In this article, I'm describing a Twitter encounter with a reptilian entity (Dragon), and some more information on these entities.

Twitter encounter with a Dragon

Another noteworthy event this week, when I was adding some people to my Twitter account. One of my new followers, sent me a message that he was reading my website. Someone with a profile picture of a frog. This person said he had some answers for me. We talked about the reptilian ‘aliens’, the Dragons, which I write about in my articles. And suddenly he showed his true reptilian face by sending me the following messages (Image). So what we clearly see here is that he confirms that when other people send him hate, he passes it on to ‘reptilian management’, which of course I already knew of these entities. But it’s nice for me to be able to show you. His message sounds rather hateful to “commie leftoid rheetards”, but he is allowed that, you are not! This is how they operate, and it’s clear from the last post above, that they think it’s entirely your fault that they are facing you, and that they take no responsibility for their murderous behavior (read the SIDE NOTE (next paragraph)), because they take over the consciousness of people. I can have a conversation with someone like that just fine, but as soon as they show their true face, I get motivated to do something! I sent this obvious Dragon, after our conversation basically ended well, the following message (Image). If he chooses to show his true face, and show that he is one of the imposters among mankind, who take no responsibility for their behavior and only put the magnifying glass on your behavior, then I am compelled to make it public. Because it is very immoral what they are doing. It’s quite terrible! So on Twitter, within moments, you will come across dozens of accounts of these Dragons. Usually they have a crocodile, a frog or a dinosaur as their profile picture. And it is also usually these characters who approach you with a question or a conversation. They then feign interest, in order to be able to deliver you another troll action. But it only gives me ammunition for another article, so I’m very grateful for that. But they don’t seem to mind that either. Because they just want you to talk about everything you know.

SIDE NOTE Maybe I’m confusing the dragons (which are probably Luciferic beings) with the Antichrist entities, and so maybe it isn’t the dragons who are the murderous ones. So please excuse me, if I do. The fact I’m discovering so many imposters is just a bit too much for me. The dragons may be the Luciferic beings, and the Wolves may be the Satanic creatures, and those Antichrist entities may then be Insect/Mantis beings, but I’m definitely not sure about this. But I am sure they all work together! And there are times when they all come across as dangerous to me, especially when they show their real faces.

But back to these reptilian beings. The first time I heard about these beings was when I viewed David Icke on YouTube, years ago. He was extensively telling the interviewer that the moon was hollow, and that these reptilian aliens lived there, and in that way they keep an eye on humanity, and that they also live underground here on Earth. I found it fascinating, although I often wondered whether it was or wasn’t misinformation. Earlier I had decided for myself to try to understand everyone, including people with such wild stories. They all have a piece of the puzzle, I was convinced. So I ordered one of his big books, and started reading. All kinds of secret knowledge, which he had obtained partly through research, partly through eyewitness stories, partly through spiritual information ‘downloads’, and partly through dot-connecting. Later I ordered and read several more of his big books. In the Introduction to this website you will find pdf’s to some of them.

The bottom line is that a small group of people on this Earth control the direction in which the world is going. They unite in secret societies and other secret groups, manipulating politics, the media, the banking world, and so on. They are privy to the secrets of this world, and on pain of death they keep it secret. The history of these groups goes way back and eventually ends up with the gods of old, who procreated with ordinary human women, to create a kind of hybrid race, a network of bloodlines. Look for Nefilim, Elohim, or Annunaki, as they are described in the Sumerian clay tablets. Most presidents and royals, are all related, and do inbreeding, to keep the bloodlines pure. Icke states that this is in order to preserve their reptilian DNA and their associated ability to shapeshift. This shapeshifting has been witnessed by many people. To dismiss it all as psychosis and therefore ‘not real’ is a possibility. But I suggest a way of thinking in which you do absorb the far-reaching things that people describe and do try to understand, as a kind of fluid awareness of the information, whether it is true or not in the end. At least you can think about how it should be interpreted, because often there are things to be discovered in it, that correspond to other (completely different) sources. Although I often have the idea that the things that appeal to or frighten people the most are repeated without any hard evidence, because it connects to people’s vibrational state, in which they suppress certain parts of themselves, which they then project outward. But either way, it’s a real-life projection. It happens with me as well! But anyway, precisely the history in ancient writings and on clay tablets, supports what people have seen with regard to this serpent race, so to dismiss it purely as projection is also not correct. What I do know is that the people who have been taken over in my surroundings have in the past pretended to be reptilian entities, perhaps to trigger me, but perhaps also because it is simply true. In my article Gangstalking and gaslighting I also do talk about the djinns, who can take any form they want, so I don’t rule out that these reptilian forms is just one form they can take. So perhaps the notion that they are aliens is completely false anyway. The planes that sometimes fly over my house can also be forms that they can take, as can the UFOs that very many people have seen. What I do know for sure is that UFOs do not fly through outer space, because outer space does not exist.

We as humans all have the same past if we look at our brain structure. We all have a reptilian brain, the oldest part of our brains. This brain area has the function of making automatic instinctive tasks run smoothly, and it is a brain area of cold, instinctive calculation. But by becoming aware, we can transcend these brain areas and channel these instinctual responses, transform them, and use them for good. But for that we need the other brain areas.
I don’t think all reptilian entities realize that with their negative behavior toward people they actually strengthen the development towards ‘the good’. People will be able to handle more and more in this respect, without lapsing into hate. And that is tremendously good for the Great Plan. The reptilian entities, in turn, are probably also being lied to with false information to keep them motivated in their evil intentions. In fact, they have an entire culture and history (Game of Thrones tells their story). The person I spoke with on Twitter said that reptilian entities especially love fire and water. I’m guessing he means the elementals. Fire is energy that fights another one’s core. And water is the power that fights one’s own core. This combination in the mind, is the mixing of ‘good’ and ‘evil’. It is the state I experienced in and after my clinical therapy. It is a state th at is basically balanced. But it is a state of fighting against pain rather than facing it and living through it.

So on Twitter you regularly see these reptilian people with crocodiles, dinosaurs, frogs, and dragons in their profiles! But something else you see regularly is very spiritual women, usually pretty, often with tattoos, who consider or call themselves goddesses, and talk a lot about self-worth, and sometimes have a little blue butterfly by their name. They talk mostly about, there you have it again, “raising your vibrations”. The little blue butterfly I think represents a mind-control victim, which they keep a secret. They have lots of connections with other such spiritual women, calling each other “sisters” and supporting each other unconditionally. They try to trigger you into Enlightenment, which I am very much not into, because that is no longer possible with me anyway and this makes the triggering they do very annoying. Anyway, if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all, that’s how it works with Twitter, when you can’t see the person who is behind a profile. You are only part of their group when you have raised your vibration just like them. It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it!
This reminds me very much of how I treated other people, when I came out of my clinical therapy. In my mind, people were only part of my club, when they lived out their aggression in their head like I did. And I believe that this is a wrong way of looking at other people. The only difference with these spiritual Twitter women is that theirs is about positive vibes instead of negative ones, but it’s just as much a ‘survival of the fittest’ mentality as my behavior was back then. It’s an expansion that’s not balanced with the right amount of compression. But they post a lot of interesting stuff. And either way, I’ll keep my eyes and ears wide open!

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