? How long are you willing not to listen to me, and why don’t you listen to the limits I share and my inabilities. Maybe other people who don’t have such a lousy past as I do have a lot of use for your wise lessons, but I don’t get a fuck out of them. And they’ll surround you by it and will throw around with it until it drives you nuts and eventually you just start doubting yourself, but I so don’t intend to take it that way. It’s that pain-is-gain mentality. As if it will make you feel better. It makes me think of this video I saw, a motivational video. This video says that you can use your pain as a tool. That you can push through it. What is meant then, is that the pain acts on you, and as a result you start to feel your incredible strength or aggression. Aggression has the function of dampening pain. When you feel pain, aggression causes you to be able to bear the pain (so you don’t have to complain about it, because these Antichrist entities find that very annoying, poor them). It ensures that you can stay upright, that you can keep going, and, indeed, push through it. Which is what being strong is all about. But when I see such a video, I have to laugh and yearn for someone to parody it. I have no use for such videos. All I see is someone who is very happy with himself, and is showing you that! He’s a screamer, one who has all his strength at his disposal, because he didn’t experience the same killing power when he was young as I did. But I’m not jealous, but I would like to suggest to him that the world is not as makeable as he thinks. Because you can force everything if you want it and if it is given to you. But what if it is not given to you….

Every human being who evolves may at some point face the Archons. Whether you believe in them or not doesn’t matter, for they are the limits of a healthy personality. A parent first teaches his child to listen to boundless encouragement, upon which he learns to trust himself, and then begins to need boundaries. This is what the Luciferic entities are trying to teach you, and are about moving toward the moral order of the Holy Spirit. Then as the child grows larger, you teach him to express his anger, and to become acquainted with your anger or rather, criticism. This is what the Satanic entities are trying to teach you, and is about moving toward the moral order of the Son. And then when a child becomes even more mature, you teach him to disapprove of the bad, and introduce him to your disapproval of his core as well. This is the work of the Antichrist entities and is about moving toward the Father’s moral order. This is real danger for a very young child, but perfectly appropriate for an older child. If you withhold that from your children, then you move the confrontation to a later time in their lives and they may face these entities. So parents have an important and very responsible function in protecting their children and giving them a good life, by teaching their children, to move within the order of the soft teachers (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). If they do not do so, or in a way that deviates from the moral order, the children may face these evil entities when they are grown-ups, which are the hard teachers. Precisely when someone ignores the teachings of these Archons, they become bigger and bigger. As the taken over Jordan Peterson said, you have to look the Dragon in the eye, when it is still a baby Dragon. Otherwise it will grow bigger and you won’t be able to handle it at some point, at which point it will eat you. But this is what people need to know about life on Earth. That there is a predator, the Antichrist, who is trying to exercise his power over you, tries to destroy you, to make you perfect in the end, at least, if you still have all your faculties at your disposal. Those who are not perfect and cannot change themselves give an opening to these Archons to take them over, is what Cambell argues together with his friend. Sounds like they know very well what they are talking about, being the taken over entities that they are.

I suspect that Cambell was taken over when he got in touch with the taken over Sonja Testerman of the channel The Tree of Knowledge, someone who does shine so incredibly bright that she very regularly bursts into insane laughter, often totally inappropriate to the situation. Her channel is also a special one, but again smacks of a controlled release of information. She is all about raising your vibration (like all Antichrist entities that play a Luciferic role), and resists low vibrations with tremendous vitriol. And then insists that low vibrations are necessarily evil. She talks about crater-Earth, which we also see with content creator Wim Carrette of the channel Godgevlamste (whose YouTube channel was recently removed by YouTube, which is not to say that he can necessarily be trusted, as the YouTube channel of the taken over Alex Jones was also removed, after it had done its job. And so was David Icke’s, after he was taken over). But back to Sonja Testerman. For example, in this video she also talks about us living in a simulation (just as the maybe as well taken over Martin Vrijland states in many of his articles of recent years). And Devin Madgy of the Flat Earth Paradise channel has also mentioned this in his videos. In this video, Sonja talks about how this simulation is a kaleidoscope, which Godgevlamste also talks about in this video. And how you can transcend, what has been given to you in your life (your baggage). So that’s about exactly the same thing that’s talked about in Autodidactic’s Archons video. So it becomes clear to me that these Antichrist entities (who often play a Luciferic role) are instructed to release a certain kind of information at certain times, but the question is whether it’s all truth. Unfortunately, I don’t always have answers to that either, so I just try to stick to what I know for sure.

Cambell of Autodidactic was not the only one who got in touch with Sonja and presumably was taken over shortly thereafter. Martin Liedtke was also presumably taken over at that time. In this video you can see them all talking together. I don’t think Martin and Cambell were already taken over here yet. That came later. I don’t know about Caleb. Martin Liedtke also posted for some time about the mudflood that probably occurred in the early 19th century (see The Millennial Reign of Christ from Section 3 of my story), and about alternate history. His humor was always great, but as I said, he’s also taken over now. First of all, you can tell by his appearance. Watch this video, for example. There he is still himself. I don’t know how to describe it well, but you can tell that he is a souled person. You can tell by the fat in his face and by the inexperience in his energy field. You see, that there is a core in him that is subject to the influences on him, and that it is not an Antichrist entity that is always on full blast, and totally insensitive to what is happening in his life. In this video he surely has been taken over, and you see him teaming up with the also taken over Jason Breshears of the YouTube channel Archaix, who also told very interesting things in the beginning of his YouTube channel, but after he got taken over, is just hot air, and doesn’t share anything interesting anymore. Yes, and then when such people start working together, it only confirms my suspicions that they have both been taken over. They don’t share important things in their videos anymore. It’s kind of entertainment now, leading nowhere. Check out this video from Tartarian Truth, who clearly ridicules them both, and rightfully so, because they both have incredibly corrupted the original personalities with their acting, and their bawdiness.

On the Bitchute version of Tartarian Truth, there is a video about Mr. Astrotheology Santos Bonacci, wh ere Santos goes to shit incredibly on Tartarian Truth for rightly ridiculing him in a video. For a man who always stated that he would walk the right path, and follow Christ, Santos acts like the absolute scum of the Earth in this video. And why: because he got a little criticism from someone. How he behaves along with his “best friend,” is so weak, it’s hilarious. Constant gaslighting, cursing and devaluing others, extolling himself and his “best friend.” Clearly someone who is caught up in his aggression, and has no stable identity. Which wasn’t the case at all before. So yes, then it does become clear that he has also been taken over, because the taken over entities always corrupt the original personality, in order to destroy the total credibility of the original souls. And they can assume any identity they take over. To be able to do that, they would have to be in their aggression, but it comes across as incredibly weak, especially when they also fail to show that they can handle these intense feelings of aggression. They’re totally irresponsible. And such ill-behaving people will then point to Tartarian Truth as the bad guy. Santos Bonacci produced a lot of interesting content when he wasn’t yet taken over, but no one is watching that now, due to the swearing and scheming of the corrupt soul now inside him. Mission accomplished! :-(

So it is quite clear that it is one big club, all these taken over people working together. If you have not yet been taken over and you live among them, you will be taken over in no time too, if you are not aware of the danger. That is why I keep warning you about this. The way to face these taken over Antichrist entities is to create works in which you expose their deeds. So by confronting them. The Luciferic and Satanic entities should be embraced with love, but the Antichrist entities should be kept at a distance, and you should break contact with them and should not listen to them, for they only want to make you doubt yourself and tear down layers of your ego. Realize when they are threatening you, and then take action. Them wanting to threaten you always has to do with you wanting to speak up about their existence. They are watching the energy you emit, so fundamentally you are safest if you keep your mouth shut about them and don’t notice them. But should you do that, when a lot of people around you are being taken over? At some point you get to a point in your development where you want to talk about such things, because it’s not right what’s happening. Even if it’s God that’s behind it! Do you want to be in a world where God is constantly killing people around you because they are not perfect enough in His eyes? Should we allow God to do that, while at the same time He demands that we are never guilty of the things He does constantly? Look in the Bible at how horribly God behaves. Maybe that is much needed because we have indeed become so far removed from God, but I also think we are allowed to tell Him our opinion about it if we are outraged by it. I think it’s just an abject game we’re playing here and I can’t accept it.

Do you care about the fate of your fellow human beings and can’t accept this behavior of these entities either, whether God is behind it or not; then you will be targeted. These entities know exactly what you are thinking and feeling. At any time of the day you are being watched from above. They are the ones focussing right on us, not the other way around, but they start whining and threatening you when you notice them. They even know that I wash my hands after visiting the toilet and then sometimes smell my hands because the soap I have washed my hands with, smells so good. I got another Facebook quote about that: that they think that looks weird. Well, I don’t care! They know exactly what you feel and what you do in a day, in detail. But you not being able to accept these behaviors, does that mean you create these entities yourself, as Cambell of Autodidactic argues? No, is my opinion, because they already exist in a lot of other people, and ignoring this is immoral. If you start talking about them, and they start threatening you, and then you invariably ignore these threats; then they will surely take over you! First your friends and acquaintances, then you, so they won’t leave any loose ends. Whoever shows courage at that moment and shares things about them, even if they threaten your surroundings and you with death, will be protected and will not be taken over. Very paradoxical, and the exact opposite of what they would have you believe. So know what to do if something like this happens to you too, because I am not the only one to which this happens and we really should not stick our heads in the sand about this!

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