This article describes another threat from the Antichrist entities and some thoughts on the election results.

Threats again... and then the election results

The Antichrist entities I write about in my articles, kill people, then take over their bodies and then act out to be that person. In Donald Marshall’s work, you can read that this takeover is probably done through the left eye. They know I have read about this! Another often heard way is through implants, which are inserted into the body. This may not necessarily be in the physical. I have also heard stories of people being taken over in their sleep when they ‘dreamed’ that aliens were planting implants in them.

Right, my neighbor who’s been taken over was at my door again. The first thing she did was bringing her finger up to my left eye for the umpteenth time, to say, “Is there something wrong with your eye?” Apparently I had done something wrong again, but they are too reluctant to say what it was I did wrong. And yes, then they start threatening again! I suspect that I know what it was again. I had sent a sweet but confrontational message on YouTube to a woman who was taken over. This lady even admits to having implants, and I recognize the behavior very much. Constantly acting. Showing feelings she probably doesn’t feel at all. Totally inauthentic. And very creepy. Bursting into laughter every time, while there’s nothing to laugh about. And saying again and again it’s important to keep your vibration high. Which in my eyes is big nonsense, because a high vibration can also turn too bright, it being blinding then, which is indeed the case with this woman. She does have very good content on her channel and I told her that too, but other than that, I think she has no idea who she is. She is acting her personality. And yes, I have done that in a way, too. And I hate to see it, so I made that clear to her with love. And I stand by that! The other day, someone I confronted also responded to my videos in one of his videos. He encouraged me to break free from my prison, and he did so in a confrontational way. I can’t be angry about that, because he’s absolutely right to do that.

I am a prime example of what happens when you are forced to embrace another in love, but are actually too traumatized to take this step. The entities that are behind all these takeovers are jumping from body to body, which is kind of impossible if you don’t have your aggression at your disposal, because otherwise you would always be unable to bear the changes. So there’s a good reason, too, that they’re acting. But for that they have to constantly hide their negative sides. But I want to make everything negotiable. But they’re probably not into that. Secrets, secrets, secrets. It’s maddening! Nobody wants to live in a world like that, but no, you see instead that they are very happy with this world. They find everything positive! Everything works perfectly in this world, in their eyes, it sometimes seems! I often try to see it as they are doing us a service, but after they have put all my relatives and friends to death, it is a bit difficult to hold on to that. It comes across as absolutely insane. Was it that important to treat me? Did I need the opposition they gave me? Would my family and friends die anyway, for example in the solar flash that may be coming, and was their death necessary to save my life and even give me a better life? Such terrible decisions! I would rather not think about it. And how terribly guilty I feel about it all! Absolute horror!

By the way, my comment on that woman who was taken over on YouTube was immediately deleted! By YouTube, or by this lady. Who the hell knows! And this is not the first time. Because the other day I posted a comment under a video by YouTuber Godgevlamste and that was also removed in no time. Ridiculous! I feel so fired up right now! I’m being pushed forward. But a counterforce is keeping me completely passive. I can’t move in any direction. Not forwards, not backwards! And I see many things that I absolutely do not like. Man, what a moronic world it is!
Just saw the election results! Most people only choose for themselves! They don’t care that so many restaurants and businesses are going bankrupt, as long as they can still survive themselves. The Dutch IRS benefits scandal? It didn’t happen! Face masks, curfews, it is all considered quite normal apparently, because ‘virus dangerous’. The belief in it is so enormous!

I did not vote. I don’t want to participate in a system where only thoroughly controlled people make it to the top, who deliberately do evil things, because a lot of what goes wrong is deliberate. The only party that was against all the nonsense Covid measures (FvD) is led by a man (Thierry Baudet), who doesn’t think there is any evil in the people he works with. No, they are all a bit dumb and clumsy, and all have good intentions. That’s it! It’s clear that Baudet is also controlled now for me, because he had absolutely nothing to say in his interview with Jensen. Constantly witholding information about how everything works in the world of politics. Why politicians do what they do?! Whether it’s an organic thing, or whether there’s evil intent at play?

Furthermore, the media are not broadcasting anything about the very violent police action on the Maliefield (in The Hague), so only Twitter followers know about this. The climate protests (which were held at the same time) were not beaten down, but the people who are critical of the freedom-restricting Covid measures are beaten down hard. Read the witness reports on Twitter. Every time the government proceeds to go a little further with new measures, ‘totalitarian tiptoe’ as the original David Icke called it (he has now been taken over), and slowly we are all being cooked in a big cooking pan without the victims realizing it. The majority of VVD voting Dutchmen thinks it’s all good! And the Covid deniers are so incredibly bad, you just have to knock them down, apparently, according to them. The police officers involved in this were looking forward to it in the morning. “Gonna have some fun beating ‘wappies’ today!” (as they call the people protesting), was a common utterance. But these are the idiots who are working at the police! The scum of the earth! That’s where they belong. Absolute cavemen! And when I say that, they probably fly police helicopters over my house again. They have such weak minds. And so I have just about everyone against me. Because none of them can stand criticism! I don’t claim to be perfect either. I have explicitly described my imperfection in several articles. I make no secret of it, and can take it just fine when people name my weaknesses. I am aware of them. But does that mean I should keep quiet forever, and not confront it when I see harm? Absolutely not! I’ve been through too much shit to want to let the world slide off into total chaos, although I know that the chaos has a function and will be the catalyst for change. But let’s rather try to be the soft teacher first.

Anyway: the outcome of this election surprised me a lot. Maybe I would have voted for D66 too if I hadn’t read all those books I did. I used to feel pretty cool when I said D66 scored high in those internet ‘who to vote for’ tests, but that was rooted on absolutely nothing. It’s nice to belong to something as an adolescent and unfortunately people don’t always lose that at a slightly higher age. No, they still want to belong to a club, as if they had just proudly traded in their diaper for regular potty visits. I don’t need to belong to anything. How old do you think I am!? I’m done with peer pressure and group opinions, and not daring to deviate for fear of ridicule. You can pretty much see the fear in the eyes of all those Dutch celebrities when they are talking on the talk shows, and move from point to point with the question in the back of their minds as to how they can come across as normal as possible. That is: to not deviate in their opinions from what they think everyone else thinks! Or everyone should think. Just to make sure their reputations will not be damaged! Pfff.

And then a part y like Volt. Nobody has heard of them! And they get about half the number of seats that FvD gets. Oh, wait, they’re europhiles. Right, then I get it. Because that is obviously very popular! At least, that is the impression the media give. Not a euro-critical word at the talk show tables. No, a europhile party is embraced by everyone, even if no one has ever heard of them. European cooperation is good, right!!!? The thought arises that the result was already decided before we started voting! And that all the party leaders have already submitted themselves to that in advance, corrupt as they are! But maybe I am wrong. It could also be that the Dutch people are really that stupid and are digging their own grave! Half of the voters on D66, GreenLeft or Volt are highly educated! Highly conditioned you mean! That the polished words of these parties still get many people to go voting for them, is unbelievable, but that’s what you get if you watch the news every day and don’t read any books that challenge your world view. The practically educated, however, voted a lot less than the higher educated. Because they still use their fucking balls, in my opinion! A breath of fresh air! 20% of those eligible to vote did not vote. Such heroes!

I once saw a tv show with a former trailer park resident who was causing a lot of trouble in her neighborhood. She said she was not going to vote, “because there are too many pedophiles in The Hague”. Which is absolutely true, and it is the same everywhere in the world in higher circles. But people don’t take that from awkward people or from people they consider less than themselves. No, they look down on that, as if naming negative things is a sign of degeneration. I want to say: that’s absolutely not true. We need people who dare to call out problems. But this kind of message is always looked upon with derision. Decent people only talk about positive things apparently. But this is just not true! Both extremes can learn from each other. You need both your gut feelings, and your heart, and your head. Yes, your head, and your memory…. Those who want to remember Prime Minister Rutte’s disasters of the past 10 years in a row can check out this document. It is truly unbelievable that the Dutch still vote for him.

The English word ‘government’ comes from the Latin ‘gubernare mentis’ which means ‘mind control’ and it really is. It is also the monopoly on using violence, and that is unfortunately needed in a world where inner expansion can go too far (then it becomes immoral and violent). Only when everyone has built a balanced personality in which there is room for both expansion and compression (the middle way, which is the way of the Christ-figure), will it be the end for government and the illogical and terrible monopoly on violence they possess! Here is an apt illustration, Image, with how you call some actions when you perform them, versus what you call the same actions when the government performs them. But perhaps God will intervene before then! Donald Trump in several speeches talks somewhat cryptically about that Covid will end sometime in April! “As the heat comes in.” Is he perhaps talking cryptically here about the solar event that still hasn’t happened, which I write about in several of my articles? I am holding my breath. And I advise everyone to do the same (not literally)! Anything that is shareable will last. Anyone who has dark secrets is temporary consciousness. POOF. Dust thou art and to dust shalt thou return….

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