In this article, I discuss Ryan Zehm's video series entitled "Tartarian Christianity". In doing so, I discuss how this can be fitted into the content of my previous articles.
Tartarian Christianity

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Video Review


I have found evidence that the Bible book of Revelation describes the past of the Tartarians, who had their empire in East Asia. Here are 4 videos by Ryan Zehm in which he regularly draws very striking parallels between various books of history, and the events in Revelation. It seems that the history of the Tartarians was left out of the history books on purpose, because of course people should not get too close to the truth.

Video #1
Video #2
Video #3
Video #4

I summarize the comments and parallels Ryan Zehm makes below, with some additions of my own here and there. Let it be the beginning of further research, both for you and for me. I want to bring his videos to the attention of the Dutch with this article. If you read the English article, I rather recommend you to watch Ryan Zehm’s videos on his YouTube channel. They have all the information. And then jump directly to Afterthoughts. I hope Ryan Zehm will appreciate me spreading his videos in this way. All credits go to him!

Video Review

In the first video, Ryan Zehm describes Arsareth to be the land where the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel were located (see: Jewish Encyclopedia). On old maps we can see that is in Tartary, in eastern Asia. These Tartarians disagree with the Science that most people practice, are Christian, and see with their physical eyes as well as their spiritual eyes. The two remaining tribes of Judah and Benjamin eventually became the Jews. And they pretended to be ignorant of the Ten Lost Tribes. Some of their rabbis knew that these tribes were in Tartaria. They called them Gog and Magog.

Then there are legends that Alexander the Great wanted to keep out what he considered to be the unclean people of Gog and Magog with a wall. These stories even ended up in the Koran, but Andrew Colin Gow of the book The red Jews: anti-Semitism in an apocalyptic age, 1200-1600 argues that this is based on a misunderstanding.
This reminds me very much of Trump wanting to keep Mexicans out of the US with a wall. What makes it even more interesting is that on Wikipedia, the following is stated on the Dutch Alexander the Great page: “Some contemporary Islamic scholars, including theologian Muhammad Ali-Tabatabaei in Tafsir Al-Mizan, identify him (Alexander the Great) with the Achaemenid king Cyrus the Great.” Hmm, where have I heard that before. Right! On Leeland Jones’s YouTube channel, that I mentioned in my article What will the future of mankind be. He called Trump Cyrus! Are the Mexicans then Scythians from Tartary? And is history actually being re-enacted? It’s certain, I think, there’s a script and history is cyclical as well. But where do we fit in the story? And how does the whole story read? That is the big question!

The Tartarians, who are thus the descendants of the Ten Lost Tribes, eventually split into 7 nations, which may have become the 7 churches in Asia from Revelation 1:4. A poor old Tartarian man saw in a vision a man on a white horse having a white armor, who said to him, “Changius, it is the will and pleasure of the immortal God that thou be Lord and Ruler over these nations.” When Changius told the people about the vision, no one believed him, until they all had the same vision of the man on the white horse, who commanded them to be obedient to Changius, or Genghis Kahn, who was now crowned King (Khan). Ryan Zehm draws parallels between this and the white horse and the crown in Revelation 6:1 and proves using some more quotes, that the Tartarians were very skilled at shooting with bow and arrow, which is also reflected in this verse of Revelation.
Also, Ryan Zehm describes that the Tartarians wear feathered headdresses. So perhaps the original inhabitants of North-America (i.e., the Indians) were Tartarians. Just like the Mexicans, whom I mentioned earlier.

Genghis Kahn, according to Ryan Zehm, may have been the Second Coming of King Jesus. Genghis Khan, Genghis King, King Genghis, sounds like King Jesus. Some ancient books on the Tartarians state that Genghis Khan was called “the Son of the Immortal God” by his subjects. And they called him this, while these Tartarians were Christians according to other sources, so that is certainly good evidence for this conjecture. It is also confirmed in some books that the Three Kings from the East were Tartarians, who indeed came from the East and traveled to Bethlehem to be at Jesus’s Birth.

From The Apocalypse of Ezra, it appears that the Tartarians remained in Arsareth until the End Times. And they then left for the West, where they encountered a sea, which by the next morning had parted, giving them a path to continue westward! Then again, according to Ryan Zehm, this looks suspiciously like the parting of the Red Sea from Exodus 14. There is much hunger and thirst at that time, but Gengis Khan leads his people to a place where they have plenty to eat and drink. Ryan Zehm draws parallels here with Revelation 7:16-17, though I don’t think this is a strong parallel because the context is very different. Anyway, at this point Genghis Khan gets sick, and he calls his 12 sons to him (sounds like 12 disciples according to Ryan Zehm) and presses them to be as united as possible in the future. Only then can they prevail.

From the beginning of the previous paragraph, one might conclude that we are not in the End Times, but that it has all happened long ago. After all, the Tartarians did not leave for the West until after the End Times. But then why is Donald Trump playing Cyrus? Are they purely trying to reenact the Tribulation, or are we really again in the Tribulation (in a new cycle)?

Ryan Zehm also draws parallels between the supernatural darkness described in the Kingdom of Georgia where the cries of people are heard, and the Darkness and doom in the kingdom of the Beast in Revelation 16:10, which if the parallel is correct, is thus located between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, where the Satanic Khazars not entirely coincidentally also come from (David Icke describes this in his books).

In the second video, Ryan Zehm then describes how the Tartarians, after the End Times, eventually end up in Turkey, where the 7 churches that John refers to in Revelation can eventually be found. They also make their way into Syria. Descendants of Genghis Khan are being described. It is clear in his view that the Tartarians and descendants of Genghis Khan (King Jesus) did everything they could to spread Christianity further.
What is remarkable is that in the book Purchas his Pilgrimes at one point describe how some Tartarians made (perhaps drilled?) holes in a ship’s bottom and apparently had diving equipment. So presumably they had certain technology in the 13th century as well.

Things get increasingly interesting in the third video, when Ryan Zehm discusses the Tartarians taking over the city of Baldach in 1258 (which he finds in Purchas his Pilgrimes), the city ruled by the Muslims of the time. In Ludolph Von Suchems Description of the Holy Land, he finds that this city is Baldach, the city of Babylon, in Iraq. And in Revelation, this city of Babylon is spoken of at length. This being the same Babylon is shown by the striking parallels that Ryan Zehm draws between several texts and the chapters on Babylon in Revelation (17, 18 and 19). Which is about events in the 13th century!

When the Tartarians silence the Caliph, who is then ruling and who is Prophet Muhammad’s successor, by feeding him gold, precious stones and pearls, he dies of starvation a while later. In Revelation 17:4 Ryan Zehm finds a similar reference to gold, precious stones and pearls in the bit about “the great Babylon, the mother of harlots and of the abominations of the earth.”
He then goes back to Revelation 6, where he had already identified the white horse with King Genghis/King Jesus and now identifies the black horse from verse 5 (the third seal) with Babylon because of the one who sits the horse and carries a scale in his hand. A scale is what merchants use to weigh their goods and Baldach is the city where “the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.” (Revelation 18:3)
Then there is another similarity between “the great whore that sitteth upon many waters” in Revelation 17:1, which thus stands for Babylon, or Baldach, and a line from Travels of Marco Polo, which describes a great river flowing through Baldach over which the merchants transport their goods to and from the sea of India.
Revelation 18:23 describes how those merchants practiced sorcery and yes, Ryan Zehm finds this too in Travels of Marco Polo.

In Revelation 19:11-16, Ryan Zehm again talks about King Ghengis/Jesus and describes parallels between these verses and various pieces of text in Marco Polo and Purchas his Pilgrimes, for example the white clothing in verse 14 and the clothing of King Ghengis/Jesus and his army.
He identifies the false prophet as Muhammad, whom the Christians opposed extensively when they conquered Babylon/Baldach where their leader, the Caliph sat.

In the fourth video, Ryan Zehm describes that Christians were persecuted during that time, and that according to Marco Polo, the Caliph had captured the Christians from his city and challenged them to prove their faith within 10 days by moving a mountain, by using prayer alone. We also see these 10 days reflected in Revelation 2:10 which states that the Christians who are thrown into prison will experience a tribulation of ten days, and must remain faithful unto death. When a shoemaker managed to move the mountain within 10 days, the Caliph has always worn a Christian cross under his clothes ever since.

In Travels of Marco Polo, Ryan Zehm finds that Kaan is a title that means, “Khan of Khans, Lord of Lords.” Khan in English means King. Then in Revelation 19:16, he finds that the rider of the White Horse is dressed in white clothing, with a print on it, that says “King of kings and Lord of lords.” So it is becoming more and more plausible that Revelation is a medieval text. And that this White Horse with White Rider is therefore indeed Genghis-Khan, probably the Second Coming of Christ. After all, the title is correct, the clothing is correct, the arrow and bows are correct, the White Horse is correct, the spreading of Christianity by the Tartarians is correct, and so on.

Travels of Marco Polo also talks about a city that was evacuated (Kanbalu), and that all the people took up residence in a new city (Taidu), “the city of the sovereigns,” a perfectly square city with 3 gates on each side. Ryan Zehm makes parallels with New Jerusalem in Revelation 21:13-16, which also has 3 gates on each side and is perfectly square.

Lastly, there is a parallel in the video between Matthew 24:27 which talks about the Second Coming of Jesus where it says that “as lightning comes from the east and is visible to the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.” Ryan Zehm compares this to the Tartarians under Genghis Khan (King Jesus) moving very quickly from the East and spreading to the West to spread Christianity. Which is very apt, in my opinion.


The events described in the videos all take place in the 12th and 13th centuries. Interestingly, in his very comprehensive book series History: Fiction or Science (volume I | volume II | volume III | volume IV | volume V), Anatoly Fomenko places the birth of Christ in the 12th century. That places the second coming of Christ (or Genghis Khan) no more than 100 years away, exactly as the average Preterist (who believe the events in Revelation have already partially or completely happened), does, only they usually talk about the 1st century AD. If Ryan Zehm and Anatoly Fomenko are right, then there has been a lot of fiddling with the time frame and the chronology, but I had heard that before as well. YouTuber Godgevlamste also thinks that time has been tampered with and that in 1700 time was reset back to 1250, and that there are therefore 2 periods from 1250-1700 (Crater Earth: Polar shift and mudflood). Although in earlier work he indicated the calendar having gone from about 1250 to 800 (Empire of the False Christ).

The fact that in the course of our history a region or people is highlighted each time, such as Sumer, Babylonia, Egypt, Greeks, Romans, and so on, and they are all put one after the other in a chronological sequence, is reason enough for me to be able to say that our history is absolute bullshit. Also, the fact that some periods in history are completely empty makes me think that events are just chronologically placed and the entire timeline is just a phantom timeline.

I also find it striking, that you can almost globally say, historically, white-skinned people lived in Europe, black-skinned people lived in Africa, yellow-skinned people lived in Asia, and red-skinned people lived in America. As if we were deliberately divided into 4 colors, and put in these places, say from the last reset and started moving and mixing from there. It seems that we were just seeded by a higher intelligence.

Then the story of Christ, which, according to David Icke, is a retelling of ancient Sumerian, Babylonian, and Egyptian stories. In ancient Babylonia they know King Nimrod, Tammuz, and Queen Semiramis. In Egypt we have Osiris, Horus, and Isis. These are both examples of the Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit), which as far as I’m concerned stands for the child, interacting with its father and mother, or rather the heavenly father and the earthly mother. But it would not surprise me if all these happenings took place at the same time in our History in the different regions on Earth and these different retellings are all stories of the same event: the birth of Christ, which thus most probably took place somewhere in the 12th century.

It is notable that Genghis Khan is also called Temüjin. ‘Temüjin’ is terribly similar to ‘Tammuz-djinn’. Rudolf Steiner states that the Jesus who was born was not the same Jesus he was in the last 3 years of his life, when he was the Christ. He was also a kind of walk-in according to Steiner, a djinn, only this time a benign variety. Maybe it’s complete nonsense what I’m saying, but the name is suspiciously similar and I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s where it came from. By the way, Genghis Khan’s father is called “Yesükhei Baghatur,” which literally stands for “Yeshua is a hero”.

Everything we know is a lie. So much for the brilliance of all the scholars on Earth. I’d rather listen to amateur researchers and so-called pseudoscientists. After all, they are called pseudoscientists for a reason. Many things that are encouraged in this world are nonsense, and many things that are discouraged or ridiculed are the truth. The advent of the Internet ensures that everyone has all knowledge at their disposal. But it also helps to be outside the academic world, without interests, and with a still fully functioning autonomy, untainted by the whims of your peers and professors, who often can’t even control their ego properly.

Now when I read certain books about the spinning ball Earth and NASA’s CGI planets, and I read about aliens moving the moon, I can only shake my head. And when history is then added to that, and you have to conclude that even the Truth-community and the alternative research are partly made-up too, then I’m really flabbergasted.

If we then look at chronology; and we assume that the birth of Jesus as Anatoly Fomenko states took place in the 12th century, the Tribulation and Second Coming of Jesus took place in the 13th century, as Ryan Zehms research and conjectures confirm about Ghengis Khan/King Jesus. And we assume that 450 additional years were added to the calendar as Godgevlamste states in his videos, and thus one period of 450 years passed twice. Then we can say that from about 1250 (the End Times) to 1800 we are counting 550+450=1000 years exactly, as far as I am concerned this to be the time of Christ’s Millennial Kingdom and our world to have been reset around 1800, perhaps with the so-called mud flood, and so what we are in now is indeed the time after Christ’s Millennial Kingdom, in which Satan is let loose for a small period of time (Little Season). (At least the amount of time to have been passed is correct). And so perhaps we can now expect the battle of Gog and Magog followed by the Last Judgment, no matter how much people would have you believe that we are in the Tribulation.

For more information, read my article The Millennial Reign of Christ & the Revealing of the Antichrist. And do it quickly, because time may run out very soon….

posted on Nov 9, 2021
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